197 Chapter 197: Awaken

    "It sounds like the roar of the Devil Hunter beast but it's... much stronger..." General Yao let out with a grave expression in his face.

    "G..get ready to fight. Even if he is stronger, We...we can defeat it with our combined strength!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he tried to gather his courage.

    "I..."General Yao was about to say something when he stopped midway. He looked upwards and saw something flying from above his head. It looked like it was flying as high as the sky.

    "Get away from here!!!"  General Yao roared loudly as he retreated at rapid speed. Royal Tutor Wang also moved from near the dead body of the Devil Hunter beast that he had killed.

    The thing that was flying high seemed to become bigger as it came downwards. Soon it landed in the ground from the sky.

    "This... this..."General Yao stuttered as he saw the beast that came from the sky.

    It looked just like the beast they had killed, the only difference was that it was much larger. While the previous Devil Hunter beast was around one meter tall, the beast in front of them was around 1.5 meters tall. Its eyes looked just as red as it gazed at the dead Devil Hunter beast.

    It ignored General Yao and Royal Tutor Wang as it moved towards the lifeless Devil Hunter beast.

    The Devil Hunter beast looked at the dead beast with sadness in its eyes.

    It looked towards the moon as it howled in agony.

    "It...it...I cant see it's cultivation..." Royal Tutor Wang said softly to General Yao.

    "I can't either... there's no doubt about it! It's an Earth Realm Devil Hunter beast." General Yao let out as he began sweating.

    "We are all dead now!!! How can there be such a strong beast in this area without much information or without anyone knowing!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he found it hard to believe his eyes.

    The Devil Hunter beast looked at if it was grieving when it looked towards the lifeless body of the little beast. It looked at the shining moon as it howled again.

    This roar echoed for miles. All the beasts that heard it couldn't help but tremble as they got down on their knees.


    "It's a... Earth Realm Devil Hunter beast!!" Mingyu exclaimed as her eyes opened wide.

    "What!!!" Zhiqing gasped as she was scared stiff. She could only imagine the terror the others must be going through right now.


    "We should run while it's distracted!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he tried to control his shivering.

    "Run? Against that thing? We can't run.. We can only fight to the death right now..." General Yao said to Royal Tutor Wang as he laughed in self-deprecation.

    Royal Tutor Wang seemed to have understood his meaning as he remembered the frightening speed of the 9th stage gold core realm Devil Hunter beast. He could only imagine how fast an Earth Realm Devil Hunter beast would be.

    "Guards!! Attack the beast together with me!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he ordered the guards.

    "You idiot!! They can do nothing to this beast! They'll just be cannon fodder!!" General Yao said to the Royal Tutor in a discontented tone.

    'You will never understand!! While they distract the Devil Hunter beast, I can find an opportunity to kill him. So what if a few of them die in the process! It's all for the greater good!' Royal Tutor Wang thought to himself as he ignored General Yao.

    "Go now!" Royal Tutor Wang said loudly. His voice made the shivering guards gain some courage. The guards prayed to the gods as they took their weapons out and ran towards the howling beast.

    The beast turned around as it gazed at the running guards with his bloodthirsty red eyes.

    The Devil Hunter beast disappeared from its spot. Screams started resounding in the atmosphere. The Devil Hunter beast was so fast that it looked like he was truly invisible.

    The guards that were running towards him were being shredded to pieces but not even the shadow of the Devil Hunter beast could be seen.

    The Devil Hunter Beast finally became visible at the center of the dead bodies...or at least what remained of those bodies.

    "Mountain Penetrating Stab!" General Yao roared loudly as he appeared near the Devil Hunter beast and thrust his sword towards the Devil Hunter beast.

    "Die!!!!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he appeared behind the Devil Hunter beast and attacked with his blade as well

    The Devil Hunter beast again disappeared from his spot as he appeared 50 meters away in an instant

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" Royal Tutor Wang's scream echoed in the air as the sound of his blade falling to the ground was heard.

    Half of his right arm was missing while the remaining half bled heavily as he groaned in pain.

    The Devil Hunter beast gazed at the blood on the blade as his eyes turned even redder.

    He again disappeared from his spot but right at that moment, something changed.

    The air began feeling different. The aura of the Devil Hunter beast that previously dominated the region began looking much milder. It felt as if the whole atmosphere had suddenly changed.

    The Devil Hunter beast became visible once again on his original spot as he looked all around him with a wary look.

    It could suddenly feel two strong aura in the region that was previously not present. While one of the aura felt stronger than both of the humans he was fighting, the other aura was much more threatening. It felt stronger and much more mysterious. The Devil Hunter beast stayed in its original position as it waited...


    Zhiqing's eyes were already wet as she saw the scary scene on the outside. The frightened faces of Princess Maia and Prince Estelin made her even more scared.

    "Please open this barrier!!! I must be with them!!! I can't watch them die while I stay here" Zhiqing said loudly as she looked at Mingyu.

    "I wish I could help...but...I can't do anything to the barrier." Mingyu shook her head with a downcast look on her face.

    "Long Chen ... please wake up!!! " Zhiqing said as she gazed at Long Chen with teary eyes. Although she could use force in hopes of disturbing Long Chen's comprehension... she couldn't get her heart to do it. She could only beg him in hopes that he would listen and naturally wake up.

    Mingyu could feel the sadness of Zhiqing as she saw the nightmare on the outside. She wanted to help but there was nothing that she could do.

    "Oh no!" She gasped as she saw the speed of the Devil Hunter beast. In the blink of an eye, he had killed all 24 guards of Dongxin Kingdom.

    "Please ...help..." Zhiqing didn't look back as she couldn't bear to watch anymore. She kept looking at Long Chen and pleading for help.

    ' They are all dead... It's only a matter of time now' Mingyu thought as she saw the right arm of  Royal Tutor Wang being ripped off.

    Suddenly her expressions changed. She was able to feel something different. It was as if the whole world had suddenly changed. The cold inside the carriage has disappeared like it was never there while a strong aura abruptly appeared.

    She looked back at the source of that aura and noticed that it was coming from Long Chen.

    Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. His previously golden eyes looked black right now like it was the empty space. There were even some stars that could be seen in his deep eyes. Mingyu couldn't help but be in a daze as she looked at the beauty of Long Chen's eyes.

    Long Chen looked to his side and noticed the crying face of Zhiqing. He looked towards the gate of the carriage. He didn't even move to position himself so that he could see outside.

    Long Chen gazed at the solid door as if he could see through it.

    "What a..." Mingyu was about to ask something when her mouth opened wide. Long Chen had disappeared from his spot.

    "He... where...?" Zhiqing muttered with a shocked look on her face as she looked at the now-empty seat.

    "There..." Mingyu let out as she looked outside with a blank look on her face.

    Zhiqing looked out the window as well. She saw Long Chen standing in front of the Devil Hunter beast.

    Zhiqing opened the door and tried stepping out and finally, she could. There was no barrier now.

    Mingyu followed her as she stepped out as well.


    Royal Tutor Wang had already lost hope when his arm was torn off. When he saw the Devil Hunter beast disappear again, he couldn't help but close his eyes as he waited for a painful death but even after a long time, nothing happened.

    He opened his eyes as he looked ahead and saw the Devil Hunter beast standing in its original position. It looked as if it was waiting for something to happen.

    He gazed towards General Yao who looked just as confused.

    He couldn't understand what was happening when suddenly things got even weirder for him.

    A boy had just appeared out of thin air as he stood in front of him and the Devil Hunter beast.
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