215 Chapter 215: Inheritance of Saint King Xianwu

    "I...I saw it when you were fighting with Quan Qun at the yearly tournament finals. Your clothes were burnt off because of his blazing attacks. That was when I managed to see that peculiar tattoo on your back. As for their reason, I asked but they didn't tell me." Grand Elder Su Lian said with remembrance.

    "So you sold me out." Long Chen said as a devilish smile appeared on his face.

    "N...no ... I didn't know they were going to hurt you!" Grand Elder Su Lian started sweating as he hurriedly shook his head in denial.

    "Do you even know where they took me? Where is their base? If you don't, then you have no idea about how hard it was for me to come back." Long Chen said as he started at Grand Elder.

    "I...I know that their headquarters are at Ghost Island in the Eastern Continental Sea. I...I can understand the difficulty! " Grand Elder responded to Long Chen.

    As he was explaining himself, he suddenly saw that Long Jun disappeared in front of him like he was a dream. In his shock, the Grand Elder didn't sense danger when a sword stabbed his heart from the back.

    "Ah...wh...at..." He coughed out a mouthful of blood as he struggled to breathe.

    "Thanks for the information." Long Chen said as he slit the Grand Elder's throat.

    "That begins my revenge for my father! Ghost Temple...you will be next" Long Chen said as he looked towards the roof.

    "Spatial travel! " Long Chen muttered as his eyes changed to the color of the starry space.

    A spatial crack appeared in front of him which widened as Long Chen walked towards it.

    Long Chen entered the spatial crack and it closed.

    Near the Courtyard of Long Chen, a spatial crack appeared out of nowhere and a masked boy came out of the spatial crack.

    "The accuracy of spatial travel still hasn't improved. It always brings me near the place I want to go to, but rarely at that exact spot. Sigh...I wonder if these limitations will end after my space Law sapling becomes a space law tree." Long Chen muttered as he stepped towards his room.

    "Long Chen!" Xun's voice sounded in his head just as he had taken a step forward.

    "What?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Look inside the Storage Ring! Your King's Sword is acting restless!" Xun said in a serious tone.

    Long Chen decided to listen to her and just as she had said, the King's sword was really acting restless. For the first time, it was flying in the air and circling around.

    "It... it can fly? Isn't it a Peak Spirit Grade weapon? Even Earth Grade artifacts are unable to fly! How can it fly?" Long Chen let out with a shocked look on his face.

    "I have no idea, it started acting strange from the moment you put it back after killing that old man. I think it sensed something important when it was out, that's why it's so restless!" Xun said what she felt was happening.

    "Let me check." Long Chen muttered as he brought the king's sword out from the Storage Ring.

    As soon as the King's sword came out, it escaped from Long Chen's grip and flew away.

    "What the heck!" Long Chen was stunned at the intense reaction of the King's sword. He used his Heavenly Demon Wings and flew after the King's sword.

    Thankfully the King's sword flew in the barren direction. There were no courtyards or buildings in that direction.

    The sword stopped flying on top of a strangely shaped stone. The stone looked like a pyramid with properly cut edges. No uneven surface could be seen on the stone.

    The sword floated on top of the pyramid-shaped stone.

    Long Chen was following the sword, thus reaching that location right after the sword.

    "That's a strange shaped stone. Is there something special about this place? I don't see anything special other than the shape of that stone." Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face as he observed the stone.

    "There must be an opening below the stone. Some cultivators of old times used to hide their inheritance sites like this. Since the Spirit Realm artifact is able to fly and bring you here, there must be something special!"  Xun appeared beside Long Chen and informed him.

    "Let me try" Long Chen walked towards the pyramid-shaped stone and gripped it firmly.

    "Uhhhh..." He tried picking the stone up but it didn't budge even an inch from its original position.

    "I don't believe that I can't move you!" Long Chen let out softly as he began using the strength of Demon Monarch Physique. He tried but the stone still didn't move.

    "Do you think that if it was that easy, others wouldn't have found this place? Look at that opening!" Xun said as she pointed towards the small opened at the top of the pyramid-shaped stone. The opening had the shape of a keyhole.

    "That opening...I need a key! where can I find the key?" Long Chen was lost in deep thought when he noticed the King's sword flying in the air.

    "Wait, isn't the size of the keyhole, similar to..."Long Cheb muttered something.

    He jumped in the air and grabbed the King's sword.

    Long Chen stabbed the blade of the king's sword in the keyhole. The sword fits perfectly as it reaches deep inside. Only the hilt of the sword was visible outside.

    Various patterns started appearing on the stone. In about two minutes, the stone slid sideways and revealed the opening. There were stairs below the stone that were going downwards.

    "You were right! There was actually an opening below the stone." Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Of Course I was right. I have much more experience about this world than you." Xun chuckled with a proud expression on her face.

    "Take that sword, Let's see what's inside," Xun told Long Chen before she disappeared.

    Long Chen pulled the sword out of the stone and went down the stairs. After Long Chen entered, the stone came back to its original position like nothing had ever happened.

    The stairs ended at the entrance of a tunned. The tunnel looked much like a hallway with proper ventilation and a wide area.

    The tunnel that was previously darker than night, Suddenly lighted up as the spirit patterns on the wall started shining.

    Long Chen was finally able to see the end of the tunnel. The tunnel wasn't much longer. There was a door at the end.

    Long Chen walked towards the door and tried pushing it open. Learning from his mistakes at the bloodline temple, he didn't forget to pull it either. Nothing worked as the door didn't budge even an inch.

    Unlike the stone, there was no keyhole in the door.

    "Hey Xun, What does your great experience say? How can we open the door?" Long Chen asked Xun who had appeared beside him again.

    "Hmmm...I have no idea." Xun said as she straight away gave up.

    "Let's have a look, there must be some mechanism hidden here that could open the door." Xun further commented after a while.

    Long Chen began looking around as he tried to find anything unusual. He even knocked on the walls nearby but nothing worked. Just as he was about to give up, his feet landed on an uneven surface.

    The ground began shaking. The walls began changing shape as stones started falling from the walls.

    The stones that fell from the walls joined up and took the form of a stone golem. The stone golem looked similar to a human.

    "The Medallion!" The golem extended his hand towards Long Chen and asked.

    "What Medallion?" Long Chen asked with a doubtful look on his face.

    "You need the Master's sword to enter the inheritance tomb and his Medallion to enter the core area! Give me the Medallion!" Unexpectedly, the stone golem actually replied to Long Chen.

    "I ...I don't have the Medallion. I only have the sword. Is there no other way to enter the core area" Long Chen said to the Golem.

    "Go back. You can't enter without the Medallion!" The Stone Giant said as he walked towards the wall and assimilated in it. The walls returned back to normal.

    "Looks like we can't see what's inside." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the door.

    "The golem said that it's his master's sword and you need his Medallion as well to enter that room," Xun repeated the words of the golem.

    "The Golem must be talking about the Saint King Xianwu! The biggest hero of humanity. If this is his inheritance site, then the treasures must be immense! I must find the Medallion of Saint King Xianwu and return to this place."

    Long Chen said as he walked towards the exit. He made a mental note to come back to this place after he found the Medallion of Saint King Xianwu.

    "It's going to be tough. I have heard about Saint King Xianwu. He traveled many worlds with his strength. We can't be sure where in this world his Medallion would be." Xun said as she followed Long Chen.

    "Just stay hopeful! I will definitely find it!" Long Chen said with a smile as he left the place.

    Long Chen walked back to his courtyard. He dropped on his bed as he took off his mask and fell asleep.
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