221 Chapter 221: Leave my disciple immediately

    "Oops... Are you trying to get him killed? What if I had accidentally cut off his neck? Would you be able to answer the powers behind him? You don't want to be responsible for his death, do you?" Long Chen said in a heavy tone as if he was actually worried that he would accidentally behead Ruan.

    "Do you realize the consequences of what you're doing? You will die if anything happens to him! Be smart and free him!" Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect said as he stared at Long Chen.

    He even spread some of his 10th stage Earth Realm aura. All the cultivators on the ground got down to their knees as they were unable to bear with the aura.

    'No cultivators below the Earth Realm stage can stay standing in front of my aura. I will grab him when he loses balance.' This was the thought going on in the mind of the Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    "Hmm?" A frown appeared on his face as he saw Long Chen unaffected in the slightest.

    "How can you still stay standing?" He asked as he stared at Long Chen with a look of disbelief on his face.

    "Oh right," Long Chen let out as if a sudden realization struck him.

    "Such a heavy aura... it's so difficult to control myself. I'm about to fall to the ground" Long Chen said in a pained voice as his knife made another cut on Ruan's neck.

    "You bastard!!! Do you want to get me killed? Stop it immediately!!!" Ruan let out loudly. The Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect stopped his aura and stood still as he heard Ruan's pained voice.

    "You... please leave Senior Brother Ruan... he did nothing wrong." A worried female voice came. It was Ling who stood nearby. She begged Long Chen to release Ruan.

    "Little girl, Not just him...I would have killed you as well... I'm leaving you alive in consideration of some things." Long Chen said as killing intent leaked from him.

    'I have no proof of you being involved in that scheme, but you being together with them would have been enough for me to kill you! But Considering Yu Tianhao and his relationship with my father, I won't kill you.' Long Chen thought as he gazed at her face.

    "Step back 50 meters or I will slice his neck!" Long Chen said to the Sect Masters.

    The whole atmosphere was heavy as the Sect Masters couldn't understand what they should do.

    The crowd was silent as they saw what they never expected to see. The strongest people of the Xuan Kingdom were helpless in front of a 16-year-old boy.

    "Don't hurt him..! We will move back."

    All the sect masters stepped back. Although they moved back 50 meters, they had created a circle around Long Chen to stop him from escaping.

    "My dear Ruan... Would you please open your mouth?" Long Chen said in a gentle tone.

    "You bastard... what do you want to do!" Ruan responded.

    Long Chen sliced his neck again as another knife wound appeared on his neck.

    "Ahh...you bastard!!!" Ruan roared pain as he felt the pain.

    "Be a good boy and open your mouth. Oh right, don't forget to bring your tongue out" Long Chen again said with a smile.

    Ruan unwillingly opened his mouth and brought his tongue out of his mouth a little.

    "Good boy..." Long Chen chuckled as he moved his other hand and grabbed the tongue of Ruan.

    "Waa..."  Ruan didn't understand what Long Chen was going before extreme pain stabbed his soul. He felt like he was killed by a thousand swords as his tongue was pulled out by Long Chen with full strength.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa...." He roared loudly as tears appeared in his eyes. His mouth was filled with blood and his eyes had turned red.

    "How does it feel? This pain is still nothing compared  to what's about to come." Long Chen laughed behind Ruan.

    "Stop!!! Don't move... or he will be killed!" Sect Master of the Glorious Blossom Sect was about to run towards Long Chen when the Sect Master of Striking Sword Sect stopped him.

    "But we can't watch it happen either! That boy is crazy!" he roared loudly.

    "We can't take the risk. What if he killed the boy because of you?" The sect master of the Striking Sword Sect said as he looked at him.

    The sect master of the Glorious Blossom Sect calmed down and stopped himself.

    Amongst all the trouble, no one noticed Ling who brought out a communication talisman and sent a secret message to someone.


