200 Chapter 200: Missing Little Snow

    "What do you think you are doing!!!" Long Chen roared loudly as he stared at Prince Lan who was hanging in the air by his neck.

    "Ahhghh..." Prince Lan tried to speak but he was unable to as his neck was gripped tightly in Long Chen's hand. In fact, Even breathing was difficult for him at the moment.

    "I asked you a question!" Long Chen asked again, but this time he relaxed his grip somewhat.

    "I... I was trying to... take his core out... to give you..." Prince Lanc barely managed to finish his sentence after a long time.

    "Master !!! I beg you, please forgive young Prince. Don't kill him for such a lowly offense. As he said, he was doing it to please you." Royal Tutor Wang got there and said to Long Chen in a pleading tone.

    "Cutting the body of my tamed beast's little brother is supposed to please me??? " Long Chen let out in a loud tone as a chilly aura spread from him. He was truly angry at what he saw.

    Before Taming the Devil hunter beast, he wouldn't have minded even if Prince Lan took the core for himself, but after Long Chen tamed the Earth Realm Devil hunter beast, things changed for him.

    He was able to see a few of the memories of the Devil hunter beast. He saw what both of them faced throughout their lives. He felt their bonds. He was already feeling bad that the little beast had died, and for him to see such a thing being attempted in front of him. He was furious. He was barely controlling himself from crushing Ling Lan's neck.

    "I... Big mistake... Forgive..." Prince Lan said with much effort. His eyes had turned red by now.

    "Master!!! I beg you ... Please forgive Prince Lan. He won't do such a thing. If you want, I'll even kowtow to you, just don't kill him!" Royal Tutor Wang said as he got down on both his knees. He started hitting his head on the ground as he began kowtowing.

    General Yao stood there as he watched it happen. He wanted to ask Long Chen to forgive Prince Lan as well, but he couldn't get himself to say anything as he saw the serious look on Long Chen's face.

    Long Chen saw the Royal Tutor kowtowing in front of him. Although his anger didn't decrease, he still decided to listen to the Royal Tutor's plea.

    "Try making better decisions in the future." Long Chen said in a heavy tone as he threw Prince Lan towards Royal Tutor Wang.

    Prince Lan fell to the ground, but he wasn't heavily hurt. He breathed heavily and coughed constantly as he sat up. He didn't even dare to look at Long Chen and kept his head down.

    The Earth Realm Devil hunter beast had already appeared near Long Chen and was looking at the dead beast with a sad look on his face.

    "We need to bury this little fella. How about you make a pit?" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the Devil hunter beast.

    The Devil hunter beast unwillingly took his eyes off the dead beast as he howled while looking towards the sky.

    It looked down and opened its mouth as it shot out a black orb of light. Everyone was already familiar with this attack, thus they knew what was about to happen.

    The black orb of light landed on the ground and a large crater was created at the point of impact.

    Long Chen walked towards the dead Devil hunter beast amidst the watchful gazes of everyone present.

    He picked up the little beast. Although the Devil hunter beast was heavy, to Long Chen, who was a body cultivator as well, this weight was nothing.

    Long Chen walked towards the large crater with the dead beast in his hands. As he reached the edge of the crater, he jumped down inside.

    Long Chen placed the dead Devil hunter beast on the center of the crater and freed his hand.

    He picked up a handful of soil and placed it on top of the Devil hunter beast.

    "Rest in peace little guy," Long Chen said with a sad expression on his face as he turned back.

    The Earth Realm Devil hunter beast was also howling in sadness.

    Long Chen got out of the crater and walked near the Devil hunter beast and patted his head softly.

    "Fill the crater with soil." Long Chen said to General Yao.

    General Yao hurriedly nodded his head as if he was facing his king. He ordered the guards to get to work.

    Long Chen stood there as the guards filled the crater with soil, and thus buried little Devil hunter beast forever.


    Long Chen was standing with the earth realm Devil hunter beast as he thought about a name for it.

    "I know that I'm bad when it comes to naming. So I hope that you won't mind if I come up with a terrible name." Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face as he looked at the Devil hunter beast.

    "You'll be named ... Orion..." Long Chen said to the Devil hunter beast.

    "Such a weird name, I doubted you when you said that you were bad at naming, but now I believe you," Mingyu said as she looked at Long Chen with an amused smile on her face.

    "I quite like that name. I think it's a good name" Zhiqing chimed in her opinion.

    "Anyways, Orion is quite big...I wonder if he will be allowed inside the Xuan Kingdom... He's quite a scary beast." Zhiqing said after a while as she turned serious.

    "Why? Aren't Beast Tamers allowed to bring their tamed beasts inside the city here? Back home, beast tamers often roam around with their beasts. They were allowed entry and exit without any trouble, especially strong beast tamers who had beasts at Earth Realm or above." Mingyu said with a curious look on her face.

    "It is slightly different here. Beast Tamers are allowed to bring their beasts, but not the scary ones like the Devil hunter beast, as it might disturb the citizens. That's why all the Beast Tamers of the kingdom carry a beast bag. It is used by them to keep their beasts." Zhiqing replied to Mingyu.

    "Beast bag? A beast bag strong enough to keep an Earth realm beast can only be found in an empire. I don't have time to waste like that." Long Chen said in a carefree manner.

    "I just have one task to do. I'll enter the Xuan Kingdom even if they don't allow me to. I'll break all their defenses to get to my goal... even if I have to go against the whole Kingdom." Long Chen further continued in a serious tone.

    "You must hate the people from the Thunder Giant Sect a lot," Zhiqing said as she let out a wry smile on her face.

    "Those who try to hurt the ones close to me, deserve to die." Long Chen said as he looked towards the distant horizon, in the direction of Xuan Kingdom.

    Zhiqing heard his words and wondered who he was talking about. She couldn't help but glance at Mingyu.

    "Alright, we will worry about it when the time comes..." Zhiqing said as she stopped worrying about gaining entry.

    "Let's get inside the carriage. We are ready to move." Zhiqing said as she noticed that all the people were waiting for them. The preparations had been completed.

    Long Chen didn't move as he stood there, lost in his thoughts.

    'Sound I travel with Zhiqing in her carriage or go ahead on my own with Mingyu. I have Orion now and his speed is much faster. I'll be there in a short time if I go on Orion.' Long Chen thought as he looked at the Devil hunter beast.

    Long Chen thought for a while but ultimately gave up on this thought. He had agreed to go with Zhiqing previously and had already completed most of the journey. He couldn't leave them alone when there was only one day's worth of journey left.

    "Alright. Let's go" Long Chen finally said as he began moving towards the carriage of Zhiqing.

    "Finally!!! I thought you would spend the whole day standing there" Zhiqing said with a chuckle as she followed Long Chen.

    Mingyu walked behind them.

    "We will be moving now. Stay near the carriage, alright? and be a good boy" Long Chen said to Orion before he entered the carriage.

    "Hmm? Where's little snow?" Long Chen asked as soon as he entered the carriage. Previously he thought that little snow was inside the carriage, but he couldn't see him anywhere.

    "Little snow?" Zhiqing exclaimed as she realized that they were missing little snow.

    Long Chen looked all around the carriage with Mingyu and Zhiqing but there were no traces of Little snow.

    He hurriedly got out of the carriage.

    "Little snow!!!" Long Chen called out loudly as he stood outside the carriage. He has reinforced his voice with Qi to make his voice reach even farther.

    He called out again and again but there was no response.
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