190 Chapter 190: A bad dream?

    " Well... We have another candidate and he is probably even more likely to get selected, unfortunately, he went out to train" Grand Elder Long Mu said to Long Ren.

    " Are you talking about my grandson? Well, he is indeed amazing. Unfortunately, we don't know his whereabouts." Long Ren said in a serious tone as he stared at the floor.

    " I think I have an idea as to where he might be," Grand Elder Long Mu said in a suggestive tone as he rubbed his chin.

    "Where? Why didn't you tell me before if you knew!! Hurry up and tell me now" Long Ren hurriedly let out with a child-like excitement on his face.

    "I think he is in Xuan kingdom!" Grand Elder Long Mu said in a confident tone.

    "Xuan? What makes you think that he will be there?" Long Ren asked with a frown on his face.

    "His letter said that he is going out to train... Why do you think he would need to go outside to train? It's obvious! I think he wanted to grow stronger so that he could get selected in the Sect Entrance Exam. He was at the 5th Stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm when he passed the treasure hall trial that no one else was able to do! He is way stronger than anyone his age and he can even fight people with higher cultivating than him.  Just try recalling how easily he defeated the third prince, Yue Ding, and the Gu Clan's Young Master, Gu Nanli. They both had a higher cultivation than him." Grand Elder, Long Mu said as he recalled Long Chen's shocking performance.

    "You are indeed right. With his strength, out of everyone in this kingdom, he has the best chance to get selected and if he grew even stronger, then the chance would only increase. He should really be in the Xuan kingdom in that case. I'll come with you to Xuan personally! I want to see the performance of my grandson with my own eyes. " Long Ren said as he grinned.

    "Patriarch will come with me? What about the clan? We can't leave it alone? "Grand Elder asked with a confused look on his face.

    "Why do we have a supreme elder? He will take care of things while I'm not around" Long Ren said as he decided on going with Long Mu.

    "Should we take Ziyi as well? She had been really worried about him.

    "Ahh...I don't want to give her false hope in case we are wrong. She should stay here in case he comes back. If he is really in Xuan, I'll bring him back to Ziyi" Long Ren said in a determined tone.


    Long Xue Ying came out of her secluded cultivation and immediately went to check on Long Chen. When she went into secluded cultivation, Long Chen had gone into a coma thus she wanted to check up on him after coming out.

    She went towards Long Chen's courtyard. As she reached near the place, she saw a woman watering the plants in the garden outside Long Chen's courtyard.

    "Xue," She called out with a smile.

    "Miss Ying. You are finally out of your secluded cultivation? What brings you here?" Xue asked as she looked back at Long Xue Ying.

    "Oh, I just came out today. So I came to check up on your young master" Long Xue Ying told Xue. She had visited Long Chen many times when he was in a coma and became close to Xue and Mei. These two girls were always in Long Chen's room, taking care of him.

    "Hmm? Have you not heard?" She let out with confusion on her face.

    " Not heard what? " Long Xue Ying asked with a frown.

    " Young master had already left quite some time ago. He went out to train" Xue replied to her as she stopped watering the plants.

    "He left? Do you mean that he finally woke up from his coma? "  Long Xue Ying asked in an excited voice.

    " Yup... Young Master woke up from his coma and left to train" Xue repeated her statement.

    "Your young master is really troublesome. It's so hard to meet him when he's awake. I couldn't meet him when he recovered from his mental sickness and then he went into a coma and after recovering, he's again missing" Long Xue Ying let out with a wry smile on her face.

    She really couldn't help but find it strange that she hasn't met the recovered Long Chen even once when he was awake.

    " What can I say... Young Master is just so amazing" Xue said with a chuckle.

    " I am going to the Xuan kingdom for the sect entrance exam. Since you two don't have to take care of your young master anymore, how about you two come with me? Seeing such an event would be fun for you two. The journey would be much more fun with you guys " Long Xue Ying said with a smile.

    "It's alright Miss Ying. We like staying here. Also, Young master might return anytime. We need to take care of Madam as well" Xue said as she shook her head and denied the suggestion.

    "Are you saying that I can't take care of myself? " A voice came from behind as a beautiful woman came towards them.

    "Aunt Ziyi! " Long Xue Ying called out as she saw the woman.

    "Little Ying, You've grown much stronger. Only 20 years old and already at the 9th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm. Grand Elder must be really proud. " Sima Ziyi walked towards her as she patted her head.

    " Thank you, Aunt Ziyi." Long Xue Ying said as she bowed lightly.

    "Little Xue... she is right. You should go with her. Seeing that many geniuses going through trials against each other would be good and it's a good opportunity to get fresh air as well. You two care for me so much that you never do anything for yourself. It's a good chance to have some fun and travel outside" Sima Ziyi said with a smile as she looked at Xue.

    " But... we need to be here when the young master comes back," Xue said in a soft voice as she lowered her head.

    " Don't worry, when that Little devil comes home, I will tie him up and won't let him run away ever again" Sima Ziyi said as she looked at Long Chen's courtyard with reminiscing.

    "Ah..." Xue tried saying something but Sima Ziyi interrupted her.

    "I want to hear no excuses. You two are going with Ying. You need to have as much fun as you two can!" Sima Ziyi told her with a serious look on her face.

    "Alright. We will follow madam's wishes" Xue finally gave up as she nodded her head.


    The Qin clan and the Gu clan also prepared for the departure of the people that will participate in the test from their clan. As Qin Ruo led the team of Qin Clan, Gi Nanli's led their own.

    A similar situation was happening in many of the prominent clans of all the surrounding kingdoms.


    Mingyu and Zhiqing spent the whole night inside the carriage with Long Chen as they slept while sitting. Amidst their sleep, both of their heads fell onto Long Chen's shoulders as they continued sleeping soundly.

    Mingyu was sleeping as she dreamt about spending time with her family. She was having a nice dinner with her family. Everyone was there including her brother, her father and her mother. The dream felt so real. It felt like reality itself.

    Mingyu asked for a dish that was near her brother. Her brother heard her request as he picked up the dish himself. He stood up and moved towards her.

    As he was walking towards her, his eyes opened wide. Mingyu stood up with a feared expression on her face as she saw a sword stabbing him from the back and coming out from his chest. Her brother trembled as he took a step forward with shaky legs but he couldn't even walk as he fell to the ground. The ground was filled with his blood.

    Mingyu screamed loudly as she saw her brother falling to the ground. She wanted to run to him but she stood petrified on her spot as soon as she saw the person who was standing behind her brother with a bloodied sword in his hand.

    "Long Chen... Why???" She screamed loudly as tears fell from her eyes one after another but Long Chen didn't reply.

    She looked to her father and mother but they weren't there. The whole place was empty as she now stood in a deserted land. The sand was now covered in her brother's blood. She looked towards Long Chen and saw a man standing behind him. It was the same masked man who gave her that destiny crystal and told her that it will bring her to her destiny.

    "Watch as your destiny destroys everything you hold dear," The masked man said as he smiled.

    Long Chen slowly lowered his sword which was dripping with blood.
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