186 Chapter 186: Together

    " Where is the place?" Long Chen asked again without answering her.

    "They stayed in the Mayflower Inn. Inside room no. 302 and 303." Zhiqing answered Long Chen.

    "Thanks," Long Chen said as he turned back to leave.

    "Did you not hear me clearly? I said that they 'stayed' there. You won't find them there anymore... " Zhiqing called out as she informed Long Chen.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked as he abruptly turned back.

    "They aren't in this city anymore. I believe that they have already left as some of our guards saw them passing through our city on their beasts. They didn't come down and the direction they were moving in... I believe they are going back to the Xuan Kingdom. " Zhiqing explained to Long Chen.

    " Xuan kingdom...? If I'm not wrong, the sect entrance exam is in two weeks, right? " Long Chen inquired as he faced her.

    " Yea" Zhiqing replied to him.

    "So they'll stay in Xuan till the entrance exam and go back to the North Moon Empire it ends... They have only increased their days of survival by a week or so..." Long Chen let out with a serious look on his face.

    "Do you want to go after them to the Xuan kingdom? They must've really offended you somehow." Zhiqing asked with a smile on her face.

    " They did and they will regret it" Long Chen let out in a ruthless tone.

    He didn't notice but when his expressions were fluctuating, his heart demon's cocoon started shining even brighter as if it was getting the nutrition it desperately needed.

    "You know... your expressions look serious but your whole persona looks somewhat odd when you say such heavy words while having a cat in your embrace" Zhiqing chuckled as she gazed at Long Chen.

    " Before you say anything, I have a suggestion," Zhiqing asked as she looked at Long Chen.

    "What suggestion?" Long Chen inquired with a curious look on his face.

    "I'm leaving for the Xuan Kingdom tonight along with my niece and nephew for their sect entrance exam. How about you come with us as well? It will be just as fast as traveling alone and much more comfortable." Zhiqing asked with great expectations.

    " In one hour!" Long Chen let out.

    "What?" Zhiqing asked with a perplexed look on her face as she failed to understand his words.

    "I'm leaving in one hour... if you people can prepare and get ready to leave in an hour... we can travel together" Long Chen said to her.

    "Alright... I'll get things ready! Meet us outside the doors of our palace! We will depart in exactly an hour" Zhiqing nodded her head.

    Long Chen turned back and left without saying anything else. Zhiqing hurriedly left towards her brother, the King's room to tell him the change of plans.


    "So he agreed to leave with you?" The king asked as he glanced at Zhiqing who was standing in front of him.

    "Yes... We'll leave in an hour. I ordered all the preparations to take place in half an hour. " Zhiqing told her brother.

    " At first we hoped that my son and daughter could get selected in the Sect Entrance Exam of Xuan kingdom but now I feel like we have an even better opportunity. We had tried to bring our son and daughter closer to the people from the North Moon Empire but they were too secretive and doubtful of us. They maintained their distance from us. And from your conversation with the Young Man called Long Chen, we were able to guess that those two should either be from an empire that is as strong if not stronger than the North Moon Empire. " The king let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "It will be good if my son and daughter can get selected in a good sect but If my family can get closer to those two... the opportunities will be even better! You should do everything to make sure that either you or Maia get closer to that guy! " The king continued with a serious expression on his face.

    "I will handle everything, brother" Zhiqing nodded her hand.

    " You can leave now. " The king ordered her.


    Long Chen reached near the palace on his Peak Spirit Realm horse and noticed that a short entourage was already prepared there. There were three carriages and around thirty guards on the horses behind those carriages.

    Many of the horses in the entourage were in the Spirit realm but only a rare few were at the Peak of the Spirit Realm just like Long Chen's horse.

    "Hmm? You're coming on a separate horse? I thought you would come with me inside my carriage? I specially chose the best carriage we had, for your comfort. " Zhiqing let out as she stepped towards Long Chen. The door of the second and third carriage opened as people came out of them.

