214 Chapter 214: They took my Father?

    "Huh...Long Jun? You're alive?" He screamed loudly as he took a step back in shock.

    "Of course, is it that shocking? " Long Jun replied with a smile

    "But...but I was told that some assassins attacked you and you were killed! I even went to Shui after hearing the news!" Yu Tianhao said as he found it hard to believe his eyes.

    "They never found my body right? It's because I managed to survive. I was injured and fell into a coma. I woke up at the house in a small town of Xuan Kingdom. I had no idea how I got there, but when I woke up, I found out that so many years had passed." Long Jun replied.

    "You're alive! It's all good that you're alive!" Tears appeared in Yu Tianhao's eyes as he gazed at Long Jun with a grateful gaze.

    "I couldn't help you when Grand Elder Su Lian plotted against you and got you expelled from the sect. I couldn't help you when the unknown assassins attacked you! I had always cursed myself for being useless." Yu Tianhao said as tears continued to fall from his eyes.

    "It wasn't your fault. Oh right, how's your daughter now." Long Jun said with a smile as he gazed at Yu Tianhao.

    "Ah..." Yu Tianhao's face turned red as he heard that question. He struggled to find words.

    "I... there's something I want to apologize to you for. I know that we promised to get our kids married, but I had to break that promise. Ling... she went to your clan without my permission and broke off the marriage."

    "Even when she came back and told me about it, I was furious and said that she must marry him, but she didn't obey. She threatened me that she would kill herself if I forced her. I...I couldn't let my daughter suffer because of my promise."

    Yu Tianhao said with a heavy look on his face.

    "It's fine. We shouldn't decide the fate of our kids. Let nature take their course." Long Jun said with a gentle smile.

    "Oh right, where does Grand Elder Su Lian stay now?" Long Jun inquired.

    "He...? The old-fogey still lives at the peak of the snowy mountain of the sect. His courtyard is still there like it had always been."  Yu Tianhao responded with a chuckle.

    "Hmm... I'm amazed he's still alive." Long Jun said as he began laughing.

    As Yu Tianhao was talking to Long Jun, he didn't realize that there was no Long Jun there. Instead, there was a masked boy standing there.

    Long Chen had made the illusion of his father and was making use of it to get information out of Yu Tianhao.

    After asking what he wanted to ask, Long Chen decided that it was time to leave.

    Long Chen disappeared from his position as he appeared outside the courtyard in an instant, using his teleport skill. As soon as Long Chen was unable to see Yu Tianhao, the illusion broke.

    "Brother Jun, why don't you...." Yu Tianhao was saying something when Long Jun disappeared in front of him.

    "Brother Jun? Brother Jun?" He called out again and again but there was no response.

    "Was... was it my hallucination? Does that mean you... didn't survive? It had been so long since you left brother Jun...I miss you." Yu Tianhao dropped to his knees as another tear fell from his eyes. This time it was a tear of sadness.


    'So Yu Tianhao didn't plot against my father... Now the only lead I have is Elder Su Lian.' Long Chen thought as he walked in the darkness of the night.

    He could clearly see a snowy mountain. Although it wasn't wintering in the kingdom of Xuan, there was still snow in that mountain.

    "I don't have time to walk..." Long Chen muttered as he jumped high in the sky.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings!" He said as two beautiful wings appeared behind him. One wind was shiny golden while the other one was pitch black. Long Chen flew towards the peak of the snowy mountain as fast as he could.

    He was using heaven's shroud to hide his aura and cultivation. His black clothes helped him mix with the darkness. The only problem was his shiny golden wing. He hoped that no one would notice it, but even if someone did, he would just disappear from there using a spatial portal and appear back at his courtyard.

    He only had the night to get all the answers, he didn't want to waste such an opportunity.

    Thankfully, no one noticed a shiny golden light flying high in the sky as the true masters of the sect were inside their rooms cultivating while the guards were looking out at the ground. He would've definitely attracted a lot of attention if he wasn't able to hide his aura, but heaven's shroud came as a blessing.

    Long Chen landed at the roof of the courtyard at the peak of the snowy mountain. His wings disappeared.

    Long Chen used his divine sense to scan the courtyard. There were guards at the main entrance of the courtyard and an old man sitting in meditation inside his bedroom. Other than them no one was there.

    Long Chen landed in front of a window as he looked inside. His teleportation skill worked just like that. Within the range of a hundred meters, Long Chen could teleport anywhere as long as he had seen that place.

    Long Chen appeared inside the courtyard and walked towards the bedroom.

    The door was unlocked, thus Long Chen easily opened the door and entered inside.

    "Grand Elder Lian, are you really not going to talk to me?" Long Chen said with a smile as he stood at the entrance of the door. He leaked some of his killing intent so that the Elder could wake up from his meditation.

    "Who dares...Huh, Long Jun!!! W...w...what are you doing here? How did you escape from the Ghost Temple?"

    Grand Elder Su Lian opened his eyes but just as he saw Long Jun standing in front of him, all color disappeared from his face.

    'Ghost temple? Looks like he does know something about my father' Long Chen thought as he heard Grand Elder Su Lian's words.

    "Of Course I escaped. And not only did I escaped...I even grew stronger!" Long Chen said with a smile. He used his Heaven's Shroud to spread the aura of a peak Tenth Stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    Heaven's Shroud was a heavenly skill that could hide someone's Cultivation. It could even show a fake cultivation. The fake cultivation could be anything within the range of two Two Major cultivating realms lower than someone's actual cultivation to one major realm higher than his actual cultivation. It could even produce aura respectively.

    Long Chen was a peak Tenth stage Gold Core Realm Cultivator, thus he was able to fake the aura of a Peak tenth stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    "Your Cultivation!!! It's even stronger than the Sect Master! How is that possible? How could you have gotten so stronger after the people of the Ghost Temple took you?" Grand Elder Su Luan said with a look of disbelief on his face.

    "It doesn't matter! All that you need to know is that now I have the strength to crush you! But I won't kill you if you answer me with a simple thing." Long Chen said with a smile.

    "What thing! As long as I can stay alive, I'm ready to answer anything!" Grand Elder Su Lian hurriedly said as he worried about his life.

    "It's a simple question, so you don't have to be worried. What I want to know is, why did you involve the Ghost Temple when it was between us?" Long Chen asked with a thoughtful look on his face.

    He didn't know what Ghost Temple was, thus he could only get answers from Grand Elder Su Lian slowly.

    "I...I didn't! They came looking for you! It's all because of the tattoo on your back!" Grand Elder Su Lian responded.

    After hearing his words, Long Chen couldn't help but remember that his father did have a tattoo on his back. The tattoo looked much like an ancient world. It was said that he had it since his birth.

    "What does my tattoo have to do with you getting involved with the Ghost Temple?" Long Chen further inquired.

    "It's... It all happened a few weeks before the attack on you. One day an envoy from the Ghost Temple came to our sect! They showed us the picture of that tattoo and asked us if we had seen someone with that tattoo. I heard that they sent envoys in many kingdoms and empires to look for someone with that specific mark on their back."

    "I remembered that you had that mark on your back and told them." Grand Elder Su Lian said in a serious tone.

    "How do you know about my tattoo? Did they not tell you why they are looking for me?" Long Chen asked again as he stared deep in Grand Elder's eyes.

    "I...I saw it when you were fighting with Quan Qun at the yearly tournament finals. Your clothes were burnt off from his flaming attacks. That was when I managed to see that peculiar tattoo on your back. As for their reason, I asked but they didn't tell me."Grand Elder Su Lian said with remembrance.
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