234 Chapter 234: Taming another one

    After a short time, Long Chen was finally able to see the thing that was making all that noise. His expressions turned strange as he looked at the thing.

    It was a strange creature. A creature that looked exactly like a caterpillar. The only difference was that it had a blood-red color. Long Chen wasn't sure if the creature had a blood-red color, or it's the red color was the actual blood because the creature came out of the masked man's chest.

    \"You should be a Life Destroying Insect. You're an Interesting creature after all.\" Long Chen said with a smile as he sat down and gazed at the insect.

    \"You might be useful in the future. I can't let this opportunity go to waste.\" Long Chen muttered as he stared at the Life Destroying Insect.

    \"Xun! I can establish a contract with the Life Destroying Insect, right?\" Long Chen asked Xun as he continued looking at the Life Destroying Insect that was moving slowly. It looked like he was trying to leave.

    \"Oh? You finally remembered me? I thought your girls were only things you cared about?\" Xun said in an angry tone.

    \"Hey, don't say that. You're my girl as well after all. Anyways, you didn't answer me about the Life Destroying Insect.\" Long Chen said with a chuckle.

    \"Cheh... save these cheesy  lines for your girls.\" Xun let out in an annoying tone.

    \"Anyways, You are right. There is no problem in taming the Life Destroying Insect. Just follow the same method. It might be good for you after all.\" It didn't take long before Xun replied to him.

    \"Alright. Thanks.\" Long Chen thanked Xun with a cute smile on his face.

    \"Alright little guy, You're coming with me.\" Long Chen smiled as he cut his finger lightly. His finger started bleeding. Long Chen brought his bleeding finger over the head of the Life Destroying Insect and made a blood drop fall on the head of the Life Destroying Insect.

    As soon as the blood drop fell on his head, the Life Destroying Insect began shining brightly. It shone for around a minute before it recovered back to normal.

    The taming was successful and Long Chen could feel a link being established between him and the Life Destroying Insect.

    \"Welcome to the family, Little Guy.\" Long Chen said as he gazed at the Life Destroying Insect.

    \"Alright. Time to name you. Oh man, it's always the toughest part. I apologize in advance if you don't like the name. From now on, you will be called Cati... just because you look so similar to a caterpillar.\" Long Chen smiled as he named the beast.

    \"Alright Cati, time to go meet your big brother and sister. Make sure to behave properly.\" Long Chen chuckled as he placed the Life destroying Insect in the beast region of his ancient ring.

    \"Alright. Time to get serious.\" He stood up as he looked towards the stone on the other side. He started walking towards the stone.

    Long Chen had only walked for around 100 meters when he saw someone. A man came out from the other side of the stone.

    The man was over 7 feet tall but looked quite skinny. The man had no hair on his head, which made his big forehead look even bigger.

    \"Who the hell are you? What are you doing here.\"The bald man let out with a stunned look on his face.

    It didn't take the bald man long to notice the 16-17-year-old boy walking towards him. He was stunned to see a kid in this place and just kept staring at Long Chen.

    \"An 8th stage Gold Core Realm cultivator... he can't be the master. He must be the other servant that I heard so much about.' Long Chen thought as he looked at the man with an interested look on his face.

    \"Well, Thank god I found someone! Can you help me senior? I'm looking for an herb to treat the illness of my elder sister.\"Long Chen let out with an excited look on his face.

    \"Has Senior seen the Nine Yang Grass?\" He continued with a concerned gaze.

    At the moment Long Chen was looking like a naive young boy who came to the forest without thinking anything and that's what he wanted to portray.

    A wide smile bloomed on the man's face as he looked at Long Chen with a grin on his face.

    \"Nine Yang Grass? Of course, I have seen Nine Yang Grass. In fact, it's growing in quite a large quantity nearby. Let me show you the place. Come with me.\" The bald man said with a wide smile on his face as he pointed towards the stone.

    \"Oh, thank you so much, master!\" Long Chen smiled happily as he followed the man.

    \"So kid, where are you from?\" The bald man asked as he slowed down subtly until he was right beside Long Chen. He didn't want Long Chen to run away.

    \"I'm from the nearby city. I was reading a book and found out that the Nine Yang Grass. It was written that the Nine Yang Grass could heal the illness. It was the same illness that my sister was suffering from.\"Long Chen responded to the man.

    \"Oh. Anyways, how did your parents let you leave alone? Didn't they send anyone with you?\" The bald man inquired again.

    \"I don't have parents. Our parents died when we were young. I only have a sister in my family, but she's really sick at the moment. She used to take care of me, but she can't even stand up now. None of the doctors were ready to help us because we don't have much money in our family.\" Long Chen looked towards the man with a sad look on his face.

    \"That's why I left my home in order to search for the herb myself. The book said that the Nine Yang Grass grows in this region.\" Long Chen further said to the bald man.
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