198 Chapter 198: Fighting the Devil Hunter

    A boy had just appeared out of thin air as he stood in front of him and the Devil Hunter beast.

    "He's up! " General Yao exclaimed with excitement.

    Royal Tutor Wang couldn't understand why General Yao was so excited and who was this boy that appears out of nowhere.

    Zhiqing ran towards the group of Huanji Kingdom as she met up with Prince Estelin and Princess Maia. Mingyu also came with her.

    She didn't go to fight the beast with Long Chen as she trusted him.

    'He feels stronger... Since he went to fight the beast alone, I believe that he can do it'  She thought as she gazed at Long Chen. Though she still stayed alert to help Long Chen when needed.


    The Devil Hunter beast glared at Long Chen with its blood-red eyes. It could feel strength from the boy that had appeared in front of him but it couldn't see exactly how much. It felt like a mysterious shroud was surrounding this boy.

    The Devil Hunter beast was an Earth Realm beast thus it had high intelligence, still, he was unable to leave the people who dared to kill the little beast. Anger clouded its judgment as it ignored the feeling of danger and decided to kill Long Chen and everyone else present here.

    "Awoooo!!!" It roared as it looked towards the sky before turning it's gaze down. It disappeared from its original position and appeared right behind Long Chen as it swung its claws but its eyes opened wide as it saw Long Chen was not there.

    It looked back only to find Long Chen standing behind him.

    'This boy!!! I couldn't see his movement at all? Is he really that fast or can he teleport instantly? Nope !!! The latter is impossible!!! He must have strong cultivation and good movement skills!'  Royal Tutor Wang thought as he stared at Long Chen.

    The Devil Hunter beast again moved at its full speed as it disappeared from its spot. It appeared above Long Chen's head as it came down and opened its mouth wide to bite his head off but again something unexpected happened.

    Long Chen disappeared from his spot and appeared above the Devil Hunter beast as he punched down.

    The Devil Hunter beast sensed the strength of that punch and changed his direction mid-air as he dodged the attack.

    The Devil Hunter beast appeared around 20 meters away from Long Chen.

    It opened its mouth wide as it shot out a black orb of light. It looked similar to the attack of that 9th stage Gold Realm Devil Hunter beast, the attack that had created the big crater, but this one looked twice the size and contained an immense force.

    Its speed was just as fast as the Devil Hunter beast.

    "Immediately dodge it!!! That's a fearsome attack!!!" General Yao yelled as he tried to warn Long Chen but Long Chen didn't react. It looked like he didn't even hear him.

    The black orb of light reached within 2 meters range of Long Chen but he didn't move.

    "He's dead..." Royal Tutor Wang muttered with a disappointed look on his face but his eyes opened wide in shock as he sat what happened next.

    The black orb of light that seemed to contain immense strength seemed to have stopped in midair as it reached the one-meter range of Long Chen.

    The space around Long Chen flickered and distorted as it looked like it had created a shield for Long Chen.

    The space looked like it was becoming unstable as it faced the black orb of light.

    'Warp!" Long Chen muttered as he made a circle using his finger. A small portal appeared right in front of that orb of light which was only a meter in diameter.

    The space barrier seemed to have disappeared soon while the black orb of light continued ahead. The orb of blacklight entered that spatial portal right before it could reach Long Chen.

    The Devil Hunter beast couldn't believe what was happening. He was about to attack Long Chen again when it sensed danger.

    A spatial portal appeared right behind it as the black orb of light exited from that portal. It moved towards the Devil Hunter beast at rapid speed.

    The Devil Hunter beast immediately reacted as he dodged to the sight but he couldn't dodge safely.

    As he dodged, the orb managed to pass through its ears. The left ear of the Devil Hunter beast disappeared while the remaining part started bleeding.

    The orb of light crashed on the ground as the black smoke spread in the atmosphere in a spherical manner. It made a smoke sphere of 50 meters diameter before that black smoke disappeared. All that remained was a 20 meters deep and 50 meters wide crater.

