201 Chapter 201:Beast Region

    "Little Snow!!!" Long Chen called out loudly as he stood outside the carriage. He had reinforced his voice with Qi to make his voice reach even farther.

    He called out again and again but there was no response.

    "Where did she go? I can't even sense her." Long Chen let out with a worried expression on his face.

    "Don't hurt your brain that much, Little Snow is sleeping safely." Xun appeared in front of Long Chen and told him.

    "Where?" Long Chen looked at Xun as he hurriedly asked.

    "Where what?" Zhiqing inquired as she looked at Long Chen. Xun was standing in between Long Chen and Zhiqing. As Zhiqing couldn't see Xun, she thought that Long Chen was talking to her.

    "there..." Xun said as she pointed her finger towards Long Chen's hand. He looked in the direction she was pointing. He noticed that she was pointing at the ancient storage ring in his finger.

    "Orion!" Long Chen called out. Orion immediately appeared beside him like a shadow.

    "I will be right back." Long Chen said to Mingyu and Zhiqing as he climbed on the back of Orion and left.

    In a few minutes, Long Chen was already far away from them. He stopped in an empty location. He used his divine sense as he scanned the whole place. He lowered his guard as he found the place empty.

    "What do you mean little snow is in my storage ring? How can this be possible! Storage rings can't hold beasts!" Long Chen exclaimed as he gazed at Xun.

    "Yup, you are absolutely right. Storage rings can't keep living beasts, but I never said that the ring on your finger was a storage ring, did I? "Xun said as she chuckled.

    Long Chen didn't say anything and just waited for her explanation.

    "The ring in your finger is not a storage ring. Although it has an additional advantage that it can hold things for you, that is not its main function, it's just an additional perk." Xun continued as she explained to Long Chen.

    "You remember what I told you about this ring before? This ring contains many spatial dimensions inside, and you just need to fulfill some secret criteria to remove the restrictions on them. I couldn't tell you before because of the restrictions, but since that zone is already unlocked, I can tell you now."

    "The criteria to lift one of the restrictions was to tame 2 beasts, with at least one of them being an earth realm or a higher realm beast. You fulfilled this condition when you tamed the Devil Hunter beast after establishing a contract with Little Snow." Xun further continued.

    "Why didn't you tell me about this after I tamed Orion? " Long Chen inquired with a doubtful gaze.

    "Even though you fulfilled the conditions, it took some time to remove the restrictions on the beast region. I was waiting for the restrictions to be fully removed before telling you." Xun responded with a smile.

    "Beast Region?" Long Chen further asked as he heard a new term.

    "It is a space that is available inside the ring. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it a small world. It is a world with dense Qi and spiritual plantation that can help your beast grow stronger at a faster rate. Your tamed beasts can stay there and you can bring them out when needed."  Xun replied as she tried to clear his doubts.

    "A separate space inside this ring..."  Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "If that space has such dense Qi, and it can keep living life forms inside, can I enter it to cultivate?" He inquired with a curious look on his face.

    "Nope... Only your tamed beast can stay in that place."  Xun said as she shook her head lightly.

    "Oh," Long Chen let out with disappointment on his face.

    "Go ahead, check that space," Xun said to him.

    Long Chen looked at his ring as he used his consciousness to access the ring. There he was amazed to see that two separate spaces existed right beside each other. He accessed the beast region and noticed that it was a lush green world that looked just as large as the Earth itself. There were many unknown medicinal and spiritual plants in that world that he could see.

    Although the world was so large, strangely enough, Long Chen was able to see every section of the world clearly. It was as if he was the god of this world.

    Long Chen scanned the whole place and soon found little snow amidst an empty-looking field.

    Little Snow was sleeping soundly without any worries. Long Chen smiled in relief.

    "Yea, Little snow is in there." Long Chen let out as he gazed at Xun.

    "Oh right, there is one strange thing that I must tell you though," Xun said as she thought about something.

