233 Chapter 233:I Lied

    "Ah... If that's really possible... Alright. I'll take you to the cave. But I won't go near it... otherwise, the master will kill me before you could even do anything. I'll still show you the cave though" The masked man nodded his head as he agreed. He didn't forget to put forth a request of his own.

    "Alright. After I have a view of the cave, I'll free you." Long Chen told the masked with an honest smile. He put the man down to the ground and removed his hand from the man's neck.

    "Can I get some initial treatment before that? Otherwise, I would die from the bleeding, before we even get there." The masked man asked Long Chen.

    His legs were shaking as he struggled to even stand properly.

    "Don't worry about that. I'll give you a life healing pill after I get there. You'll be free after that and with the help of the Life healing pill, your wounds will heal as well. But there won't be any treatment before that."Long Chen responded to the masked man.

    "First I need to be sure that the cave you're talking about is real. Only then shall you be free and get the pill." Long Chen shook his head as he denied the man's request, but he didn't forget to give a better offer to motivate the man.

    Honestly, he didn't even have a Life Healing Pill with him. The only Life Healing Pill he had, was used to heal Mingyu when Long Chen had first met her.

    "Life Healing Pill? Amazing! I knew that you weren't a normal kid... You even have a Life Healing Pill! Let's hurry then." The masked man said with an excited look in his face.

    The life healing pill's name worked like magic as the masked man stood straight with an excited look on his face.

    "Both of you stay here, I'll be right back after I'm done with his master." Long Chen told Mingyu and Zhiqing as he got ready to follow the man.

    "I'll come with you." Mingyu and Zhiqing said at the same time. They were both worried about Long Chen and didn't want him to go alone.

    "Absolutely Not! It's dangerous for you to come with me! It'll be easier for me if I'm alone. I can even escape if things go south, but it'll be tough with you two." Long Chen shook his head as he immediately rejected them.

    He didn't want to take any risk when it came to them. He knew that if he was alone, there was no danger to his life as he could use Spatial Portal ability and escape at any time. Although he could only use that ability only once every 24 hours, it was good enough for him to escape.

    "But..." They tried saying something but Long Chen stopped them midway.

    "No buts! You're not coming and that's final.." Long Chen told them in a strict manner.

    Both of them looked at Long Chen and feet like it was impossible for them to convince Long Chen when he acted this stubborn.

    "Alright. We won't come with you."Zhiqing said to Long Chen with a concerned gaze.

    "We'll wait for you," Mingyu said as well.

    With no other choice, both of them could only nod their heads.

    "That's better. Don't worry. I'll be right back." Long Chen said as he turned back.

    "Let's go." He told the masked man.

    The masked man and Long Chen both left the village. They walked through various paths as they continued ahead.

    After walking for over an hour, they finally reached an empty-looking forest.

    "This is as far as I can go." The masked man suddenly stopped as he said.

    "Are you messing with me? You said that you will take me to the cave if your Master! I don't see any cave here." Long Chen let out with an angry look on his face.

    "I'm not messing with you. I've fulfilled my promise and brought you to the cave. You see that large stone there?" The masked man replied to Long Chen.

    "Yeah. I see that stone. What about it?" Long Chen nodded his head as he gazed at the stone that was placed at about 400 meters of distance from him.

    "The underground cave of the master is right behind that stone. I can't go any further than this otherwise the master might sense me and kill me. Please give me the Life Healing Pill so that I can leave now. I've fulfilled my side of the promise"The masked man told Long Chen with a serious gaze.

    "What if you are lying about the cave and there is nothing behind that stone?" Long Chen asked as he smiled.

    " How can you still doubt me? I swear on heaven's name that the cave is right beside that stone. Now give me my pill." The masked man let out with an annoyed look on his face.

    "Alright, I'll trust you. As for the Life Healing Pill. Well, the thing is that I don't have any such pill...I lied." Long Chen smiled as he gripped the neck of the masked man and crushed his neck.

    The masked man's lifeless body fell to the ground. His eyes were wide open in shock even after he died. Long Chen didn't even care about taking the mask off and looking at him.

    Long Chen stared at the stone he was about to walk towards the stone when he heard some noise coming from nearby.

    He looked back and realized that the noise was coming from the masked man's body. A frown appeared on Long Chen's face.

    He stood there as he looked at the chest of the masked man with great interest. The noise continued for quite some time.

    After a short time, Long Chen was finally able to see the thing that was making all that noise. His expressions turned strange as he looked at the thing.
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