185 Chapter 185: Rare ability

    "You...." Mingyu stuttered to find words to react as she felt lost. Long Chen dove as he soon reached near Mingyu. He held Little Snow in one arm and grabbed Mingyu by her waist with another arm.

    "Don't worry... I won't let my destiny die so easily" Long Chen smiled as he gazed at Mingyu. Tears kept falling from her eyes as they fell.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings!" Long Chen let out as two beautiful wings appeared behind his back.

    Mingyu was looking in Long Chen's eyes thus she didn't notice the wings appearing on his back but she felt the fall stop. It was as if time had stopped as she gazed in Long Chen's eyes. His arms were wrapped around her waist. She wished that time could stay still in this moment but it didn't. She noticed that the flow of air had changed. It was as if they weren't falling anymore and instead they were flying.

    "Looks like it's impossible to catch up to them for now" Long Chen muttered as he looked in the direction of the City of Thunder. He couldn't even see a glimpse of their Soaring Lunar Eagle in the sky.

    Mingyu took her eyes off of Long Chen's eyes as she looked around but she was stunned to see that they were actually flying. She couldn't believe that there were wings in Long Chen's back.

    "You can fly!!!" She exclaimed loudly with a stunned look on her face!

    "I never said that I couldn't?" Long Chen let out with a smile as he gazed at her.

    "They have left..." Long Chen told her as he looked at her.

    "They must've been quite confident that we'll die after falling as they didn't even stop to see it. It's understandable though as only Heaven Realm Cultivators are able to fly... "Mingyu said as she looked at Long Chen.

    "No matter what they think they did... I will kill them!!! " Long Chen said with fierce determination as he gazed in the direction of the City of Thunder.

    Long Chen started going down slowly as he safely landed on the ground with Mingyu. His wings disappeared. Long Chen and Mingyu stood still in each other's embrace even after they landed on the ground.

    "This day is suddenly feeling a lot better" Long Chen let out with a smile as he gazed in deep eyes of Mingyu.

    " You saved my life or there wouldn't even be a day for me. It makes it the second time." Mingyu let out with a smile as she glanced at Long Chen.

    "Our days aren't going anywhere anytime soon"Long Chen chuckled as he said to Mingyu.

    "Are you going to keep me like that?" Mingyu said in a soft voice as she looked at Long Chen's hand wrapped around her waist.

    "I quite like it this way." Long Chen smiled as she glanced at Mingyu.

    "Those people will escape if we delay for too long. " Mingyu told Long Chen as she lowered her head to hide her face which was already crimson by now.

    "Alright, If you say so..." Long Chen removed his hands from Mingyu's waist as he took a step back.

    "Thankfully Little Snow doesn't mind me hugging" Long Chen glanced at Little Snow who was comfortably lying on his other hand.

    "I don't mind either...but..." Mingyu muttered in a somewhat inaudible voice as she looked down but Long Chen's sharp senses clearly heard her words.

    "Do you want to walk back or should we fly? It will take 3 hours if we walk..." Long Chen let out as he looked at Mingyu.

    "I would prefer to walk as I don't think you should take the risk and expose your ability. Even in my own continent... the abilities that can help a cultivator fly are impossible to find. Even the rarest of skills can only help cultivators float or walk in the air. Even the Sky Realm Cultivators can't fly!!! They can only walk in the air. Only at Heaven Realm and above that does a cultivator actually begin to fly! " Mingyu told Long Chen in a serious tone.

    "I knew that flying skills were rare but never knew that even those rare ones were lacking so much!!! " Long Chen exclaimed with a stunned look on his face.

    "I'll be careful when using this skill in the future" Long Chen said as if realization struck him.

    " Let's get going," Mingyu said as she glanced at Long Chen. She began walking towards the City of Thunder. Long Chen ran as he caught up to her.


    "Do we even know where those three are staying?" Mingyu asked Long Chen as they entered the City of Thunder.

    " I don't know... but I know a person who might..." Long Chen said with a mysterious smile on his face as he continued ahead.

