231 Chapter 231: Not a Sain

    "Three kids?... Why the kids? Aren't you freeing them in exchange for the extra gold and meat?" The Village chief asked with a perplexed look on his face.

    "Of Course! Since you're giving me double sacrifice, I won't take three kids. Double sacrifice means double gold, double meat and 6 kids, right?  I'm not taking the original 3 kids and will only take 3 kids as always." The masked man laughed cruelly as he placed his hands on the shoulders of the Village Chief.

    "Bring the kids! Master doesn't like waiting. You should know that." The masked man further continued.

    "But... but... " The chief stuttered as he started sweating.


    "No buts! Do as I said if you don't want your whole village to be destroyed this instant! Oh, right, You have a young daughter, right? I'll take her with me as well. Consider it a punishment for talking back to me!" The masked man slapped the chief as he said.

    "Bring me the 3 sacrificial kids! I'll bring the village chief's young daughter myself! He needs to learn his lesson. I better have a taste of his beautiful daughter right before his eyes so that he never forgets this lesson!" The masked man said as he looked towards the nearby villagers.

    The villagers hesitated for a bit before they scattered and walked towards the nearby huts. On the other hand, the masked man walked towards the place of the village chief.

    He entered the house and in a few minutes came out. He was holding the hands of a girl that looked like she was just 15-16 years old. The girl looked like she was resisting, but she couldn't free herself from his grip.

    Tears kept falling from her eyes.

    The masked man stopped in front of the village chief.

    "Please leave my daughter!" The village chief begged, but the masked man kicked him.

    The village chief coughed out a mouthful of blood as he groaned in pain.

    "Good work!" The masked man said as he saw that the villagers had come back with 3 kids. The kids had tears in their eyes, but it didn't look like they were struggling. Probably because they had been prepared to die and they knew their destiny.

    "Time to get to the main event. Look, Village Chief! Watch how your daughter is going to be played with, in front of all the villagers." The masked man said as he gazed towards the Village Chief.

    "Little girl, you are beautiful. Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong place. Your father is useless." The masked man chuckled as he gazed towards the girl.

    "Time to see what you're hiding inside those clothes of yours." The man chuckled as he extended his hands towards the girl's breasts. The girl had closed her eyes, but her tears didn't stop falling from her eyes.

    Just before his hands could touch the girl's breasts, something hit the head of the masked man, making him fly away.

    The masked man landed on the ground as he screamed in pain.

    After some effort, he sat up and looked towards the girl, only to see a young boy standing in front of her.

    The boy looked like he was only 16-17 years old and looked quite handsome. The boy was Long Chen.

    "Don't worry, no one will hurt you." Long Chen said in a gentle tone as he glanced towards the girl. The girl opened her eyes after some hesitation only to find the face of a young boy in front of her.

    She looked around and noticed the masked man sitting on the ground far away from her.

    "You bastard! How dare you attack me! You're looking to die aren't you?" The masked man roared in anger as he stood up.

    "I don't hate evil, in fact, I've done many such things myself, but there are a few forms of evil that I can't tolerate. I have vanquished many of them myself. Today feels like a good day to do the same." Long Chen said softly, but his words were clearly heard by the masked man. His face couldn't help but turn red as he heard it.

    "You trash! After sneakily attacking me, do you really think that you're some big deal! I'll make you watch as I dismember your body piece by piece." The masked man said in a cruel tone.

    The man stood up and started running towards Long Chen, but before he could even take two steps forward, the situation changed completely.

    It all happened so fast that he didn't even know how it happened, but his neck was now in Long Chen's hand and he was hanging in the air by his neck.

    "An 8th stage Gold Core Realm cultivator is calling me a trash? Know your place!" Long Chen said in a serious tone as he tightened his grip.

    "You... leave..." The masked man struggled to speak.

    "Are you going to threaten me using your master now? Don't worry, his number will be next." Long Chen said as he smiled, but to the man, the smile looked like a devil's smile. A chill ran down his spine.

    "You know... I'm not a saint working for the betterment of mankind, but there are some things that I can't handle. What you were about to do was one of them!" Long Chen said to the man.

    "Now it would be a different story if you were a Sky Realm cultivator as I wouldn't have a choice in that case and I won't put myself in a hopeless situation, but you're not. So I can do what I want." Long Chen smiled as he gripped the right hand of the masked man with his other hand.

    "It's the same hand you wanted to use right? Let's have some fun with it." Long Chen chuckled as he gripped the hand tightly and pulled it. The hand was torn off from the body while the masked boy screamed loudly. Long Chen had intentionally lessened his grip on the masked man's neck so that he could hear the man's scream.

    "That's the spirit. You're so full of life." Long Chen said with a smile as he gripped the man's other hand as well.

    "Please... don't..." The man begged Long Chen while crying in pain.
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