199 Chapter 199: Taming Devil Hunter

    Long chen picked his sword high in the air as he got ready to strike down.

    "Don't kill!" Suddenly a voice came.

    "Why are you stopping me?" Long Chen asked. Although he already knew it was, he looked back at the person standing behind him. It was Xun that had finally appeared to stop Long Chen.

    "Because I don't want you to waste such a good opportunity!" Xun said with a slight smile on her face.

    "What do you mean?" Long Chen asked as his curiosity increased.

    He kept his eyes on the Devil Hunter beast that was crying in pain, in case it tried anything unexpected.

    "Don't you think that this Devil Hunter beast is quite strong?" Xun said with a mysterious smile on her face.

    "Yea, it is quite strong... especially it's speed... Without using my law of illusion, I wouldn't be able to catch up to it at all." Long Chen let out as he nodded his head.

    "Exactly!!! It's a rare beast that is favored by all beast tamers for its speed and strength." Xun said as she gazed at the Devil Hunter beast.

    "Beast tamers?" Long Chen let out as he wondered about what she wanted to say.

    "Right. It would be a huge waste if you killed it! You should tame it instead!!!" Xun said with an excited expression on her face.

    "Tame a Devil Hunter beast? An Earth Realm beast? It .... It is actually a good idea. It could be quite useful in the future" Long Chen smiled as he liked the idea.

    "I beat it so much ...  Do you think that it will work?" Long Chen asked as he saw the hating look in the Devil Hunter beast's eyes.

    "You should definitely try first," Xun said as she smiled.

    "You remember the process that I told you, right?" Just do the same thing. Also, place a blood drop on its forehead.

    "I apologize for beating you, little guy. I lose my anger when I see someone close to me sad. But I can't blame you entirely either, as someone close to you was killed. Anyone would become bloodthirsty if that happened to them. I can't even imagine what I would do if something like that happened to me." Long Chen muttered as he lightly shook his head.

    "Let's forget the hate of the past. From now on, you will be my partner." Long Chen cut his finger slightly and it began bleeding.

    He brought it closer to the Devil Hunter beast's forehead as he made a mark with his blood. He followed the same process to establish the contract with the Devil Hunter beast as he did with little snow.

    In about a minute, the blood mark on the Devil Hunter beast's forehead started shining. More time passed, and now its whole body was shining with stark white light.

    The light turned dim after a few minutes and the Devil Hunter beast came into view again.

    "What the...?" Long Chen exclaimed in shock as he saw the Devil Hunter beast.

    The Devil Hunter beast stood in front of him but it looked different. The Devil Hunter beast looked slightly taller and bulkier than it did before.

    The thing that shocked him the most was that all of its injuries had healed. There was no wound on its body. Even the ear, that was disintegrated after coming in contact with the orb of black light, had returned to normal.

    "I didn't know that the beasts would heal after a beast Tamer establishes a contract with them." Long Chen exclaimed with a stunned look on his face.

    "It can't... it's something that only you can do. When you tame a beast, they will return to their optimal condition. Their strength would slightly increase as well ." Xun said with a smile.

    "Because of the bloodline I have?" Long Chen inquired as he looked back at her.

    "Yup...As I said, you are not a normal human being anymore." Xun said in a mysterious tone.

    Before Long Chen could ask anything further, he felt like a link was established with the Devil Hunter beast.

    Long Chen looked at the Devil Hunter beast as he gained the knowledge about the beast's life through the link.

    "Interesting... So that little beast was your brother. I am really sorry for your loss... but don't worry. I will keep you safe. Though I must say that your memories are quite interesting. Your origin, your survival till now...I could never have imagined that there were so many mysteries hidden behind you. It's too bad that I could only see a few events of your life." Long Chen said as he looked at the Devil Hunter beast.

    "What did you see? What mystery?" Xun asked with a curious look on her face. She couldn't access Long Chen's thoughts without his desires, thus she had no idea what he saw.

    "He's not from this continent..." Long Chen said softly.

    "Not from this continent? Which continent is he from then?" Xun asked as she looked at him with curiosity.