    "I wonder what that box contained. It must be really incredible for her to go that far" Mingyu suddenly said to Long Chen as she glanced at him.

    " That box was most probably empty just like those treasures but I'm not a hundred percent sure... " Long Chen said in an uncertain tone as he glanced.

    "Empty like those treasures? What are you talking about?" Mingyu asked him with a confused look on her face.

    " You kept the remaining 8 treasures inside your storage ring... Can you take them out for me? " Long Chen asked with a smile as he glanced at Mingyu.

    " Of course" Mingyu hurriedly gazed at her storage ring but her expressions soon became strange

    "What?" She exclaimed with a shocked look on her face.

    "What happened?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face.

    "The artifacts!!! They're not inside!!! How is this possible?" Mingyu let out loudly. Her voice was loud enough to attract the attention of the nearby passengers.

    "It's nothing to be shocked about... Those artifacts were never inside your storage ring. In fact, those artifacts weren't even inside that room. " Long Chen told Mingyu.

    " What do you mean? We all saw them with our own eyes and placed them inside the storage ring with our own hands" Mingyu said with a confused look on her face as she tried to remember those artifacts and the incredible feeling she got when she touched them.

    "That artifacts....no, everything in that room was nothing more than an illusion," Long Chen said as he told Mingyu.

    " Illusion? How can an illusion be so real?" Mingyu asked with a perplexed look on her face.

    "You'd be amazed to know how amazing an illusion can be. In certain cases, it can be more real than the reality itself. " Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Mingyu.

    "How did you know it was all an illusion? and why didn't you tell us anything if you knew? " Mingyu inquired.

    " There was no reason for me to say anything as those illusions weren't harmful in the least" Long Chen chuckled as he said while ignoring her first question.

    " That box? It was an illusion as well? " She asked as if she understood his words.

    " Nope... That box was quite real" Long Chen told her.

    " What? Then why do you think that the box was empty?" Mingyu inquired again.

    " You can call it a hunch of mine" Long Chen replied with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Looks like we're here" Long Chen let out before Mingyu could ask anything else. He stood in front of a large palace that looked even more luxurious than the place Long Chen was currently residing in.

    There were many guards outside the entrance of the palace.

    Long Chen walked to one of the guards. Some of the guards recognized Long Chen as they began whispering amongst themselves.

    "I'm here to meet Princess Zhiqing. Can one of you go and inform her?" Long Chen said as he looked at the guards.

    "Alright .. please wait here," One of the guards said as he walked inside the palace.

    In about ten minutes, the guard walked outside. He was followed behind by a beautiful maid.

    "Princess Zhiqing asked me to escort Master Chen. Please come with me" The maid respectfully bowed in front of Long Chen as she politely said.

    Long Chen and Mingyu followed her as they entered the palace.

    The maid brought them through various long corridors as she finally stopped in front of a room.

    "My lady is waiting for you inside that room" The maid let out as she gestured towards the door.

    Long Chen pushed the door open as he entered inside with Mingyu.

    Zhiqing was sitting on a sofa as she rested one leg above the other.

    "Master Chen... I was expecting you much sooner but I never expected that you would be bringing your girlfriend with you? I must say that I'm still a little shy for a threesome" Zhiqing let out as she said with an embarrassed smile.

    "Where did you even get that idea from? Anyways, I'm here for something else" Long Chen said with a straight look on his face.

    "Is that all you have to say after you went missing for so many days? I went to your mansion so many times but the door was never opened " Zhiqing asked with a depressed look on her face.

    "I went out to train. Anyways, I don't have much time to waste! Tell me the place where the disciples of Thunder Giant Sect are staying at!" Long Chen told Zhiqing as he walked towards her.

    "Why? Did something happen between you two?" Zhiqing asked as curiosity sparked on her face.

    " Where is the place?" Long Chen asked again without answering her.

    "They stayed in the Mayflower Inn. Inside room no. 302 and 303." Zhiqing answered Long Chen.

    " Thanks," Long Chen said as he turned back to leave.
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