222 Chapter 222: Trapped?

    "I will cut both your legs and hands right now and take the remainder of your body with me to the Sect! There I will show you what it means by a fate worse than death!" The Grand Elder told Long Chen as he continued walking towards him.

    "Eh... I never expected a Sky Realm cultivator to be here." Long Chen opened his mouth and let out with some effort.

    "But do you think you can stop me if I want to leave?" Long Chen said in a low voice.

    "Even if your father came here, he wouldn't be able to save you! It's impossible for you to escape! I'm not an Earth Realm trash!" Grand Elder said as he heard Long Chen's words. He intensified his force.

    "We'll see" Long Chen smiled as his eyes changed color.

    His eyes changed from their usual Golden color to the starry black. Long Chen disappeared from his position and appeared 100 meters away.

    Being freed from the pressing force he ran towards the hallway.

    'Hmm?' The Grand Elder frowned as he saw Long Chen disappear.

    "You think you can run from death?" He said loudly as he flew after Long Chen.

    Long Chen hurriedly entered the first room he passed by and closed the door.

    "You can never escape! You will be punished!" Grand Elder said as he appeared in front of the room.

    He used some mysterious skill and the whole door was blasted off to a distance. He entered inside, but he couldn't help but frown as he found the room empty.

    "You bastard! I will not let you escape!" He flew up in the sky and looked at the Sect. Using his divine sense, he scanned the whole sect.

    "I can't find him! Close all the exits! Everyone leaving here needs to be checked! If that boy escaped from here, your punishments will be worse than death!" Grand Elder said as he looked at all 5 Sect Masters.

    "I swear that I will kill you boy!" Grand Elder roared loudly. His voice resounded in every part of the city.

    "That old man sounds really furious," Long Chen stood in an empty alley 200 kilometers away from the sect as the spatial crack disappeared behind him.

    He took off his mask and changed his clothes. Using his Heaven's Shroud, he changed his aura. He now looked like a normal 16-year-old boy. His cultivation was now at the 6th stage of the Spirit Establishment Realm.

    Long Chen left the alley and walked towards his hotel room with unsteady steps. Although he was able to escape, he was internally harmed from the pressing gravitational force that the Grand Elder used, but he didn't let it show back there.

    "Thankfully, I didn't use Spatial Travel before during the day, or I wouldn't be able to escape this time. I've used teleport to the limit as well... If I  was caught again by him, I wouldn't be able to escape his pressing force." Long Chen muttered as he walked slowly.

    After walking for a little while, he finally reached the hotel. He climbed the stairs and went to his respective room. He knocked on Mingyu's room.

    "You're finally here." Mingyu hugged him tightly as soon as she saw Long Chen standing in front of the door.

    They both entered the room as Long Chen closed the door behind him.

    "I was worried when I heard that scary voice... I felt like it was a really strong cultivator. What actually happened after I left?" Mingyu asked with a worried look on her face.

    "I don't think we can leave the city for a while. There's a Sky Realm cultivator here. He appeared out of nowhere... It turned out that he was the master of Ruan and Ling."Long Chen informed her as he sat on the chair

    "What? What is a sky realm cultivator doing here? Shouldn't he be in the North Moon Empire?" Mingyu exclaimed with shock.

    "I seriously have no idea, the only thing that I know is that he'll be searching for me throughout the city like crazy. It's good that no one knows what I look like." Long Chen muttered with a serious look on his face.

    "It's already good that you managed to escape from a sky realm cultivator" Mingyu let out with a relieved look on her face.

    "As long as he doesn't know what you look like, it'll be really difficult for him to find you. Your fake cultivation will help us as well. We just need to lay low for a short time before everything calms down."

    Mingyu said to Long Chen as she gazed at him.

    "Only time can tell, We should be prepared for anything." Long Chen said in a soft voice.

    "I'll stay in your room. I will cultivate and recover my strength. If there's anything, wake me up." Long Chen said as he stood up from the chair, walked towards a corner and sat down.