    "A place far away from this place. He was exiled along with his brother..." Long Chen let out softly.

    "Exiled? That term... That must mean that he's from..." Xun muttered as her eyes opened wide.

    "Looks like there's one more thing I'll need to solve in the future" Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

    "Let's get back for now..." Long Chen muttered softly.

    The Devil Hunter beast stood up as it walked closer to Long Chen. It was 1.5 meters in height before, but now, it's height has increased to 1.7 meters. It was much taller than Long Chen.

    Long Chen jumped high in the air as he sat on top of the Devil Hunter beast. Long Chen didn't need to say anything and could just express his desires to his tamed beast.

    The Devil Hunter beast began moving rapidly as he advanced back.

    "He has truly become faster..." Long Chen muttered as he saw the speed of the Devil Hunter beast.


    Mingyu walked back to the camp alone as she failed to find Long Chen. She decided to come back and wait for him.

    Everyone else was preparing to leave. The Huanji camp still had ten guards thus their preparation took longer while the Dongxin Kingdom only had Prince Ling Lan and the injured Royal Tutor Wang who was given basic medical help.

    As Zhiqing saw Mingyu coming back to the camp, she hurriedly ran towards her.

    "Where is Master Chen?" Zhiqing asked as she looked around.

    "I couldn't find him." Mingyu shook her head in disappointment.

    "He is alone there? He will be alright, right?" Zhiqing asked with a worried look on her face.

    "Yes. The way he handled that beast here, I'm sure he will be fine. He had grown much stronger." Mingyu let out softly.

    'I think that if we fought, I would be instantly defeated' She thought as she looked back.

    "Alright, we'll wait for him and depart after he's back."

    She was about to walk back with Mingyu when the howl of the Devil Hunter beast resounded again.

    Everyone there stood still as the fear once again gripped their heart.

    "He's back! Does that mean Master Chen... It's all because of me..." Zhiqing muttered as her eyes grew wet.

    "Impossible!!! Nothing could happen to him.!!! " Mingyu said with disbelief clearly written on her face.

    "Looks like it's not in our destiny to survive." Royal Tutor Wang said as he sat down with the defeated look on his face.

    "It's here..." General Yao muttered with a grave look on his face as he saw a shadow, high in the sky.

    He had taken his sword out. He got ready to fight until his eventual death, but his expressions changed as his mouth opened wide. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

    The Devil Hunter beast that looked so fierce before now looked even stronger. But what truly shocked him was the person that was sitting on top of the Devil Hunter beast.

    "Long Chen..." Mingyu muttered as a relieved smile appeared on her face.

    "What is happening here? Why are you on top of the beast?" Mingyu asked as she walked forward.

    "Can't I ride on my tamed beast?" Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "Tamed? You can tame a beast? Furthermore, You tamed the Devil Hunter beast? Just who are you exactly?" Mingyu muttered as she looked at long Chen with wide eyes.

    "So the beast ... he won't attack us anymore,?" Zhiqing asked as she gazed at Long Chen.

    "Don't worry, He won't do anything" Long Chen said with a smile as he got off the Devil Hunter beast.

    "Thank you, Master Chen. Let me convey my gratitude for saving our lives" Royal Tutor Wang said as he walked to the front.

    'He's amazing! If I can win his friendship, I'll immediately gain success in life! I must find a way to get close to him." Prince Lan thought as he looked at Long Chen. His expressions turned bright as he thought of something. He walked towards the dead body of the 9th stage gold realm Beast that was left as it was.

    'The core of this beast is really expensive and since that big beast is tamed, I don't need to worry. If I give it to him, I'm sure I'll be able to get close to him." Prince Lan thought as he gazed at the dead body. He brought his dagger out and advanced towards the beast.

    Long Chen was talking to Zhiqing when he noticed something. His expressions became cold as he disappeared from his spot.

    Prince Lan was only a step away from the dead beast when Long Chen appeared in front of him.

    Long Chen grabbed him by his throat as he brought him up in the air.

    "What do you think you are doing!!!" Long Chen roared loudly as he stared at Prince Lan who was hanging in the air by his neck.
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