210 Chapter 210: You cant fool me

    'So he's 70 points ahead of me! I'll still leave him behind and show everyone that I'm the best!' Prince Lu thought with a serious look on his face.

    "Alright! Those with a grade 2 badge will go first. There's a number written on your grade 2 badge. No 1 to No. 50 come forward and enter the doors!" The Elder said loudly.

    All the people who had received the badges began looking at their numbers carefully and finally, 50 people came forward. They walked through the doors and in a short time came out. There was a number showing behind their badge now.

    "There must be a number showing behind your badge. That's the score you received. We also have that score and it will be used to select the top 500 for the next stage of trials.

    People kept entering the rooms and leaving. Some were hopeful as they felt like their performance in the illusion battles were good, while others were worried as they felt like they could've done better.

    "Looks like it's going to take a while." Long Chen muttered as he walked towards a wall. He sat down as he closed his eyes and rested his back against the wall.

    "Ah...Excuse me?" A beautiful voice came which attracted his attention. He felt like he knew who this voice belonged to. He struggled to decide if he should react or not. Ultimately, he opened his eyes as he gazed at the person in front of him.

    It was a red-haired girl. She looked to be 19-20 years old.

    'Long Xue Ying...' Long Chen thought as he looked at her

    "C...can I see your face?" She asked as she gazed at Long Chen.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked with a heavy tone.

    "Your golden eyes. They remind me of someone. I just wish to know if you are the same person or not." Long Xue Ying said to the masked boy.

    "I don't think I know you, but if you wish to know me, I wouldn't mind."The masked man said with a chuckle as he openly stared at the bountiful chest of Long Xue Ying.

    "This..." Long Xue Ying hurriedly folded her arms and placed them in front of her chest.

    "Why do I have a feeling that you're trying to make me go away by acting like that?" Long Xue Ying said as if she suddenly thought about something.

    "Why would I do that? Here, come sit with me." Long Chen said as he extended his hand towards Long Xue Ying. She saw Long Chen's hand coming towards him. She tried to move back, but the hand was so fast that it caught her hand.

    "I'm not that guy... but I promise that I wouldn't be worse than him. How about you forget him and spend time with me." Long Chen said as he pulled Long Xue Ying towards him.

    "Was he as strong as me?" Long Chen asked her. Long Xue Ying shook her head.

    "See? I'm better than him. And you're quite cute as well." Long Chen said with a smile as he gazed at Long Xue Ying.

    "Hmm... master sent us to keep an eye on him. Looks like we found out something. This guy loves beauties!" A person in the corner was secretly looking at Long Chen. Unbeknownst to him, Long Chen had already discovered him and was acting accordingly. He couldn't have expected Long Xue Ying to come to him in hopes of getting his mask off. All he could do now was divert her attention.

    "Leave my hand." Long Xue Ying said as she tried to free her hand.

    "Didn't you want me to take my mask off? You will have to kiss me if I'm not the guy you're looking for." Long Chen didn't free her head and said to get in a carefree manner. He made sure to keep his voice loud enough to make the spies hear his words. He couldn't let anyone link him with the Long Clan.

    "I... Never! You can't be him! I was wrong." Long Xue Ying said in a disgusted tone.

    "So I don't get a kiss? You wasted my time. Leave" Long Chen said as if he was disappointed. He freed her hands. Long Xue Ying hurriedly created some distance between him and her.

    She hurriedly left-back and didn't look back.

    Long Chen closed his eyes and began resting as he ignored others. Although he realized that there were two girls looking at him, he chose to ignore them.

    One of them was a blue-haired girl.

    The girl was the second 6th-grade talent that had amazed everyone. She was the third princess of the Shui Kingdom, Princess Yue Fei.

    The second girl was also someone he knew. She was from the kingdom of Shui as well. She was the granddaughter of the Qin clan patriarch, Qin Ruo

    "You can't fool me..." They both muttered at the same time. Though they didn't approach Long Chen like Long Xue Ying did.

    The second test continued for hours as the second-grade talents kept going through the illusion formation. After a long while, the test of second-grade talents was completed.

    The person with the highest score amongst the second-grade talents was a person from the Kingdom of Xuan. Surprisingly he only had the Cultivation of the 9th stage of the spirit establishment realm, but his battle prowess proved to be the best amongst his peers.

    He received a total score of 76 points. He failed to kill ten beasts with a cultivation of 2nd stage gold core realm and died in the illusion.

    Soon after the first phase of the second exam ended, the turn of grade 3 talents came.

    People kept getting tested and soon after, even the testing of grade 5 talents were completed.

    By now, the people who held the first ten positions were all from the Xuan Kingdom. The peak score as of now was 180 Points that was received by grade 5 talent of Xuan Kingdom. The 11th position was surprisingly received by a 5th-grade cultivator of Shui. The Crown Prince of  Shui Kingdom received a score of 120 points. Qin Ruo received the second-highest score amongst the participants of Shui, a score of 95. She was at 29th rank as of now.

    People were excited as it was finally the turn of the 6th-grade talents and the 7th-grade talents. It was decided that all three of them would enter the test at the same time.

    Long Chen opened his eyes slowly after being called by the Elder. He stood up and walked forward. He stood in front of one of the doors. Prince Lu and Princess Yue stood on the doors to his left and to his right.

    "You may enter." The Elder said. All three of them entered at the same time.

    Long Chen entered the room and saw a beautiful formation inside. There were many formation lines intersecting at various points making a beautiful pattern.

    Long Chen stepped forward and sat at the center of the formation. As soon as he sat down, the room around him disappeared as he found himself at the empty grasslands. There was grass everywhere that came up to his ankles.

    Long Chen didn't have to wait for long before a beast appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

    "Winged panther." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the beast. It was a beast that looked like a panther but its color was white. There are two beautiful wings on its back. Although the winged panther had two beautiful wings on its back, it was a known fact that the winged panthers were unable to fly.

    The winged panther had just begun moving forward when Long Chen pointed his finger towards the sky. The sky had white clouds up to this moment, but it turned pitch black as soon as Long Chen pointed towards the sky. The sky began thundering as occasionally bright light sparked through the sky.

    He moved his finger down towards the running winged panther. As soon as his finger pointed towards the winged panther, a powerful thunderbolt fell on the winged panther.

    The winged panther that had the Cultivation of the 10th stage gold core realm, fell to the ground immediately. His skin was charred and his breathing stopped.

    The winged panther disappeared from the place. There was no activity in the area for over two minutes but finally, ten Winged panthers appeared in front of Long Chen.

    Long Chen who was waiting for this moment smiled as he muttered softly.

    "Thunder Blade!"

    A bolt of lightning fell from the sky and landed at the center of the group. A single bolt of thunder had managed to kill five Winged Panthers.

    The remaining winged panthers separated in a hurry as they tried to surround Long Chen.

    "Such a good opportunity to train myself and my skills." Long Chen said as a smile appeared in his face. One after another, thunderbolts kept falling according to Long Chen's wishes.
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