183 Chapter 183: End of the Road

    Ruan passed through the fourth door with fully drenched clothes as he breathed heavily. He fell down to his knees right after crossing the door.

    Long Chen couldn't help but burst into laughter as he saw Ruan's condition.

    "You!!! What are you laughing at!!" Ruan let out loudly as he saw Long Chen laughing.

    "Nothing... I was just wondering if you were here to explore this tomb or to take a shower" Long Chen let out with a chuckle as he teased Ruan.

    "What happened to you Senior Brother Ruan? Why are your clothes all wet?" Meng asked as she looked at Ruan.

    " I was dropped into the sea and had to swim all the way to the exit. " Ruan said as he looked at Meng.

    "That explains why you are late... It must have been tiring. Take a rest. " Meng told Ruan in a concerned tone.

    " Yea... We've already wasted 5 hours for you... a few more hours don't mean much anymore" Long Chen said with a chuckle as he glanced at Ruan.

    " Mind your own business!" Ruan let out as he supported his back against the wall and began resting.

    Long Chen smiled as he stopped with his teasing. He closed his eyes as he gave Ruan the time to rest.

    "I'm ready!"Ruan meditated for two hours before he stood up and said with a determined voice.

    "Finally... I was beginning to feel like I should leave you behind. " Long Chen smiled as he stood up.

    Meng stood up as well and took the lead as she walked through the corridor. They moved deeper into the tomb before the corridor ultimately ended.

    They stood in a room which was over 15 meters wide and 40 meters long.

    Ruan and Ling's eyes started shining as they looked around the room. Meng and Mingyu looked impressed as well. Long Chen, on the other hand, had a weird expression on his face. He looked confused.

    Both sides of the room contained various treasures placed behind a glass wall. All the treasures shone with a brilliant light.

    There were swords, shields, blades, knives, armors and many more treasures that this room contained.

    "Amazing!!! So many treasures!!! They must all be Earth grade artifacts!! Even in our sect, these many Earth Grade treasures would be impossible to find! " Ling exclaimed with an excited look on her face as she looked at the treasures.

    "The information we had was correct!!! This person was most probably at a realm higher than the Heavenly Realm!! He had so many strong artifacts in his personal collection!!! " Ruan let out as he looked at Meng.

    "Master Chen, Why do you have that confused look on your face? " Meng asked Long Chen as she noticed her strange expression.

    " Oh, it's nothing... I was just stunned after seeing such an impressive collection of artifacts." Long Chen let out with a smile as he recovered.

    "There are about twenty artifacts in this room. How about we each choose four?" Meng suggested as she looked at everyone.

    "I agree. Since we are the ones who informed you two about this tomb and allowed you to come with us, we will choose first" Ruan let out as he looked towards Long Chen with a smirk.

    " I don't mind... You three can go first" Long Chen replied with a casual smile. Mingyu also nodded her head.

    "Since Master Chen agreed. Senior Brother Ruan, you can go first" Meng told Ruan.

    "Alright!" Ruan let out with a bright smile as he walked towards one of the artifacts in the room.

    It was a red armor that Ruan decided to pick first. He packed a fist as he punched the glass protecting the Armor. The glass shattered to pieces with ease as opposed to Ruan's expectation. He was expecting the glass to be strong as it was used to guard the armor but the reality was quite different.

    Ruan hurriedly picked up the armor and put that in his storage ring. He walked to the next treasure of his liking with a wide grin on his face. It was a silver broadsword that he took a liking to. He placed the sword in his storage ring as well.

    He picked a third treasure which was a red robe. Although he didn't know what its use was, he felt like it was somewhat special. He picked the fourth treasure before walking back.

    "I'm done. Junior Sister Meng, You should go next." Ruan said as he looked at Meng.

    Meng went ahead without wasting any time as she walked towards a treasure. It was a blue bracelet that emitted a powerful aura. Meng broke the glass which was protecting the bracelet and took the bracelet out. She gazed at it with amazement as she held the bracelet in her hand. With a smile on her face, she kept the bracelet in her storage ring.

    Next, she walked towards a pair of light blue earrings. She kept them in her storage ring. Mingyu had a disappointed look on her face as she saw Meng pick those earrings.

    After putting the earrings in her storage ring, Meng walked to another artifact. It was a sharp blade that looked like it could cut even the largest of mountains and the deepest seas.

    The fourth item she picked was a golden coin. She couldn't understand what it was but the coin intrigued her the most, as she felt like it must be something special.

    After she finished picking her four treasures, Meng walked back to the group.

    "Junior Sister Ling, It's your turn," Meng said to Ling as she looked at her.

    " Alright!" Ling said with an excited look on her face as she hurriedly walked towards the treasures that she had decided to pick.

    Ling chose a sharp blade filled with blade aura. She hurriedly broke the glass and placed the blade inside her storage ring. She further picked a light yellow robe, a ring and a shield that she placed inside her storage ring as she walked back.

    "Master Chen. Your turn" Meng said with a smile as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Take the remaining 8 artifacts in my place," Long Chen said as he looked at Mingyu.

    " You don't want any? " Mingyu asked with a perplexed look on her face.

    "They aren't of any use to me. You should take them" Long Chen said with a smile as he glanced at the treasures.

    "Alright, I'm keeping those treasures. You can take them all later if you desire." Mingyu said as she looked at Long Chen. She walked towards the remaining treasures and kept them in the storage room that she possessed.

    "Are you really not interested in treasures or just showing off right now?" Ruan snorted as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "You can think whatever you like," Long Chen said with a smile as he glanced at Ruan.

    " Since we're done with this room, let's move forward," Meng said as she gazed at everyone before she began moving forward.

    " I'll see how long you can show off" Ruan let out as he followed Meng.

    Long Chen followed them along with Mingyu.

    Soon they reached into a room that looked totally empty. The room was over Ten meters wide and a hundred meters long.

    There was no other door inside the room but there existed a Two-meter long sarcophagus at the other end of the room. On top of that casket, there was a tiny box.

    "This must be the end of the Tomb and that must be the coffin of the tomb owner." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the room.

    " I have something to say to everyone!" Meng stopped in front of everyone as she turned back to look at them.

    "What do you want to say, Junior Sister Meng?" Ruan Asked with a curious look on his face.

    " We have traveled together in the exploration of this tomb and divided all the treasures equally but I hope that I can be allowed to take that small box on top. Anything other than that which we find inside can be taken by you. I really hope that you can grant me this wish." Meng said as she looked at everyone with pleading eyes.

    'There must be some incredible treasure inside that small box if she is going that far to ask us. I want that box for myself but... how can I go against her? Her backing...I will be instantly killed when I go back. Even if there is a heaven grade treasure inside, I will be killed before I could even learn how to use it.' Ruan thought in his mind as he looked at Meng.

    'It's quite strange...a place filled with so many treasures yet we barely faced any life-threatening traps and formations... Why do I have a feeling that either the last box is a trap or someone already entered this place and destroyed all the formations?'

    'The glasses protecting the treasures in the previous room were intact as well... If it was the latter, that person knew what he was doing..." Long Chen thought as he looked around the room.
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