    The Devil Hunter beast groaned in pain as it looked at Long Chen with fear. Although it was consumed in anger, the weak voice in its head was telling it to escape. As he fought Long Chen and saw his strength, those voices became stronger and stronger.

    Finally, it decided to listen to his sense of danger. It gazed at the dead Devil Hunter beast with an unwilling look on its face as it disappeared once again. However, this time instead of attacking Long Chen, it moved in the opposite direction.

    There was no change in Long Chen's expressions as he finally used his movement skills. He moved away from everyone as a burst of wind followed him. Before long, he disappeared from everyone's view.

    "What just happened!! Did... did the fearsome Devil Hunter beast  actually run away from a kid?" Prince Lan said with a blank look on his face. It was as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

    "He's not a normal kid....he is a genius from an empire..."  Princess Maia said as her frightened expression finally turned to smile.

    "What?" Prince Lan exclaimed loudly as he heard her words. As the crown Prince of a second rank Kingdom, he knew the difference in strength. He was working hard just to gain entrance in the sect of a first rank Kingdom to gain more strength and resources, which was many times weaker than an Empire.

    Even Royal Tutor Wang managed to hear her words. Although his right arm had been ripped off, the pain had become bearable for him by now. He understood that there was nothing that he could do right now, other than getting some rare healing pill which was almost impossible to get in the Second Rank Kingdom. He had already given hope of that happening.

    "He's from an empire? Is he one of the guests that came with miss ling to watch the sect entrance exam? " Royal Tutor Wang asked with wide eyes.

    "I don't know much about him but I'm sure he's not with them." General Yao said as he shook his head.

    "Whatever Empire he is from, I'm just glad that he was here to save us" General Yao continued as he smiled and finally breathed in relief as he moved towards Zhiqing.


    As soon as Mingyu saw Long Chen moving, she also used her movement skills as she tried to follow him. However, in about a few seconds, she lost all traces of Long Chen.

    She couldn't believe how fast Long Chen had become. She couldn't even keep up with him.

    Long Chen followed the Devil Hunter beast for miles but the Devil Hunter beast managed to keep up his distance. Long Chen began getting impatient.

    Long Chen's eyes that previously looked like space turned back to their original golden color, but they didn't stay golden for long.

    His eyes turned misty white as it looked like a heavy mist was shrouding them.

    The Devil Hunter beast that was running at full speed suddenly stopped as a large wall abruptly appeared in front of him out of nowhere. The wall was over thirty meters tall and 36 meters wide.

    The Devil Hunter beast looked to the right but a wall appeared there as well. Another wall appeared to his left. All the paths were closed.

    It turned back only to find Long Chen standing there and another wall behind him. It looked like they were trapped in a room approximately 36 meters wide and 90 meters long.

    Long Chen brought his King's sword out as he pointed it towards the Devil Hunter beast.

    The whole place was filled with the sword aura as soon as the sword came out. Long Chen's own aura further surged as well.

    "I have no enmity with you, but you made someone close to me cry. You deserve death." Long Chen finally spoke as he gripped his sword.

    "Awooooo!" The Devil Hunter beast finally couldn't bear it anymore as it looked towards the sky and howled the loudest.

    Long Chen's feet moved as he closed the distance between himself and the Devil Hunter beast.

    The Devil Hunter beast moved as well. It had previously suffered the brunt of attacking him with that orb of black light, thus it decided to attack physically.

    The steel-like claws of the Devil Hunter beast collided with the king's sword and right after the initial contact, the claws that previously looked indestructible were sliced through like butter.

    Long Chen didn't give the Devil Hunter beast any chance as he changed his position and grabbed the neck of the Devil Hunter beast with his other hand.

    Long Chen picked the Devil Hunter beast up in the air through its neck and crashed him on the ground. A crater was  created from the heavy impact as the Devil Hunter beast gave a pained cry

    Long chen picked his sword high in the air as he got ready to strike down.

    "Don't kill!" Suddenly a voice came.
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