218 Chapter 218: Flame Essence

    "I don't know about the kingdom, but I sure do hope that my family will be happy after seeing my performance." Yue Zhang said as a bright smile appeared on his face. He couldn't help but glance at the members of Yue Clan that stood in the arena.

    "Although your journey will end here, I am sure that you've already made them proud." Long Chen said as he stared at Yue Zhang.

    "I've not been defeated yet!" Yu Zhang said as he moved from his spot. He was moving so fast that It looked like he had disappeared, but the elders and those with higher cultivation could see his movements.

    "That boy has comprehended Wind Essence. That's pretty good for someone his age. No wonder he can get such a good rank despite being from a 2nd rank kingdom." Yu Tianhao looked at Yue Zhang with an interested look on his face.

    Even Royal chief Jinjing had stood up as she saw the battle in the arena.

    "From your expressions, it seems like you didn't know that he had comprehended Wind Essence. Although the chances are low, still, it's possible that one that that boy might comprehend the Law of Wind." Long Ren told Jinjing as he saw her expression.

    "It won't be that easy. Comprehending a law is more difficult than it sounds. Although it's possible to comprehend a law after breaking through to the Earth Realm, still no one in the kingdom had managed to do it. That in itself shows how difficult it is. Only some rare people in the Empires have managed to learn a law." Jinjing sat down on the seat as she controlled herself.

    "We can never know what someone can achieve. Who knows, maybe Yue Zhang would be one of those rare people." Long Ren chuckled as he looked at the battle.

    "Interesting... You have learned Wind Essence. No wonder you looked so confident, but is it really that awesome?" Long Chen smiled as he disappeared from his spot. In fact, his speed seemed much faster than Yue Zhang.

    "What!!! Another person who comprehended Wind Essence? Monster!!! That boy is a monster!!!" Elder Yi let out with a shocked look on his face as he saw Long Chen's movement.

    "It's not just Wind Essence... His movement technique is superior to that boy as well. Even I can't tell what movement skill that is? How can that boy have such an unorthodox Movement Skill?" Yu Tianhao stood near Elder Yi and observed the battle.

    Yue Zhang was stunned. Just as his attack was about to land at Long Chen, he had disappeared. Yue Zhang didn't stop as he turned around and swung his sword.

    "Clank." A metallic sound came as Yue Zhang's sword collided with Long Chen's knife.

    The knife was a Golden Grade artifact that Long Chen had brought in the Xuan Kingdom's branch of Treasure Pavillion. He didn't lack Demonic cores of the beasts as he had defeated many high-level beasts so he didn't face any difficulty in buying the weapon.

    He didn't want anyone to see his King's sword as he had already considered the possibility of the people from the Shui Kingdom being present. They could recognize him because of his sword, thus he had purchased a knife as a weapon.

    The knife and the sword collided and Yue Zhang was pushed back a step.

    "Strike of the 9 skies!" Yue Zhang said loudly as he swung his sword towards Long Chen. Long Chen dodged the attack.

    'I can't use 7 forms of saint sword and I don't have any other weapon-related Martial Skills. I don't want to show my other skills either, it looks like I'll have to deal with him in other ways' Long Chen thought as he dodged the attack.

    He threw the knife towards Yue Zhang's shoulder. Yue Zhang dodged, but just as the knife passed by him, he had a dangerous feeling.

    He looked to the side and...

    "I give up..." He said as he dropped his sword to the ground. Long Chen had another knife in his hand which was just a few inches away from his neck. He knew that he was defeated.

    "It was a good battle." Long Chen said as he took off the knife from his neck.

    "Yeah, I never expected you to have two such knives. Thanks for showing mercy" Yue Zhang let out with a wry smile on his face. He bowed slightly before he picked up a sword and got out of the arena.

    The second and the third battle was over as well. Second Rank Prince Lu and Third Rank Wu Duan had won.

    The 4th and 5th battle took much longer but eventually, a victor was decided.

    The 4th rank Chu Fan and 6th Rank Do Hu had won. Do Hu now held the 5th rank.

    "Alright! Time for the Quarter Finals. Since we are again at an uneven number, 1st Rank Tian Shen will get another free pass. Rank 2 Prince Lu will fight Rank 5 Do Hu and Rank 3 Wu Duan will fight Rank 4 Chu Fan." Yu Tianhao announced.

    "That masked boy is really lucky. Getting free passes one after another." Royal Chief Jinjing commented as she gazed towards Long Chen.

    "Well... he is Rank 1. Of Course, he would receive some privileges." Long Ren said with a smile.

    Prince Lu gazed at Long Chen as a bit of killing intent appeared in his eyes. His annoyance was increasing by the second.

    He went onto the arena. The match was over as soon as it started as Do Hu surrendered without even exchanging a blow.

    "I know my strength. This is as far as I can go." Do Hu said with a smile as he got off the stage.

    "You're quite sensible." Prince Lu muttered as he got down as well. 3rd Rank Wu Duan's fight was comparatively more intense as both the fighters gave it all they had. Ultimately, it was Duan's victory.

    "Since we again have an odd number, 1st Rank Tian Shen gets another free pass. He directly goes through to the finals. Rank 2 Prince Lu and Rank 3 Wu Duan will have a fight for the second spot!" Yu Tianhao said as a smile appeared on his face. At such times, he was also enjoying seeing the annoyance on the face of Prince Lu.

    Prince Lu didn't say anything as he got on the stage directly. Wu Duan followed him.

    "I'm already in a bad mood. You should be sensible and surrender" Prince Lu said in a heavy tone as he gazed at Wu Duan.

    "I'm sorry, but I didn't come all the way to surrender." Wu Duan replied as he tightly clenched his heavy sword.

    "As you wish!" Prince Lu said as anger clouded his face.

    "Flaming Vajra Palm!" Prince Lu let out loud as he used his offensive Martial skill. A palm that looked like it was made from fire formed in front of Prince Lu and advanced towards Wu Duan. Wu Duan's expression changed as he sensed the power of that attack.

    "Strike of Titan!" He roared loudly as he swung his sword towards the incoming palm of fire. A blinding flash of light escaped from the sword and collided with the palm. The palm was cut in two parts as the flame spread everywhere.

    "It's over! " Wu Duan let out as he came out of the fire and attacked Prince Lu with his sword.

    "You're right, it's over." Prince Lu let out with a smile as he dodged the attack of Wu Duan and moved to his side.

    A sword made of fire appeared in his hand with which he struck down towards the hands of Wu Duan.

    A metallic sound came followed by a painful cry as Wu Duan's sword fell to the ground along with his hand.

    "My Hand!!!" Wu Duan groaned in pain as his hand was cut off by Prince Lu.

    "I apologize. I guess I got too involved in the fight. Anyways, it's my win, right? Can you get off the stage now? I don't want any delay,because of you,between me and my goal." Prince Lu said with a smile as he gazed at Wu Duan.

    Servants of the sect came and took Wu Duan along with his detached hand for treatment. Many people in the crowd had a frown on their faces as they saw the brutal attack of Prince Lu, but he didn't care at this moment.

    "Tian Shen! Enough free passes! You can't hide anymore. Get on the stage and let's finish this" Prince Lu said with a smile as he looked towards Long Chen.His eyes were full of fighting intent.

    "Hey... be careful. Just like you have comprehended Wind Essence, Prince Lu has comprehended Flame Essence. He used that in his last attack. His flames will become much more powerful." Just as Long Chen was going on the stage, Elder Yi went to him and informed him in a low voice.

    "Thanks, Elder Yi, but I'll be fine" Long Chen said in a confident tone as he walked towards the arena.
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