208 Chapter 208: Invitation

    He was about to pick a grade 3 participation badge when suddenly there were gasps heard in the field. The field that was noisy just a moment ago turned completely silent.

    Elder Jinliang couldn't help but frown as he wondered why everyone was so silent. He turned his gaze upwards. His eyes opened wide as he began stuttering.


    Inside the Secret Room, all 5 of the Sect Masters had stood up as they gazed at the mirror in front of them with shock. They couldn't believe their eyes at all.

    They looked at each other's faces. They could easily guess each other's thoughts.


    "This... this is..." Prince Lu stuttered as he gazed at Long Chen.

    "....a grade 7 talent..." Si Jing completed his sentence as she looked at Long Chen with a defeated look on her face. Till now, She was already having a hard time trying to trail after a grade 6 talent, Prince Lu, but now, a grade 7 appeared which was even more of an impossible mountain to keep up to.

    "Is this really happening?"

    "A grade 6 talent appeared in our Kingdom? "

    "So amazing! If he is cultivated well, Our Kingdom might finally have a Sky Realm Cultivator!"

    "That's going to be really tough. I'm sure that he will be snatched away by an Empire, just like Miss Ling. Though there's one benefit from it, The Northern Moon Empire will be so concerned about a grade 7 talent, they might not notice a grade 6 talent like Prince Lu. We can at least have that."

    People kept commenting in the background. Prince Lu's face twitched as he heard the last person's sentence. He looked in that direction to find who said it, but it was so crowded that he couldn't find out who said it.

    A few inner sect disciples of the Glorious Blossom Sect came out of the sect to watch the registration for the Exams and managed to see Long Chen taking the test.

    "A grade 7 talent... Too bad that he will be snatched away by the Northern Moon Empire." An inner sect disciple shook his head as he gazed at Long Chen.

    "I don't think our Sect Master will leave him so easily. He is not a grade 6 talent like Miss Ling! He is a Grade 7 talent! A talent that is rare in even the Northern Moon Empire! He's worth the risk as he can easily become a sky realm cultivator." Another inner sect disciple commented as he looked at his friend.

    "Such wishful thinking. Do you think our sect has the strength to go against any single sect of the Northern Moon Empire?" His friend chuckled as he said.

    "What the sect will do depends on the Sect Master. Although I believe that we should try to keep him for ourselves, even if the sect decides to give him to the Northern Moon Empire, that won't be so bad either."

    "If that boy joins our sect, our sect would have the right to ask for benefits from the Northern Moon Empire. The appearance of this boy... It's beneficial for us in every way possible as our sect will profit."

    "Who do you think the Sect Master will send to invite him?"

    Those disciples kept talking amongst themselves as they stood at a corner.


    Elder Jinliang gazed forward and his world turned upside down. The orb that was stuck at yellow till a few moments ago was now shining with brightly shining violet light.

    "A...a grade 7 talent." He stuttered as he gazed at Long Chen with a disbelieving look.


    Inside the Secret Room, all 5 Sect Masters used their Transmission Jade as they sent messages to their trusted subordinates. After doing it, they sat down on their seats.

    "Looks like you were wrong about that boy. His high Cultivation is not because of any rare resources but because of his supreme talent. You blamed him falsely." Sect Master of striking sword Sect finally said something as he gazed at the Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    "What are you talking about? I never said that Tian Shen received his cultivation because of resources. I only said that there was a possibility. Although I must say that I'm quite happy that it's not the case. He would be a good addition to my Sect." Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said with a slight smile on his face.

    "Aren't you counting your chickens before your eggs even hatched? He hasn't chosen your sect... It will all depend on his choice." Sect Master of the Striking Sword Sect responded in a sharp tone.

    "You will see." The Sect Master of Glorious Blossom Sect said as he again shifted his focus to the mirror.


