226 Chapter 226: New World

    "Hahaha... yeah right. I believe you." Mingyu laughed as she heard Long Chen's last words, but Long Chen clearly understood from her reaction that she clearly didn't believe him. He didn't bother explaining either.

    Soon, the Long Clan disappeared from Long Chen's view. He turned back and walked to the chair and sat down. Mingyu sat on the chair beside him.

    "Can I ask you something? It's nothing important, just a random question." Mingyu said after some time as she looked at Long Chen's face.

    "Sure. As long as you don't ask me how long my sword is, I can answer anything." Long Chen chuckled as he joked around. He knew that Mingyu wouldn't understand him.

    "Why would I ask your sword's size. I've already seen your sword." Mingyu said with a confused look on her face, but Long Chen didn't reply.

    "Don't worry about it. So, what was your question?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at her.

    "Well, The question I want to ask is... What kind of woman do you desire? I mean to make you think about making her your wife?" Mingyu asked her question, but this time, she didn't gaze at him. Her eyes were looking down.

    "Hmm? The girl I want? Well... she should be beautiful... just like you. She should be kind... just like you. She should be shy at times... just like you. She should be strong... just like you. In short... the girl I desire should be exactly like you." Long Chen looked at Mingyu's face and answered her.

    He didn't think about what he was saying, the words just kept coming out of his mouth naturally.

    "Hmm? Why don't you just say that you want me then? " Mingyu chuckled as she took his words as a joke.

    "I want you." Long Chen said without waiting as he stared deep in his eyes.

    "Cheh... You should stop teasing me." She stood up as she walked towards her room and closed the door.

    "Hah, she takes every truth of mine as a joke... what a girl." Long Chen muttered to himself as he shook his head with a wry smile on his face.

    He stood up and walked back to a corner before sitting down. He began cultivating.

    He was just a small step away from breaking through to the 1st stage of the Earth Realm.

    To break through to the Earth Realm, a cultivator had to meet two requirements. Firstly, Reaching the peak of the gold core realm. The second one being the cultivator must be able to create a small world seed inside his Martial Space.

    Although this small world seed didn't have any advantage for a cultivator in the Earth Realm or the Sky Realm, its real use came when the person broke through to the Heaven Realm.

    When a person was about to break through to a Heaven Realm, he should be able to change his world Seed and form a small world inside his Martial Space.

    The small world, thus created would be the own world of the cultivator and he would be the god of the world.

    Their Golden Core would leave their Martial Space and enter inside their small world and act as its sun.

    The size of the world will depend on the cultivator's bloodline, his talent and the cultivation skill that he practiced.

    But very few people reached that level. In fact, in the whole North Moon Empire, there was no Heaven Realm Cultivator. Although the use of world seed was when a cultivator broke through to the Heavenly Realm, it was still a necessity to form it to break through to the Earth Realm.

    Long Chen used the nameless cultivation manual as he absorbed the Qi of the Xuan Kingdom. The Qi of the Xuan Kingdom was much denser than it was in the Shui Kingdom which was helping Long Chen. With the dense Qi, Long Chen's cultivation speed had increased as well.

    He kept absorbing the Qi and compressing the absorbed Qi inside his martial space into a small whirlpool of Qi. The whirlpool was so small that it looked like a tiny ant in front of Long Chen's Martial soul.

    More and more Qi kept entering into Long Chen's Martial Space. All the Qi was sucked by the whirlpool and compressed. Although more and more Qi was being absorbed by the whirlpool, it's size didn't increase in the slightest.

    Unknown to Long Chen, a small bit of the Qi that he was absorbing kept being absorbed by the red cocoon in which his Heart demon was going through an evolution.

    The Qi kept entering his body and being compressed into his whirlpool for hours. The color of the whirlpool kept becoming darker with time.

    Soon, 5 hours passed like nothing.

    Mingyu had come out of her room in those 5 hours to talk to him, but noticed that Long Chen was busy in cultivation. She walked back.

    The night passed away and the warmth of the sun engulfed the city.

    The vortex that kept spinning and absorbing the energy the whole night had finally changed shape and adopted a spherical shape. The sphere looked sky blue in color, but it was still just as small.

    Long Chen opened his eyes as a smile appeared on his face.

    "Finally, I am an Earth Realm cultivator. I can feel myself filled with power. It's like nothing I had ever felt." Long Chen muttered with a smile as he gripped his fist.

    "My own 'World Seed', " Long Chen said as he used his consciousness and observed his 'World Seed'.

    "I'll definitely make my own world one day! Earth Realm is not my destination, but only a stopgap." Long Chen talked to himself.

    The door of Mingyu's bedroom opened as she came out of her room.

    "You're up! Did you achieve a breakthrough?"  She asked as she saw Long Chen sitting there.

    "How did you know? Can you see my cultivation now?" He inquired with a confused look on his face.
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