    There was a place where the Qi was much denser than it was at Xuan Kingdom. The buildings were better constructed, the streets were wider and the people were stronger. This place was the North Moon Empire.

    Many sects were established in the capital city of the North Moon Empire, But only a few of those Sects were at the true peak of strength. One of the strongest sects of the Empire was the Thunder Giant Sect. The sect had many genius cultivators and the Sect Master of the sect was one of the strongest persons of the Empire.

    The buildings of the sect were made with the strongest materials found in the North Moon Empire. The sect was much larger than the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    The sect had many cultivators who had a cultivation higher than the Earth Realm, most of whom were the elders of the sect. The Grand Elder was one amongst those. He was a Sky Realm cultivator.

    He was cultivating inside his room when the communication talisman started shining. He frowned as he began listening to the message.

    "What???" He stood up with a shocked look on his face.

    He hurriedly left his room and began walking towards the Sect Masters Room.

    In a few minutes, he reached the Sect Master's courtyard.

    "Do you need something?" Sect Master of the Thunder Giant Sect asked the Grand Elder as he saw him hurriedly coming towards him.

    "Sect Master! I need 20  'thousand miles travel talismans'! I have five on me and I came here to ask the other 15 from you." Grand Elder told the sect master of the Thunder Giant Sect.

    "20? Do you know how valuable a thousand miles talismans is? Why do you need so many?" The Sect Master replied with a shocked look on his face.

    "My personal discipline!!! His life is in danger! I need to get to him quickly." Grand Elder said with a distressed look on his face.

    "Alright." The sect master gazed at the worried look on the Grand Elder's face and finally nodded. He threw a Storage Ring towards the Grand Elder.

    Grand Elder caught the ring and hurriedly flew high in the sky. He used a thousand miles talisman and disappeared.

    "He didn't even thank me, but that's understandable" The sect chuckled as he left towards a certain place.


    "You like pushing people to their deaths right? How does it feel when your karma returns to haunt you." Long Chen said in a low voice as he brought his face closer to Ruan's ears. His voice returned to normal.

    Ruan's eyes opened wide as he recognized that voice. No one but Long Chen could know about that event.

    "Yuuu aaa ooo yeee!!!" He tried saying something but his mouth was filled with blood and his tongue was missing. No one understood a single word he was saying, but Long Chen knew what he was saying.

    "Of Course I am. I can't die before taking care of you, can I?" Long Chen grinned as he told Ruan.

    "You can't escape if you kill him! Leave him and we can still handle this matter!" The Sect Masters still tried to convince Long Chen to free Ruan.

    "Thank you, but you don't have to worry about me." Long Chen told the Sect Elders.

    "Who dares to hurt my disciple!!!" A loud roared was heard as an old man appeared above everyone's head. A pressing aura spread from him that even affected the Earth Realm cultivators.

    The man had white hair, but no beard. He looked like he was in his late 40s.

    "Master!" Ling called out excitedly as she looked at the old man.

    "You!!! Leave my disciple immediately and I'll make your death less painful!" The Grand Elder got down from the air and landed in front of Long Chen.

    "Sorry, not interested," Long Chen said with a smile as he slashed with his knife. The head of Ruan was separated from his body amidst the shocked look of everyone.

    "Aaaaa" A loud scream escaped from Ling's mouth as tears appeared in her eyes.

    "You bastard!!!" A heavy aura spread from the Grand Elder that focused on Long Chen. The gravity around him changed as he was forced down to his knees.

    Long Chen tried moving his body, but under the effect of sky realm aura, he couldn't even move his finger.

    "I promise that you will die a gruesome death!" Grand Elder said in a heavy voice. The voice sounded like it came straight from hell.

    Long Chen could do nothing but watch as the Grand Elder slowly walked towards him.

    "I will cut both your legs and hands right now and take the remainder of your body with me to the Sect! There I will show you what it means by a fate worse than death!" The Grand Elder told Long Chen as he continued walking towards him.
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