232 Chapter 232: Life Devouring Insec

    "Please... don't..." The man begged Long Chen while crying in pain but Long Chen didn't relax his grip, instead, he tightened it.

    "Tell me about your master then." Long Chen let out with a smile as he stared in the eyes of the man.

    The man's eyes opened wide as soon as he heard Long Chen talk about his master. He started sweating profusely.

    "I...I can't tell you about my master!" The man answered in a worried tone.

    "Alright. I won't force you...I'm not a monster after all, but I'll still give you time to think about it. You can change your mind." Long Chen smiled with an innocent look on his face. He tightened his grip on the hand of the man though.

    The marked man had a bad feeling in his heart as he saw the smile on Long Chen's face, and that feeling turned out to be true as his other hand was torn off as well. Another loud scream escaped the mouth of the masked man. It sounded like the scream of a dying man.

    "Why are you screaming? Anyways, did you come to a decision? Can you tell me now?" Long Chen asked again amidst the crazed screams of the masked man.

    "You bastard! Kill me if you dare! You can never hope to catch up to my master! He will find you and make your death even more brutal than you can imagine!" The man roared with a face filled with bloodlust. He wanted Long Chen to die for toying with him.

    "What are you talking about? How can I kill you? There are still two legs and a head left after all. I'm gonna take my sweet time with you if you don't tell me about your master." Long Chen said as he chuckled and stared in the man's eyes. The marked man felt like Long Chen was a demon who was able to see the depths of his soul. An avatar of the death god that was sent by the heavens to punish him for all his wrongdoings.

    "Don't... Please don't... I don't want to go through more. I'll tell you everything that you want to do... Please no more!!! " The man said as tears fell from his eyes. A satisfied smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he heard the man's words.

    "Then tell me everything about your master! If it turns out that you are lying, I think you know what will happen." Long Chen let out with an interested smile on his face as he loosened his grip on the man's neck.

    "I can't tell you much about him as even I don't know that much about master! All I know is that the master stays inside a cave nearby. I'm not allowed to enter. I'm required to take 3 kids to master as a sacrifice every 6 months" The masked man replied to Long Chen

    "So you haven't seen him get out of the cave? What about his cultivation?" Long Chen asked again as he stared at the masked man.

    "I haven't seen Master ever come out of the cave! I get all the orders from outside." The man answered Long Chen in an anxious tone. It seemed like he was worried that Long Chen won't believe him.

    "How does he control you then? What if you betrayed him?" Long Chen asked as he wondered about the Master of the masked man.

    "Life Destroying Insect! Master has another servant beside me and that servant is much closer to master. Only he can enter the cave to take orders from the Master. He is the one that conveys the orders to me. That servant has placed a Life Destroying Insect inside my body. Only the master can control the insect. One thought from Master, and I'll die. If I go too far from the master, I'll die. That's what that servant told me. He said that I was the envoy of this village and in charge of collecting the sacrifice for the master." The man continued as he struggled to speak because of the pain. He was praying for Long Chen to believe him and let him go.

    "Is your master a Sky Realm cultivator? "Long Chen asked another question.

    "I... I don't think so. Although I haven't seen Master, that seems highly unlikely. The head slave of the master previously said that it would be a long time before the master gets to the peak of the Earth Realm. I think the Master is using the sacrifices to further his cultivation." The masked man replied to Long Chen.

    "Alright. Take me to him. I want to see your messages!" Long Chen said to the masked man.

    'What? Has that guy gone crazy? He wants to go to the Demon? Is he looking to die?'

    Most of the villagers present there were listening to Long Chen's conversation with the masked man and were belittling Long Chen in their minds, but they didn't dare express it in the open.

    They believed that although Long Chen can't kill the Demon, he could still easily kill them based on his battle that they witnessed with the demon's envoy

    "I... I can't! I will be killed by the life-destroying insect if the master finds out about it." The man denied Long Chen straight away with a horrified look on his face.

    "Kill me if you want! I'm already half head." The masked man continued.

    "Don't you want to be free of your Master? If your master is killed, that Life Destroying Insect won't kill you."Long Chen responded to the masked man.

    "Even though you lost both your hands, you still have your cultivation. You can have a good life." Long Chen told the masked man as he tried l get him to agree.

    "Ah... If that's really possible... Alright. I'll take you to the cave. But I won't go near it... otherwise, the master will kill me before you could even do anything. I'll still show you the cave though" The masked man nodded his head as he agreed. He didn't forget to put forth a request of his own.
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