184 Chapter 184: Betrayal?

    'The glasses protecting the treasures in the previous room were all intact as well... If it was the latter case, then that person knew exactly what he was doing..." Long Chen thought as he looked around the room.

    "Of Course Junior Sister Meng can take that small box. You are the reason we could get here. You are the one who deciphered that letter which made us know about this tomb and its history in the first place. I don't think that without you any of this would be possible. I think Junior Sister Meng deserves to keep that box the most" Ruan let out with a flattering smile as he looked at Meng.

    " I agree with Senior Brother Ruan! Senior Sister Meng helped us reach here. She was also the one who found two more people when we lacked a team and she was the one who found the way to enter this tomb! You should take that box " Ling let out as she smiled.

    " What about you Master Chen? You agree too right? " Meng asked with a pleading gaze as she looked at Long Chen.

    " I don't agree entirely as I don't know what's inside. I'm curious as to why you so eager desire that box? Do you know the thing that's inside it? " Long Chen asked as he gazed at Meng.

    "I don't know what's inside, but I do desire to keep that box! Can Master Chen allow me to take that box?" Meng let out as she looked at Long Chen.

    " I can allow you to keep that box but only if you show me what's inside? " Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Meng.

    " I agree!!! I'll open the box for you when we're back in the city as this place is not safe at all. As soon as I take this box, there's a good chance that this whole room will collapse within a few seconds. Even the whole tomb can collapse. " Meng said to Long Chen in a convincing tone as she gazed in his eyes.

    "Alright. You can show me later... but till then... Ling will be the one who keeps that box as I think that you won't allow Mingyu to keep it" Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Meng.

    " Looks like Master Chen doubts me... Alright, I'll give that box to Ling as soon as I take it" Meng said as she turned back. She began walking towards the box.

    'If my hunch is correct, then that box is either a trap or it's empty. I believe that there's no chance that the tomb of such a strong Cultivator will have no traps inside the tomb to protect his treasures. But there's still a low chance that the box might actually contain something and my feelings are wrong... Thus I need to see that box open right in front of my eyes' Long Chen thought as he looked at Meng.

    Meng walked through the room in slow steps as she reached the casket. She picked up that small box as she hurriedly ran back.

    "Let's go!!!" She gave that box to Ling as they all left the room. As soon as they left the room, it collapsed.

    "Let's go... Other places might collapse at any time as well!!! " Meng let out as she ran towards the exit along with Long Chen and others.

    They soon reached the place through which they entered the tomb. There existed four doors in front of them.

    "Do we really need to cross them again?" Ruan let out with an annoyed look on his face.

    " Exactly... and we need to go through the same door... the door through which each of us entered," Meng said as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Looks like Young Master Ruan desires to take a bath again...I hope that you don't take so long this time or we might have to dig through the collapsed stones to find you" Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Ruan.

    " If you don't shut your mouth right now, I promise that I will fight you right here and right now till one of us is dead." Ruan roared loudly as he looked at Long Chen.

    " Do you want to die that badly?" Long Chen let out with a chuckle as he looked at Ruan.

    Ruan fumed in anger as he heard Long Chen's taunt.

    "Guys!!? We don't have time to waste!!! On a count of three!!! 1... 2... 3.... enter... " Meng let out loudly as everyone entered their respective doors.

    Soon everyone was out through the other side of the doors. This time Ruan was significantly faster even though he was still the last one to exit.

    They all left the tomb as they stood on the mountain range.

    "Let get going. We can settle the remaining matters in your mansion" Meng said with a smile as she looked at Long Chen.

    Meng whistled and soon enough her Soaring Lunar Eagle came flying as it landed in front of her.

    Ruan and Ling whistled as well and their Soaring Lunar Eagles came down. Ling's soaring Lunar eagle looked somewhat injured.

    "What happened?" Ling explained with a shocked look on her face.

    "She looks injured... Although she can still fly, I think she can not carry more than one person on her back. She will heal in a few days though" Meng told Ling as she looked at her.

    "Since Ling's Soaring Lunar Eagle can't carry another person, how about Master Chen ride with me and Miss Mingyu can ride with Senior Brother Ruan? " Meng suggested as she looked at Long Chen with a smile.

    " I will ride with Ruan. Mingyu will go with you" Long Chen let out as if he was ordering Meng.

    "Alright" Meng let out as she agreed. Mingyu came with Meng and sat on her Soaring Lunar Eagle while Long Chen sat on Ruan's Soaring Lunar Eagle, though this time Ruan didn't complain even a bit... He felt like something was strange about Ruan's behavior.

    The Soaring Lunar Eagles flew high into the air but Long Chen found it strange as this time they were at a height which was more than twice the height they flew at when they came here.

    They flew for over ten minutes when Long Chen sensed danger. He noticed that Ruan was now facing him as he abruptly punched towards him with his full strength. Long Chen moved his hand as he grabbed Ruan's fist just a little distance away from his face.

    " Your boyfriend is really protective of you..." Meng chuckled as she gazed at Mingyu.

    " Hmm? What's that commotion?" Mingyu let out with a stunned expression as she looked towards the Soaring Lunar Eagle which carried Long Chen and Ruan. She could see them fighting. She was about to yell out when she felt a powerful push. She was thrown from the back of the Soaring Lunar Eagle as she fell towards the ground.

    Long Chen was about to attack Ruan when he noticed Mingyu falling. His expressions turned grave as he jumped down without thinking anything.

    "Hah idiot... Falling to his death for a girl... Looks like Junior Sister Meng's assumption was right."Ruan laughed as he gazed at Long Chen falling down but he didn't stop his Eagle as he continued ahead behind Meng. Ling was in the first position and strangely quite ahead of them thus she didn't hear the commotion behind her.

    Meng, Ruan, and Ling left that place without stopping.

    "Hmph... You don't deserve to see the thing that's inside as you might recognize it and desire it. Too bad that now I can't get close to you and the empire that you belonged to... It must be a higher-level one... but it's a small price to pay for this item!!!" Meng let out with a disdainful look on her face as she flew on the Soaring Lunar Eagle.


    Mingyu was falling downwards as she wondered how it all happened... how could she let herself get distracted that she forgot to protect herself... She would die just for this small reason... She regretted trusting Meng as she wondered why she did it...

    She was falling down when she noticed that Long Chen had jumped down as well.

    "You idiot!! Why do you have to jump as well!!! Do you have a death wish!!? " Mingyu roared loudly as tears fell from her eyes.

    She couldn't understand why but her heart ached as she saw Long Chen jump for her.

    "Why... why... Why do you have to die with me!!! Why don't you live...!!!" She roared loudly as she gazed at Long Chen with tearful eyes.

    " How can I let my destiny fall to her death!!" Long Chen smiled as he said loud enough for Mingyu to hear.

    "You...." Mingyu stuttered to find words to react as she felt lost. Long Chen dove as he soon reached near Mingyu. He held Little Snow in one arm and grabbed Mingyu by her waist with another arm.
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