    "This little girl is my niece that you have already met before... She is Princess Maia and this little guy is my nephew, the Crown Prince of Huanji Kingdom, Prince Estelin" Zhiqing told Long Chen as she introduced the two kids.

    "I must say that you guys have a pretty solid foundation. There's a good chance that you'll get selected in the Sect Entrance Examination of Xuan. "Long Chen said as he looked at them.

    Long Chen had already seen the red-haired girl known as Princess Maia. She was around 17 and at the 8th Stage of Spirit Establishment Realm. Although her brother, the Crown Prince also shared the red hair but his hair was quite short as they only came down to his neck. He had a 9th stage Spirit Establishment Realm cultivation and looked to be the same age as his sister. There was also General Yao with them who was on the 1st stage of Earth Realm.

    'This kid... He is even younger than me yet he talks like he is so superior. What's so special about him? If I was born in his position and in his Empire, I would have such superior cultivation and standing as well' Prince Estelin thought as he gazed at Long Chen. Jealousy filled his heart as he detested seeing Long Chen.

    "How about you two come in my carriage? We can get someone to bring your horse with us. As I said before, the journey would be much more comfortable and just as fast" Zhiqing said as she walked towards Long Chen.

    'This journey would indeed be quite long... it's not a bad idea' Long Chen thought as he glanced at Mingyu.

    " Alright... Let's start moving then" Long Chen let out with a smile as he agreed to her suggestion.

    Zhiqing walked to her carriage as she entered inside. Long Chen walked behind her and entered as well. He was followed behind by Mingyu.

    Prince Estelin entered his carriage with General Yao while Princess Maia also entered in her respective carriage as everyone began moving.

    "Everything depends on you now" The king muttered as he glanced at them leaving from behind the glass of his room. He soon walked back.


    "So ... Can you tell me what happened between you guys? You looked like you hate them to death now?" Zhiqing asked as she looked at Long Chen with curiosity.

    Zhiqing was sitting on the right side of Long Chen while Mingyu was sitting on his left.

    "They tried killing us" Long Chen replied as a glimpse of anger appeared on his face.

    "What??? Why? Was it because of the arguments between you guys inside the restaurant?" Zhiqing asked with a stunned look on her face.

    " Nope," Long Chen replied straight away.

    "Then why?" Zhiqing asked with a perplexed look on her face.

    "Although I know the reason, I would love to hear it from their mouth when I crush their every bone. " Long Chen casually replied to her as he closed his eyes.

    "Things sound quite serious... Anyways, we will get there in a week so you don't have to worry" Zhiqing informed Long Chen but she became stunned as the carriage stopped abruptly.

    Zhiqing opened the door of the carriage as she came out.

    "What happened?" She asked the guard near her carriage

    "There are a few Green horned bulls in front of us ." The guard informed her.

    Long Chen and Mingyu came out as well.

    "Initial Gold Realm beasts... Our Royal guards will handle them with ease" Zhiqing informed Long Chen as she gazed at the guards who were fighting the Green Horned bulls.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he walked back inside the carriage with Mingyu. Zhiqing also entered the carriage.

    In about 15 minutes, the path was cleared as the carriage began moving again.

    Long Chen closed his eyes as he began resting in the silence. After three hours of traveling, Mingyu also began feeling sleepy and soon she fell asleep as she rested her head on Long Chen's shoulders.

    Zhiqing, on the other hand, started reading a book. Another hour passed as she closed the book.

    "Master Chen?" She called out as she looked towards Long Chen who had his eyes closed.

    "What?" Long Chen answered without opening his eyes.

    "Is Miss Mingyu really your girlfriend?" She asked with a curious look on her face.

    " What has this got to do with you?" Long Chen asked back.

    " Did you forget that we... we... kissed before? I am already yours now. I want to know how many girls my man have" Zhiqing let out as she whispered in his ears.
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