203 Chapter 203: Attacking the Yu Clan

    "Oh, You don't need to worry about paying me. Think of it as my apology gift to Master Chen... for upsetting him unintentionally." Prince Lan said with an apologetic look on his face, though he still didn't look at Long Chen out of fear.

    Zhiqing heard his words and didn't say anything anymore. She just looked at Long Chen as if she was asking for his permission.

    "Take the rooms." Long Chen said in a casual tone. He gazed at Prince Lan and nodded his head.

    "I'm really grateful for your forgiveness." Prince Ling Lan bowed slightly as he thanked Long Chen.

    "This is Asmi, She booked the rooms for us here. We have taken two of the rooms, she will arrange for the other rooms to be transferred to you. They are already paid for, so you won't have to go through much hassle" Prince Lan said with a smile before he left with Royal Tutor Wang.

    "Thanks for the help." Zhiqing didn't forget to thank Prince Lan before his departure.

    "Let's go..." Zhiqing said as she entered the hotel with everyone. They stood at reception and talked things out with the manager.

    Everything was handled smoothly and they got 13 additional rooms. Now they had 19 rooms, which were more than enough for them.

    Long Chen and Mingyu were given the keys to their own private rooms. Long Chen's room was on the fourth floor, right in between Mingyu and Zhiqing's room.

    "Oh right, Do you have a map of the city? He asked the receptionist before leaving.

    " Of Course we have a map. Here, you can have it for free." The receptionist said with a smile as she gave him a scroll.

    "Thank you."Long Chen thanked her as he left.


    "Ahmmm... Why are you in my room? Don't you have to rest?" Long Chen let out as he found Zhiqing sitting on his bed.

    "So mean... She is here as well, why can't I" Zhiqing let out as she pointed at Mingyu. She acted as if she was hurt by Long Chen's question.

    Long Chen found it tiresome to explain so he just gave up.

    He opened the map and started studying it carefully.

    "Hmm.. so the Royal clan is in the northern part of the city. The Yu clan is there as well. The Glorious Blossom Sect is in the center of the city." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the map.

    "Yup... Glorious Blossom Sect is the place where the Joint Sect entrance exam will happen. Other sects will be present there as well." Zhiqing added with a bright smile.

    "Tomorrow is the sect entrance exam... They will be in the safety of the sect. There will be too many variables at play if I attack them there. As I thought, My best opportunity is to strike them down while they are still in the Yu clan." Long Chen said with a determined face.

    "Are you seriously going to infiltrate the Yu clan? It's really dangerous!" Zhiqing hurriedly said to Long Chen with a worried look on her face.

    "Don't worry, I will be fine." Long Chen responded with a smile.

    "When are we going to infiltrate the Yu clan?" Mingyu said with a face filled with determination.

    'Tonight... And it's not we, it's me. Only I will be going." Long Chen said as he looked back at Mingyu.

    "Why??? As you know, I'm not weak." Mingyu asked with an unconvinced look on her face.

    "It's not about weak or strong. The thing is that I'm good at stealth. It will be easier for me to do it alone. And if I am alone, I can easily escape if I am in a dangerous situation." Long Chen calmly explained to her.

    "Don't worry, If I need help, I am sure that you will know about it. You can come to my rescue then" Long Chen chuckled as he said to Mingyu.

    "Though I'm sure that if there comes a need for offense, I'll kill them all before you even get there" He continued as he gazed at Mingyu with eyes that were filled with self-confidence.

    "Alright, I'll be near the clan, waiting for your signal if you need help." Mingyu nodded her head unwillingly.

    "That's like a good girl." Long Chen said as he patted her head with a smile on his lips.

    "Hey!! I am older than you. You can't treat me like a little girl." Mingyu protested as her face turned crimson. It made her look even cuter

    "hahaha...yea I know." Long Chen smiled as he lay down on the bed.

    "Tonight is going to be a long night." He said with a thoughtful look on his face as he looked at the roof.

    He rested till it was 11 pm at night before he got up. He had already sent Mingyu and Zhiqing away from her room.

    He walked towards the balcony of his room as he gazed at the moon in the sky.

    He looked around and as he had expected, the streets were empty.

    "Time to get to work. You people have lived long enough... Time to balance things out." Long Chen muttered as he jumped out of the window.

    He landed on the street. Long Chen walked in the direction of the Yu clan, as he left a large crater behind at the location where he landed.

    "Orion!" Long Chen muttered softly.

    A shadow escaped from his ring as it took the form of the Devil Hunter beast in front of Long Chen.

    "Let's get to work little guy. And move fast, Make sure that no one is able to see us on this dark night." Long Chen said as he patted the head of Orion.

    Orion moved like a blur as he advanced towards the Yu clan on the Northern side of the Lectin City. The hotel they were staying at was on the Eastern side of the Xuan Kingdom. With the speed of Orion, they reached the Yu clan in only an hour.

    Long Chen made sure to use his divine sense throughout as he looked out for any potential guards. Wherever there was a guard ahead, he used his Law of illusion on him and made it seem like everything was alright as they passed from right beside the guards.

    "Good work Orion. You can go rest." Long Chen said with a smile as he got off of the Devil Hunter beast. Orion went back to his storage ring, leaving only Long Chen behind.

    Long Chen was amazed as he saw the Yu Clan's building. It was nearly twice the size of the Long Clan. There were windows in the mansion, but all those windows were covered by something that looked like a barrier.

    "Must be some kind of barrier to protect against thieves and intruders..." Long Chen muttered as he looked at the windows.

    There were 4 guards at the entrance but what troubled Long Chen the most was the fact that the guards weren't standing at the corners of the entrance but stood right in front of it, at a proper distance from each other.

    The three meters wide door was fully covered by four guards.

    "I was hoping to get a peaceful entry, but it looks like that's not going to be possible." He muttered with a disappointed look on his face.

    He covered his face with the black mask that he had bought long ago. The same mask that he used when he pretended to be an Earth Realm cultivator at the Alchemy hall.

    "If violence is what is needed, then violence is what I shall do." Long Chen muttered as he began walking towards the guards.

    The guards were standing in the silence of the night when they noticed a masked man coming towards them. They immediately became alert.

    "Stop right there!!! Take off your mask and tell us your purpose of coming here!!!" One is the guards let out in a threatening manner as he looked at Long Chen.

    Long Chen was already at the 20 meters range of the guards by then. He heard their words but he didn't stop.

    "You!!!" The guards began taking out their weapons, but Long Chen disappeared right in front of their eyes.

    The guards became stunned as they frantically looked everywhere but they couldn't find Long Chen in the whole street.

    "What was..." One of the guards was about to say something when a pair of hands appeared from behind him and closed his mouth. He fell to the ground lifeless as his neck was twisted.

    Before the other guards could react, their heads were separated off their bodies by the masked man who strangely enough stood in front of them now.

    They died without making much noise as their lifeless bodies fell to the ground.

    "I've killed 4 more, yet I feel no remorse." Long Chen shook his head lightly as he gazed at the bodies.

    "Have I become immune to the deaths of those that are not related to me?" Long Chen wondered as he opened the door of the Yu Clan mansion and entered inside.
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