227 Chapter 227: Leaving

    "You're up! Did you achieve a breakthrough?"  She asked as she saw Long Chen sitting there.

    "How did you know? Can you see my cultivation?" He inquired with a confused look on his face.

    "Nope, I'm unable to see your cultivation. I can guess from the happy look on your face that you broke through." Mingyu answered with a smile.

    "Yeah, I broke through to the Earth Realm." Long Chen said with a bright smile on his face.

    "Didn't you break through to the 10th Stage of the gold core realm when we were coming to the Xuan Kingdom? Your cultivation speed is really scary."  She let out with a stunned look on her face as she stared at Long Chen.

    "What about you? I feel like you're closer to a breakthrough as well." Long Chen said as he noticed Mingyu's cultivation.

    "Yeah... I'll have a breakthrough in a few days as well. I'll be a 4th stage Earth Realm Cultivator" Mingyu responded with a smile.

    "Nice. Are you ready to leave?" He asked her.

    "Yea, I have nothing much to take anyways," Mingyu answered back.

    "Let's go then. Zhiqing should be ready by now as well." Long Chen said as he walked towards the exit. He opened the door and left. Mingyu followed behind him.

    Long Chen stopped in front of Zhiqing's door and knocked on it.

    Getting no response, he knocked again.

    "Is she not inside?" He had just said that when the door opened.

    "You? Are we leaving right now? " Zhiqing was shocked to find Long Chen outside her room so early in the morning, but then she noticed Mingyu as well and understood that they wanted to leave.

    "Didn't we say that we will leave tomorrow?" Long Chen replied with a wry smile on his face.

    "We talked about it, but I never thought that we would leave so early. Isn't it too early right now? It's only 5 am at the moment."Princess Zhiqing said with a lazy look on her face as if she wanted to sleep more.

    "There's no need to waste much time here, it's better to leave. So, do you want to leave or not?" Long Chen inquired as he gazed at Zhiqing.

    "Of Course I want to leave with you! See that? My bag is already packed!" She said with a smile as she pointed towards a bag that was resting on a corner.

    "So many bags? How will you carry it? Don't you have a storage ring?"Long Chen let out with a shocked look on his face as he noticed 3 big bags.

    "I don't have a storage ring, unfortunately." She said with a wry smile on her face.

    "It's fine. I'll keep your bags in my storage ring." Mingyu intervened as she said.

    "Oh, thank you." Zhiqing thanked her as she smiled. Mingyu walked forward and placed the bags in her storage ring.

    "How will we leave? Should we take my carriage? All three of us can leave with comfort. The journey will be quite long after all."  Zhiqing said as she left the room and closed the door of the room.

    "Alright. Since we don't have a flying beast, that seems like the best option." Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Good. Things are already prepared. I have informed General Yao, my niece, and nephew. The carriage has been prepared as well and ready to leave. We can leave at any time." Zhiqing informed Long Chen.

    "That's good. Let's go then." Long Chen nodded his head in appreciation as he turned back and walked towards the stairs. Mingyu and Zhiqing walked behind him.

    They left the hotel and it was just as Zhiqing had said, there was a carriage on the standby there. The carriage driver was already on his seat, although he looked like he was sleeping.

    "Wake up! We are ready to leave." Mingyu stepped forward and said to the driver. The driver immediately stood up. It looked like he wasn't in a deep sleep yet.

    "I'm sorry, Mistress." The carriage driver apologized to Princess Zhiqing as he bowed down.

    "It's alright. Get ready to leave." Zhiqing told him as she walked back.

    "Let's enter." She smiled as she said to Long Chen and Mingyu.

    Zhiqing entered the carriage first, Long Chen was the second person to enter and Mingyu was the last.

    "You already told the driver our destination, right?" Long Chen asked her with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Yeah. I even gave him a properly marked map. I chose the shortest path for our trip." Zhiqing responded with a smile.

    "We can relax. Ron is quite experienced. He'll take us exactly as I pointed on the map."  She continued with full confidence.

    "That's good." Long Chen said as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

    The journey continued smoothly as they passed through the streets of the Xuan Kingdom.

    At one point in time, their carriage happened to pass by the carriages of the Long clan, but unfortunately, the carriage of Zhiqing had their curtains closed.

    Their carriages passed by without knowing anything about the other.

    While Long Clan's carriage walked to the south, towards the Shui Kingdom, the carriage of Zhiqing went towards the North, towards the North Moon Empire.


    In a few hours, Zhiqing's carriage left the capital city of the Xuan Kingdom as it continued towards the North.

    As Long Chen was resting on the carriage with his eyes closed, a hand rested on his right thigh. He opened his eyes with a shocked look as he looked towards the hand and realized that it was the hand of Zhiqing.

    He glanced towards the left and found out that Mingyu had fallen asleep.

    Long Chen didn't know, but Mingyu has been cultivating all night. She was inspired by Long Chen's dedication to cultivation.

    "We had to leave things in between, the last time we were in the carriage... how about we complete it right now?" Zhiqing whispered in Long Chen's ears in a seductive tone.

    "Are you crazy, It's not the place nor the time!" Long Chen answered her in an annoyed tone.
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