    He closed his eyes and began cultivating.


    'That masked boy!!! He can only be young master Long Chen... I can't believe that he was actually successful in killing a cultivator from the Thunder Giant Sect. The cultivators from the Empires are fierce. I need to help him with information about the lockdown and other related things."

    There was a girl amidst the crowd who looked at everything happening in the sect carefully. She was the sister of the King of Huanji Kingdom, Princess Zhiqing.

    The whole city was in chaos. There was a lockdown in the whole city. Even the Royal family was involved and locked all the roads out of the city. Most of the Earth Realm cultivators were used to search for the boy.

    A portrait of Long Chen was created from the description given by the sect master's of the 5 sects. The portraits were distributed to all the guards of the city.

    The Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect held a paper in his hand. This was the portrait of Long Chen, but he didn't know that the person in the portrait was not Long Chen, but Tian Shen. He has no idea that Long Chen would have been using a heavenly artifact that helped him change his appearance... even the Earth Realm cultivators were not able to feel anything strange.

    He was in deep thoughts as he stared at the portrait.

    'How was he able to escape from my grip? That teleportation... How can he have a talisman that was able to make him change positions? Even if that was possible, how was he able to use that talisman? He shouldn't have been able to move even a single finger... let alone using a talisman.' Grand Elder thought.

    "Was he an assassin sent by another Empire? Why would he be after Ruan? Did Ruan do something to offend someone? Or was his intention to hurt me indirectly?"

    Grand Elder floated down to the ground and landed in front of Ling.

    "Tell me, Ling... What did you guys do after you people left the Sect? Tell me everything without leaving a single detail!" Grand Elder asked Ling in full seriousness.

    "Yes, master. After we left the sect we....." Ling began telling him everything that transpired after they left the sect.

    "... We left that ancient tomb with those two people. In the middle of our trip back to the Xuan Kingdom, I looked back only to see that those two were missing. I asked Senior Sister Meng and Senior Brother Ruan about where they were... their answer was that those two asked to land on the ground. They had a separate destination, So Senior Sister Meng helped them and left them on the ground before taking to the air again."

    " We came to the Xuan Kingdom and stayed in the Glorious Blossom Sect. After a while, we all discovered that the artifacts that we found in that tomb were all fake... There were no artifacts in any of our rings. Senior Sister Meng went back to her room in a hurry. After she came out, she looked to be in a bad mood and said that she was leaving."

    "Both of us stayed here in the sect while the Senior Sister left. Nothing major happened in the next few days and we just stayed in our rooms and cultivated, until today when we came out. That masked boy attacked Senior Brother Ruan and placed a knife on his neck."

    "That was when I sent you that message. He also tore off Seniors Brother Ruan's tongue before he said something in his ears. I wasn't able to hear what he said, but Senior Brother Ruan looked quite shocked. It was at that time when the master came..."

    "Enough... I already know what happened after that!" Grand Elder stopped her as he knew what happened next.

    "Those two people... from your description, it is clear that they were from an Empire... and quite a strong one at that. Unfortunately, you people didn't discover which sect they were from." Grand Elder let out with a thoughtful look on her face.

    He brought out a transmission talisman from his storage ring and sent a message.

    A few minutes passed before he got the reply from his transmission talisman. His face distorted as he heard the reply.

    "Those Idiots! How can they kill someone from an unknown Empire! Those troublemakers! "

    Grand Elder cursed as he got the answer from Meng. She accepted that they killed those two.

    "There's no doubt about it! The masked boy was an assassin from the  Empire those two belonged to. They sent him here to get revenge for those two people. Which Empire might that be? Is it the Syrong Empire? " Grand Elder said with a serious look on his hand.

    "The chances that the boy is still in the city are quite low. There's a good chance that he has a thousand miles talismans as well since he was sent here to assassinate my disciple."Grand Elder continued as he looked towards the sky.
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