206 Chapter 206: Once in a millennia Genius

    "Exactly! I heard that even the strongest of Empires only have grade 7 talents. A grade 8 talent would be considered a once in a millennia genius even in the Empires." The boy in the front nodded his head as he replied.

    Yu Ding took a deep breath as he placed his hands on the orb.

    As soon as he placed his hands on the orb, the orb started shining with a red light, which soon changed to an orange light, then to yellow. Even after waiting for a few seconds, the color of the orb didn't change further.

    "Grade three talent... You can enter. Here is your participation badge. Keep it with care. If you lose it, you won't be allowed to participate further." The Elder said in a stern manner.

    "Yes sir," Yue Ding said as he left. He showed the guards his participation badge and easily entered inside.

    "Only a Grade 1 talent? You think our sect is a trash can?" Another Elder ruthlessly scolded a boy who had his hand on the second orb. The orb was shining in a weak red light.

    "Hahaha... only a Grade one talent. He's Truly a trash!" The people behind that person started laughing at the boy.

    "Silence!" The elder let out loudly. Soon everyone went silent.

    "You can't participate in the exams. Leave." The elder said to the boy with an angry look on his face.

    The boy left the line with a disappointed expression on his face.

    As everyone was going through the process of registration, a person silently entered the vicinity of the sect.

    The person wore a black mask on his face. His height was around 5 feet 11 inches. He wore a pitch-black cultivator robe that came down to his knees.

    There was a scary aura surrounding that person which made him look really strong, but when the older cultivators looked at his cultivation, they couldn't help but be shocked as they could only see his cultivation as the 4th stage of Gold Core Realm.

    "Who's that guy? There's Such a strong aura surrounding him as if he were an Earth Realm Cultivator, but he is only at the 4th stage of Gold Core Realm."

    People couldn't help but wonder about the identity of the masked person.

    With him stood another masked person who was wearing a white mask. The second person was clearly a girl.

    The masked man was Long Chen who had used his heaven's shroud to lower his cultivation while the masked girl was Mingyu.

    "I'll get the participation badge, you can gain entry as my guardian. But you must leave the sect when I signal you to. Alright? Also, maintain your distance from Zhiqing and anyone related to her. We can't let them get involved in this." Long Chen told Mingyu who stood beside him.

    "Alright." Mingyu nodded her head.

    Long Chen walked forth and stood in one of the lines. Just as he stood in the line, another person came and stood behind him.

    Long Chen stood in the line as it kept shortening albeit at a really slow pace.

    Out of boredom, he looked back but his eyes couldn't help but open wide with shock as he gazed at the person who was standing being him, thankfully he had a mask on and his expressions were safely hidden.

    "Hmm?" Long Xue Ying let out with surprise on her face. She had just come to stand on the line and didn't know the person who was standing in front of her, but that person suddenly turned back.

    His mask couldn't help but surprise her as she didn't know why someone would wear a mask on the Entrance Exams.

    Long Chen couldn't help but stand still with shock.

    "Ahmm... do you need something?" Long Xue Ying said with a confused look on her face.

    Long Chen hurriedly recovered as he turned back without replying.

    'That was weird...' Long Xue Ying couldn't help but wonder as a strange look appeared on her face. She decided to give up on thinking about it.

    'She is here... Did the other come with her? I can't let them get involved in this.' Long Chen fell in deep thought.

    The lines kept shortening as people kept getting tested. Those who had a talent of grade 2 or above were given participation badge while those with grade 1 kept getting sent back.

    "Name and age?" One of the elders asked a person standing in front of him.

    "I am Yue Zhang. I'm 20 years old." The boy replied in a gentle manner. He had sky blue hair that came down to his waist. His deep blue eyes matched quite well with his hair. He placed his hand on the first orb.

    "Now place your hand on the second orb."The Elder said in a casual manner.

    "Yes." Yue Zhang placed his hand on the second orb. As soon as the orb stopped changing colors, a smile finally appeared on the elder's face.

    "Did you see that! Where is that guy from?"

    "Amazing! It's a grade 5 talent!"

    "Blue! It's a blue color. First 5th-grade talent of this selection exam! "

    People behind him couldn't help but talk amongst themselves as surprised gasps were heard. Even the people standing in the nearby lines were stunned.

    "Hmph. So what if he's a grade 5? There were quite a few grade 5 in the previous exams as well." Some people snorted as if this was nothing to be impressed about.

    "Pretty good. I was starting to feel like we had run out of talents this year when you appeared. You will be a good addition to our sect. Best of luck for the next tests." The Elder finally smiled as he said to Yue Zhang. He gave him his participation badge. There was something different in his participation badge though. The participation badge had a star in it.

    "Ah...Elder, can I ask what this star is for?" Yue Zhang couldn't help but ask as he looked at his badge carefully.

    "Don't worry about it. It's a good thing for you. Just Keep that badge safe. You will know it's advantages soon enough." The Elder calmly explained to him.

    "Alright. Thanks for the explanation, Senior." Yue Zhang said with a smile as he left the line and walked towards the entrance.

    "Next! " The Elder's expression soon turned serious as he gazed at the next person.

    The next person in the line walked forward towards the elder.

    "Wait, Isn't that the Eldest Young Miss of the Si Clan? One of the 5 Grand clans of the Xuan Kingdom?"

    "Yea, she should at least be a grade 4 talent. She can even be a grade 5 or higher... At the young age of 21, she is already at the 3rd stage of the Gold core realm. I'm sure she will shock everyone!"

    Those who were from the first rank kingdom couldn't help but whisper amongst themselves as they recognized the person.

    It was a girl. Her dark green hair made her stand out amidst the large crowd. She couldn't help but smile with pride as she heard the praise of nearby people.

    Those who were from the second rank Kingdom didn't know much about that person but from the words and praises of the nearby people, their expectations grew high as well.

    Even the Elder became hopeful, though he didn't let it show on his face. His face looked as stern as ever.

    "Si Jing...21 years old." The girl said as she stood in front of the elder with a confident smile on her face.

    She placed her hand on the first orb and then went on to the second orb. As she touched it, the crowd again got noisy. People couldn't help but be amazed at the blue light that was shining in the orb.

    'This day is turning out to be pretty good! Two grade 5 talents one after another.' The Elder thought as a smile finally appeared on his face. She couldn't help but smile with pride

    'Hmph, I'm a grade 5 talent, the peak grade at the exams. There's no way a grade 6 can appear. It's finally my turn to shine.' The girl thought as the elder gave her the participation badge. Her badge had one star as well.

    Just as she held the badge, Suddenly there was a louder commotion at the nearby counter.

    "G...g...grade 6 !!! It's a grade 6!"

    "A once in a millennia genius had appeared again! He might be selected by an Empire as well, just like Miss Ling! "

    "Yea! There are people from the Thunder Giant Sect here! I heard that a grade 6 talent is a rare find even in the Empire. I'm sure he will be taken to the Northern Moon Empire."

    "Prince Lu, I must say that you amazed me. I had guessed that you would have good talent since you're the Crown Prince of Xuan Kingdom, but I never expected that it would be so amazing!" The Elder stood up with a big smile on his face.

    "Thanks for the praise, Elder Jinliang," Prince Lu said in a calm manner.

    "Good... Good... you have a good mindset that isn't phased by success! You will go a long way. King Bai is really lucky to have a son like you." Elder Jinliang said with a wide smile on his face.

    "I'm not that good, Elder Jinliang. Everything I have is because of my father and his teachings." Prince Lu said with a confident smile.

    "Can you hurry? I don't have all day to stand here " A voice came from behind. Suddenly there was pin-drop silence everywhere.
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