204 Chapter 204: If only

    "Have I become immune to the deaths of those that are not related to me?" Long Chen wondered as he opened the door of the Yu Clan mansion and entered inside.

    Long Chen stepped inside the mansion and walked through the long hallway. There was a big garden at the end of the hallway. The garden only had grass and plants, but there were no trees as far as his eyes could see.

    There were walkways made of tiles in the garden that diverged in various directions at multiple points. Long Chen looked around the garden as he grew confused. The structure of this building was one of the most confusing that he had seen.

    There were around 25 paths and each path led to a different hallway.

    "It's gonna be much more difficult than I had initially assumed. I need to find someone to lead me to them." Long Chen muttered to himself as he looked around.

    He finally chose a pathway and stepped towards the hallway it led to. Long Chen entered the hallway as he continued forth.

    Soon, he was outside the second hallway and things finally started looking much more normal.

    There was no roof in this area as the shine of the starry sky fell directly on Long Chen.

    This place was so big, as far as his eyes could see, there was no ending at sight. Long Chen was able to see many courtyards in this place.

    He randomly chose the nearest courtyard as he walked towards it, but he suddenly sensed danger. He disappeared from his position as he appeared 3 meters away from where he was initially standing.

    As he looked back, he was able to see a knife stuck at the ground right where he was standing previously.

    He heard the sound of footsteps coming from nearby. He looked in that direction with a serious look on his face.

    There was a single person that stood there. He looked to be in his early thirties. The person had a good looking face that looked somewhat feminine. His hair was pitch black. His greyish eyes suited the grey robe that he was wearing. He held a knife in each of his hands.

    "You must be a guard here." Long Chen let out from behind his mask.

    "Yup... and you must be a thief. I must say, you are one stupid fella. You dared to infiltrate the Yu clan to steal something, You must have a death wish." The black-haired man said with a mocking smile on his face.

    "Tell me one thing... Since you know that I'm an intruder, Why don't you alert others about my presence?" Long Chen asked with interest.

    "Why should I? You are just a pesky little insect. I can take care of you easily, I don't need to disturb others' sleep for that." The black-haired man chuckled as he gazed at Long Chen.

    "Sharp words for someone who's about to die." Long Chen said in a heavy tone.

    "Oh? How about... YOU DIE FIRST!" The black-haired man said as he threw a knife at Long Chen, as the knife left his hand, he threw another knife to the right and the third knife to the left.

    He tried to block Long Chen's all possible escapes as he kept throwing more knives at varying angles.

    Long Chen watched the knives coming at him with a smile. He disappeared from his spot as the knife reached near him and again appeared in the same spot as it seemed like the knife passed through him.

    "How??? "The black-haired man exclaimed in shock, but in his shock, he failed to notice a spatial portal appearing behind him. The portal had a diameter of only 10 centimeters.

    A knife escaped from that portal and stabbed the black-haired man's heart from behind. He grunted in pain but another portal appeared behind his neck. A similar thing happened as a knife escaped from the portal and penetrated his neck.

    Four more portals appeared. One behind his right arm, one behind his left arm and the remaining two behind both his legs. Four more knives escaped from these portals as his hands and legs were penetrated.

    "You should've called for help when you had the chance. You should know that I have killed many that were even stronger than you. You think as a Peak Gold Realm Cultivator, you stood a chance?" Long Chen let out as he stood near the body of the black-haired cultivator.

    After waking up from his enlightenment of space law just a few days ago, Long Chen was already at the Tenth Stage of the Gold Core Realm, but his actual strange was much higher.

    Long Chen turned back and again began walking towards the closest courtyard as he left the lifeless body behind

    "I should've asked him before killing him." Long Chen muttered as he shook his head in disappointment.

    He was moving in the silence of the night when he noticed another person.

    It was a guard that looked like he was making his normal rounds. A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he started moving towards the guard.

    His eyes began shining with a misty light as he gazed at the guard. The guard noticed him walking towards him as his expressions changed to a frightened one.

    "Chief! Wh...what are you doing here?" The guard let out as he gazed at Long Chen.

    In his eyes, Long Chen looked like the black-haired man that Long Chen had just killed.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he walked closer to him.

    "Tell me something." Long Chen asked as he looked in his eyes.

    "Y...yes chief!" The guard replied excitedly.

    "Do you perform your duty well?" He asked as he looked at the guard with a serious look on his face.

    "Yes, Chief! " The guard replied with a serious look on his face.

    "Really? Well... Someone told me that you don't take your work seriously." Long Chen said with a smile. The guard was stunned as he saw a knife appearing in his hand.

    A shiver ran through his spine as he gazed at the cold knife in Long Chen's hand.

    "N...No Chief! I promise that I take my duty very seriously." The guard hurriedly replied.

    "Oh? Let me test your seriousness. Tell me the place that we must always protect under any situation, even when we are faced with death!" Long Chen inquired with a smile.

    "The ancestral hall!" The guard earnestly replied.

    "Good. Now tell me the place where our newly arrived guests from the Northern Moon Empire are staying... Did you check that place?" Long Chen asked seriously.

    "Ahh... What are you talking about, chief?" The guard asked with a confused look on his face.

    "Where do the people that came with Miss Ling from the Thunder Giant Sect stay?" Long Chen asked again.

    "What are you talking about, chief? Is this a trick question?" The guard said with a doubtful look on his face.

    "Answer me!" Long Chen let out as he increased the pitch of his voice.

    "Miss Ling stays in her courtyard in the Central Region of our clan. As for the people that came with her, they aren't here anymore." The guard replied hurriedly.

    "Wh... where did they go!!!" Long Chen let out with a stunned look on his face.

    "Chief? Whoever complained to you about me, clearly don't know what they were talking about. I'm not as stupid. It's impossible for me to not know about such important news. They stay in the Glorious Blossom Sect as guests. They will be spending the night there." The guard replied as if he was answering his teacher.

    Long Chen fell in deep thought as soon as he heard his words.

    "Huh... Things just got a lot more complicated." Long Chen muttered with a wry smile.

    "Hmm? Did you say something, chief?" The guard asked as he saw Long Chen mumble.

    "Hmm, nothing. You did good." Long Chen said as he walked closer to the person.

    He extended his hands towards the guard and placed them on both his cheeks.

    "Ahh...chief?" The guard let out with a doubtful look on his face when suddenly his eyes opened wide. His head was twisted as his next broke. He fell on the floor lifeless.

    'Minor Illusion... Such an amazing skill, that I received from the Orb of Illusion Law. If only it didn't have such limitations, It would be such an overpowered skill.' Long Chen shook his head lightly as he thought.

    He turned back and began walking towards the exit.

    He left just as silently as he came.

    Three hours after he left, a loud scream resounded in the place. Finally, the body of the dead guards were found. There was an atmosphere of fear in the whole clan.

    The patriarch and all the elders got on high alert as they began looking for intruders. Soon enough, the bodies of the 4 guards at the entrance were discovered.

    They searched for the whole night but no sign of the intruder was ever found.

    While they are searching for the intruder with full force, Long Chen was lost in deep thoughts in his bed, as he tried to come up with a plan for tomorrow. He didn't want anything to go wrong as the situation could get dangerous if a problem occurred.

    Long Chen didn't sleep the whole night as he tried to create a plan with less loopholes.


    Morning arrived as the whole Lectin City began bustling with excitement. Today was finally the day for the long-awaited joint entrance exams.

    Those who had their family members participating in the exams were hopeful and prayed for the success of their loved ones.
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