228 Chapter 228: Caught in the act *

    "We had to leave things in between the last time we were in this carriage... how about we complete it right now?" Zhiqing whispered in Long Chen's ears seductively.

    "Are you crazy, It's not the place, nor is it the time!" Long Chen answered her while he tried to keep his voice down.

    "Then let's make it the place." Zhiqing chuckled as she moved her hand until they were resting over Long Chen's sacred region.

    Little Chen made some movement as soon as Zhiqing's soft hand touched it. Even though there were clothes in between Princess Zhiqing's hand and little Chen, it didn't affect him in the slightest.

    Little Chen began walking up from his sleep and rose to greater heights.

    "Looks like it is what you desire as well. It is to be expected. It has been quite a long time after all." Zhiqing whispered in Long Chen's ears, but she hadn't expected Long Chen to do what he did.

    Long Chen turned his head and abruptly kissed Princess Zhiqing's lips while he placed his hand on the back of her head as he prevented her from moving back with shock.

    Zhiqing tried to make as low noise as possible, even though she felt like moaning from the drunken pleasure. She slid her hands under Long Chen's pants and grabbed his little guy by its neck. She began moving her hand up and down.

    On the other hand, Long Chen was kissing her passionately. He has even slid his tongue inside her mouth as he enjoyed the sweetness of her tongue.

    He separated his lips from hers after kissing her for over 10 minutes. Zhiqing's hands never stopped stroking little Chen during those ten minutes.

    He gazed into her eyes as he brought his lips closer to her ears. He gently kissed her earlobes before whispering to her.

    "It's time for your lips to get to work." He said softly in her ears as he pointed towards little Chen.

    Zhiqing nodded her head with a flushed look on her face as she stood up and got down to her knees in front of Long Chen.

    She lowered Long Chen's pants only enough so that his little Chen could gain its freedom.

    As soon as his pants were lowered, Little Chen came into view. It was standing tall, like the tallest mountain of the universe.

    Zhiqing didn't make it wait for long as she brought her lips closer to little Chen. Similar to a hungry beast, she took little Chen into her mouth. She used her soft lips to suck on little Chen as she moved her head up and down.

    Long Chen didn't close his eyes and just stared at Zhiqing doing her magic.

    He enjoyed her sucking for quite some time before he moved his hand. Finding the opening in her dress, Long Chen slid his hand inside her dress.

    His hands found their ways to her soft breasts and began fondling them. With no clothes between his hand and Zhiqing's breasts, he could enjoy the pleasure in full.

    Zhiqing kept sucking while he kept fondling her breast until he felt something.

    "I'm about to release." He thought, but didn't speak out loud as he didn't want to wake up Mingyu.

    He placed his hand on her back and helped her move her head faster.

    A few more minutes passed as he finally released his load into her mouth.

    Zhiqing was stunned as little Chen suddenly released a sticky liquid in her mouth. In shock, she swallowed all of it.

    Long Chen turned his face towards the opposite side as he had a bad feeling. His biggest fears came to fruition as he saw Mingyu sitting there watching everything.

    A chill ran down his spine as he saw her awake.

    "Ah... mingyu..." He let out but found it hard to decide on his next words.

    Zhiqing heard his words and looked upwards, but her expressions changed as well, as she noticed Mingyu.

    "It's fine. You don't have to explain." Mingyu said with an expressionless look on her face.

    "But..." Long Chen tried talking again, but he was stopped by Mingyu.

    "As I said it's fine. You don't need to explain to me " Mingyu repeated the same thing as she closed her eyes.

    Long Chen also turned silent as he didn't know what to say. He thought that he would talk to her about it later.

    Zhiqing stood up as she swallowed the remaining liquid that was in her mouth and silently sat beside Long Chen silently.

    The journey continued for the day without a word being spoken and it was already evening by now.

    The carriage stopped suddenly. There was a knock on the door.

    Zhiqing opened the curtains and saw the carriage driver standing there.

    "Yes?" She asked as she opened the door.

    "Mistress, It looks like there is a village nearby. It wasn't on the map, but I think that it should be a good place to rest. It's getting dark as well." The driver informed Zhiqing.

    "Hmm? A village? " Zhiqing brought her head out of the carriage as she looked ahead and sure enough, a village was visible at some distance.

    "Alright. Take us there. Let's rest in the village for the night." Zhiqing told the driver as she closed the door.

    The driver nodded his head and left. The carriage began moving and stopped again after a while.

    "Let's leave. We should be at the village now." Zhiqing said to Long Chen and Mingyu as she opened the door.

    Mingyu opened the door towards her side and got out. Long Chen left from the same door while Zhiqing left from the door on the opposite side.

    They stood at the entrance of the door. Surprisingly, there was no guard at the entrance. They walked inside the village. The whole village looked empty.

    There were no people outside on the street in the village, but lights could be seen in some huts.

    Long Chen walked to the nearest hut with Mingyu and Zhiqing and knocked on the door.
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