    "What thing?" Long Chen responded with curiosity.

    "Generally, a tamed beast shouldn't be able to enter the beast region without your permission, but strangely enough, little snow was able to enter with ease. I don't even know how she knew about that space in the first place." Xue said as a thoughtful look appeared in her face.

    "Well, She is not a normal beast, is she? I understood it the moment you said that Ethereal Moon Cats aren't born from eggs." Long Chen said with a smile as he looked at Xun.

    "Now that it's clear, let's go back." Long Chen climbed on the back of Orion and left.


    Long Chen walked back to the camp and found that everyone was still waiting near their carriages and horses.

    "You're finally back. Did you find little snow?"  Mingyu asked Long Chen as she saw him.

    "Don't worry about her. She is absolutely fine."Long Chen said as he walked towards the carriage of Zhiqing.

    "Let's get going." He said to Zhiqing as he stood near the carriage.

    "Where's Orion?" Zhiqing asked with a doubtful look on her face.

    "He's enjoying life and resting. Let's go" Long Chen responded as a slight smile appeared on his face.

    With a frown on her face, Zhiqing entered the carriage. Long Chen entered after her. Mingyu was the last to enter.

    "Are we leaving Orion behind? We should take him with us." Mingyu said to Long Chen with a serious look on her face.

    "Don't worry about him. He is absolutely fine and will be there when we need him." Long Chen replied to her as a smile appeared on his face.

    "If you say so..." Mingyu gazed at him with a doubtful look on her face but didn't ask him about it any further.

    "Well, at least now we won't have to worry about getting into a fight with the warriors of Xuan Kingdom to gain entry," Zhiqing said with a light chuckle.

    Long Chen closed his eyes as he sat there in comfort.

    "You were really amazing the way you handled everything. It was my first time seeing you in action, and I must say that you're even stronger than I assumed. Especially your movement skill, that looked just like instant teleportation." Zhiqing finally started talking after a minute of silence as she looked at Long Chen with a feverish gaze.

    "Thank you." Long Chen replied with a smile though he didn't explain to her that he wasn't using any movement skill at that time but actual teleportation. His mastery in the law of space had increased by leaps and bounds after that short spark of comprehension. Though he was still far from perfection.

    His seed of space law had also finally changed into a small sapling.

    Mingyu gazed at Long Chen as she wondered about something.

    "Was that really a fast movement skill? How could it be so fast that even I wasn't able to see? It actually looked like he was able to teleport... But that's impossible. Teleportation should be related to controlling space. I had read about all the laws and there was no mention of the law of space or teleportation. "

    "Is there really such a nature defying movement skill or has he actually mastered a law unheard of?" She wondered as she gazed at Long Chen. She wanted to ask it directly but she wasn't sure if it was appropriate to ask. Everyone had their secrets and she didn't want to make Long Chen uncomfortable.

    They entered the last second rank Kingdom on their journey to the Xuan Kingdom without much problem. The kingdom was known as the kingdom of Westia. It was the closest kingdom to the kingdom of Xuan.

    In about half a day, they left that Kingdom as well, as they continued ahead. As they left the kingdom, they noticed that the roads were of better quality without any bumps and other obstacles.

    Their journey continued smoothly as they comfortably moved on the well-built roads.

    After about 6 hours of travel, they finally reached the entrance of the Xuan Kingdom.

    There were two entrances there. One was smaller and looked like it was for average people while the other one was bigger. The second entrance looked like it was for merchants and important people that had their own personal carriages.

    Their speed slowed down until the carriage finally stopped. Zhiqing opened the door of her carriage and looked out only to become stunned as she saw tens of carriages ahead of them.

    She recognized the symbols on some of those carriages as the symbols of nearby royal kingdoms that she knew of.

    There were two guards at the entrance and they were talking to a man that stood near the first carriage.

    "We are at the entrance of Xuan. There's a big line ahead. It will probably take some time." She said as she closed the doors of her carriage.
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