193 Chapter 193: Charmed by him?

    "Hmm? Why are all of you looking at me like I'm here to assassinate someone? " Prince Estelin chuckled lightly as he noticed the guards looking at him with caution.

    "What brings the Crown Prince Lan to our camp? Do you need salt or something? " General Yao said as he smiled lightly.

    "Oh, it's nothing like that. Our Kingdom has all the resources that we can need, unlike some other kingdoms. Anyway, I was in our camp when I noticed you three standing here. I thought I should come and say hello" Crown Prince Ling Lan said as his eyes roamed at the three people.

    "You must be the Prince Estelin. I've heard a lot about you. You are really talented I must say" Prince Lan let out as he glanced at Prince Estelin with a smile.

    "Hmph... another one who thinks that he is superior to me? I would've beaten the cra* out of you if I was as old as you!" Prince Estelin muttered as he ignored Prince Lan.

    Although Prince Estelin said it in a low voice, Prince Lan clearly heard his words. His face couldn't help but twitch as he heard the words.

    "Little Prince, You must mind your words. You will one day become the ruler of the Huanji Kingdom, you should learn basic respect," Before Prince Lan could say anything, General Yao chided him.

    "It's fine, Prince Estelin is still young. I'm sure he will become a fine ruler in the future" Prince Lan let out with a smile.

    "Princess Maia... The rumors of your beauty transcended the boundaries of our kingdoms long ago. Though I must say that you are even more beautiful than I heard." Prince Lan said as he shifted his focus from Prince Estelin to Princess Maia.

    "Thank you" Maia replied to him with a courteous smile.

    "Would you mind spending some time with me? You can show me around your camp, or I can show you mine" Prince Lan further continued as he smiled lightly.

    "I apologize, but I can't. Dinner will be ready soon and then I have to rest" Princess Maia denied straight away.

    "How about I have dinner with you guys? " Prince Lan didn't give up as he further suggested.

    "Wouldn't it be weird for a Prince to have dinner in another kingdom's camp when his own camp is nearby? Is there a shortage of food there ?" Princess Maia said as she glanced at Prince Lan with a frown.

    "I don't lack the food, what I lack is a good company." Prince Lan said with a smile.

    "Sorry, but I'm not interested" Princess Maia shook her head lightly.

    "Why?" He asked with a strange look on his face.

    "What do you mean why?" She asked back.

    "Why don't you want to spend time with me? I just want to get to know you a little. Am I bad looking or did I do something wrong?" Prince Lan asked with a confused look on his face.

    "You aren't bad looking, in fact, you're one of the nicest looking guys I've met..." Princess Maia said but just as she said it, Long Chen's face appeared in her thoughts. She hurriedly shook her head as she continued.

    "But I don't like spending time with people I've met for the first time..." She said straight away as she looked at Prince Lan.

    "Sure... We will meet again later... then we can talk. It was nice meeting you, Princess" Prince Lan said as he turned back and walked back towards his own camp.

    "That a**hole... does he really think he is so charming??" Prince Estelin snorted as he looked away from Prince Lan.

    Soon, the food was ready and everyone began eating. As General Yao was eating with Prince Estelin and Princess Maia, he looked towards the exit of his tent with a worried look on his face.

    "Is Princess Zhiqing so busy that she can't even come to eat? Is she planning on starving?" General Yao let out with a serious look on his face.

    "Is she okay? We haven't seen aunt Zhiqing in a long time... Are you sure it's safe leaving her with that stranger? " Prince Estelin let out with a frown on his face.

    "She will be fine. I don't think that he will do anything bad to aunt." Princess Maia let out in between as she finished eating.

    "What are you saying? Have you been charmed by him as well?" Prince Estelin let out with a slight frown on his face.

    "Why does it feel like you're jealous of him? Did you want the strength he has?"  Princess Maia chuckled as her red hair fluttered.

    "Hmph... there's nothing to be jealous about! One day I'll be just as strong as him." Prince Estelin let out as he looked away.

    "When? You are already older than him!" Princess Maia laughed again as she gazed at Prince Estelin.

    "We're not talking about me here! We were talking about Aunt Zhiqing!" Prince Estelin retorted as he brought the topic back to what it initially was.

    "Maria! " General Yao called out in a loud voice.

    "Yes, master," A maid in a long ponytail came running as she bowed in front of General Yao.

    "Take the food and give it to Princess Zhiqing and the other guests in her carriage" General Yao said as he sighed.

    The maid bowed again as she turned back and left.

    The maid called Maria prepared the plates with food and carried them with the help of other maids towards the carriage of Princess Zhiqing.

    Zhiqing was looking outside with a hungry look on her face as she stared at the guards eating their dinner in the camp. Her stomach constantly grumbled as she looked at the food.

    "You can't live without food, can you?" Mingyu let out with a light smile.

    "Is there anyone in this world who can live without food?" Zhiqing replied to her without turning back.

    "There are many.." Mingyu muttered softly.

    "Hmm?" Zhiqing exclaimed as she saw several maids coming towards her carriage.

    As the girls got close to the carriage, Zhiqing opened the door.

    "Master asked us to bring food to the Princess," The head maid said as she held a plate and advanced towards Zhiqing.

    Zhiqing shook her head rapidly as she tried to make them stop, but the maid didn't notice it.

    "I don't need food!!!" Zhiqing let out loudly but her voice only sounded inside the carriage and not outside as the maid extended the plate towards her.
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