    "Ah.... little friend Shen...I apologize for my rudeness. I hope that you will forgive me and forget in consideration of my old age. I had eyes, but I couldn't see your shining brilliance." Elder Jinliang said to Long Chen with a fawning smile on his face.

    "This boy... he has a Grade 7 talent! How can this be possible! I'm sure that the Sect Master already knows about it. There's no doubt that he will send someone to approach him. There's a good chance that he will make Tian Shen his personal disciple. A grade 7 talent can make anyone's mouth open with shock. The Sect Master will do anything to make him join our sect. If... if this boy asked him to kill me, the Sect Master will kill me without even needing to think twice!' Elder Jinliang thought. He was crying on the inside, but on the outside, he maintained his wide smile.

    "Can I have my participation badge?" Long Chen asked in a straightforward manner.

    "Ah... right! " Elder Jinliang let out as he hurriedly began looking for the badge. After searching for quite some time, he finally managed to find the badge amidst thousands of badges.

    "Here little friend Shen." He said with a smile as he gave Long Chen his participation badge. The badge had an attractive platinum color but it had no stars. There was a full moon carved on the badge.

    Long Chen took this badge and turned back without saying anything.

    "Are you going to keep standing there or move?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at Prince Lu. Prince Lu moved without thinking as Long Chen passed through.

    Long Chen couldn't walk for long before being stopped by another person.

    "You must be Tian Shen." The person said as he stood in front of Long Chen. It was a man who looked to be in his early thirties. His shiny black hair was tied to a ponytail.

    "Who are you?" Long Chen asked without answering.

    "Oh, how rude of me to not introduce myself. I'm Yu Tianhao. I'm a Core Elder of the Glorious Blossom Sect. I came here to invite you on behalf of our Sect Master." Yu Tianhao said with a smile.

    'This boy...I couldn't believe it when the sect Master said that a grade 7 talent had appeared in the exams this time. He said that he would be wearing a black mask and that I should do everything to get Tian Shen to join our sect. I can't fail in this mission. This boy joined the sect entrance exams, which means that he wants to join a sect. As the number one sect of the Xuan Kingdom, of course, he would choose us.' Yu Tianhao thought as he gazed at Long Chen happily.

    'Yu Tianhao... My father's friend and the father of Ling. I never expected to meet him so soon. I'm not getting a good feeling from him though.

    "Why should I join your sect?" Long Chen asked in a straightforward manner.

    "Of Course there are a lot of benefits of joining us. Firstly, you won't have to go through the trial process of the sect entrance exam. You would be given the title of Prime Disciple. Your position would be even higher than the Core Disciples. In Fact, you would be equal to Inner Sect Elders directly. " Yu Tianhao told Long Chen.

    "You will be allowed to use all our training facilities without needing to spend contribution points. You will be allowed to go to the skill library and choose any skill. Our Sect Master will personally help you train." Yu Tianhao further continued.

    ``There is no way this kid can deny such temptation."  Yu Tianhao thought with a smile.

    "Stop... Don't go with that idiot little boy." A voice came from behind which attracted Long Chen's attention.

    Long Chen turned back only to find a woman breathing heavily. It looked like she had run here. His curvaceous figure was tightly wrapped by her flaming red dress. Her bountiful breasts were slightly exposed which showed off her fair skin. Her peaks moved up and down as she breathed.

    "And who might you be?" Long Chen asked the girl.

    "Me? I'm Ju Fenglin. I'm the Elder in charge of the External Affairs department in the West warriors sect. I'm also the Daughter of the Sect Master. I'm here to invite you to our sect! We can give you all that he offered and more! Our Sect Master head found an Earth Grade Meridian Strengthening Pill through extreme luck. Father said that he is willing to give you that pill if you agree to join our sect. You should know that every Earth Grade pill is miraculous... discussant Meridian strengthening pill. It will be rare to find even in the Empires. It can strengthen your meridians and increase your cultivation speed. So what do you say?" The woman said with a seductive smile on her face.
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