220 Chapter 220: What if I accidentally

    They all wore luxurious clothes and a heavy aura surrounded them, which showed off the incredible strength that they possessed.

    All 5 of them walked to the main stage and stood beside each other. The top 100 cultivators stood in front of them in a group.

    "Are they waiting for someone? Why aren't they saying anything?" Chief Jinjing asked Long Ren as she saw the silence on stage.

    "They might be waiting for someone. Let's wait." Long Ren responded.

    After a few minutes, the sounds of footsteps were heard. The arena was so silent, that everyone managed to clearly hear the sound. They turned back and saw two people coming towards them.

    One of them was a beautiful girl, while the other one was a bulky man.

    "Hey, I recognize her! She is Miss Ling! The one who was selected by a great cultivator of the Thunder Giant Sect! Now she stays in the North Moon Empire."

    "Does this mean the boy beside her is the guest that came with her from the Empire?"

    "That must be it. No wonder the Sect Masters were waiting" The cultivators started whispering amongst themselves as they put the pieces together.

    'Finally, you're here... You made me wait for a Long Time.' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the boy. Although he wanted to kill him badly, he didn't let his killing intent leak out even a bit.

    "Hmm?" You there! Take off your mask!" The boy who was walking together with Ling sensed something weird. He looked towards the crowd and finally his gaze landed on a masked boy.

    The golden eyes of the masked boy reminded him of Long Chen.

    "Me? I don't feel like taking my mask off." Long Chen said in a casual tone.

    "Little Friend... Please listen to Master Ruan. He is a cultivator from the Thunder Giant Sect of the North Moon Empire.

    "So...?" Long Chen asked in an unconvinced tone.

    "Get him to take his mask off!" Ruan said as he looked towards the 5 Sect Masters.

    "Little Guy, please take your mask off. It's for your own future. You are really talented and your life would be really good if you can get selected by the Thunder Giant Sect through us." The Sect Master of the Western Warriors Sect.

    Long Chen looked towards the others, but they said the same thing.

    "Alright." Long Chen smirked behind his mask as he moved his hand towards his mask.

    Qin Rue, Yue Fei, and Long Xue Ying all looked towards him with great interest. The focus of the screen was on Long Chen as well, thus the whole crowd was looking at him.

    Long Chen touched his mask and took it off slowly.

    "What the...?" Chief Jinjing and Long Ren both were stunned as they saw the face of the boy. Even Ling and Ruan couldn't help but take a step back in shock.

    "That..." Yu Tianhao frowned as he saw the face of the masked boy.

    "You're so ugly! No wonder you wear a mask!" Ruan said with a disgusted look on his face.

    Long Chen's face looked completely different from his original face. His face looked exactly like the face of Tian Shen that he saw in his dreams, but there was a big sword scar on his face. The Scar went on from one side of his face to the other side at an inclined angle.

    "Happy Now?" Long Chen smiled as he put the mask back on his face. As he put the mask back, He formed a peace symbol with his hands. One of the people sitting in the stands stood up as she noticed the symbol. She began walking towards the exit.

    'Is something wrong with that masked girl? She's leaving at this time?' The ones who sat near her thought but soon stopped caring.

    "Hmph... I thought you were someone else. That bastard has already died, but I still had to be sure." Ruan said with a smile as he walked towards the stage.

    "Who had died senior brother?" Ling asked Ruan as she followed him.

    "You don't need to know about it, Junior Sister Ling," Ruan responded.

    "Was I really wrong?" Qin Ruo muttered as she looked towards Long Chen. Yue Fei also shook her head in disappointment as she saw that the masked boy was not Long Chen.

    "Alright. Since Everyone's here, let's begin." Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said with a smile.

    "The names of the cultivators, each one of us selected to be the inner sect disciple will be shown on the screen. If your name is selected by two or more of us, then you can choose the sect that you desire." Sect Master of the Striking Sword Sect pointed towards the large screen floating in the air.

    5 lists of names appeared on the screen before the names of the sects.

    Glorious Blossom Sect had selected 25 cultivators to be the inner sect disciple, Striking Sword Sect chose 28, Western Warriors sect chose 36 cultivators, Floating Cloud Sect selected 29 cultivators and Earthly Mountain Sect chose 28 cultivators.

    It didn't come as a shock to anyone that more than 50 percent of the names were common in the lists of all 5 sect masters.

    One of these common names was Prince Lan of Dongxin Empire, Prince Yue Zhang of the Shui Kingdom and Qin Ruo of the Shui Kingdom. Despite not being in the top 75, Yue Fei was also a popular name amongst the Cultivators because of her grade 6 talent.

    Unsurprisingly, Most of those cultivators chose either the Glorious Blossom Sect or the Striking Sword Sect. The Cultivators who chose the other three sects were quite rare.

    Prince Lan chose the Striking Sword Sect while Prince Yue Zhang, Princess Yue Fei and Qin Ruo chose to become the inner disciple of the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    "Some of the participants in the exams were really incredible who deserve a better position. We all offer Lu Wen the position of the fire disciple. He would have the right to choose the sect after he is fine with his treatment He will be rewarded after he selects a sect accordingly.

    "As for the final person and the rank one of our exams... Tian Shen... Your talent is incredible and you were told all our offers at the start of the exams. You said that you will make a decision at the end. I hope you enjoyed the journey, but it's time for you to choose... Which one of our sect will you choose?" Striking Sword Sect's Sect Master said as he looked at Long Chen.

    "I... I chose the western warriors sect." Long Chen said with a smile.

    "What!" The expression on the faces of all the sect masters changed as a frown appeared on their faces. The Sect Master of the Western Warriors Sect was also shocked before a wide smile bloomed on his face.

    'Has this boy gone crazy? Why the hell is he selecting the weakest sect amongst the 5?' The Sect Master of the Earthly Mountain Sect said with a frown.

    "Amazing! Quickly come to me, little friend!!! Let me give you a reward." Sect Master of the Western Warriors sect smiled as he looked at Long Chen with the brightest smile.

    "Think once more little guy...You should choose a stronger sect!" The Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said to Long Chen in a heavy tone.

    "I have already made my choice." Long Chen said as he walked towards the stage.

    Coincidently, the Sect Master of the Western Warriors sect was standing at the other corner of the stage... right beside Ruan. On the other side of Ruan stood the Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    Long Chen stepped on the stage and passed by all the sect Master until he reached the Sect Master of the Western.

    Long Chen walked past three sect masters and finally reached in front of the Glorious Blossom Sect Master.

    "You still have a chance... Choose my sect." The Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said once more in an effort to convince him.

    Long Chen didn't stop and took another step forward, but before his feet could land on the ground, he disappeared.

    Long Chen appeared behind Ruan. There was a knife on his hand which now rested against the neck of Ruan.

    "Do you know what you're doing?" Ruan said in a heavy tone.

    "You shouldn't move little friend. Your neck might get cut accidentally." Long Chen said in a casual voice.

    "Tian Shen!!! It's not the time to joke. Please leave Master Ruan!" The sect master of the Striking Sword Sect said in a serious tone as he brought out his sword.

    Long Chen's knife pressed against Ruan's neck and a slight cut appeared on his neck. Blood started coming out from the cut.

    "Oops... Are you trying to get him killed? What if I had accidentally cut off his neck? Would you be able to answer the powers behind him? You don't want to be responsible for his death, do you?" Long Chen said in a serious tone as if he was actually worried that he would accidentally behead Ruan.
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