235 Chapter 235: You will become the herb

    \"That's why I left my home in order to search for the herb myself. The book said that the Nine Yang Grass grows in this region.\" Long Chen further said to the bald man.

    \"You are such a good child. You are so concerned about your family. You don't have to worry about anything, I'm for that you'll definitely be able to heal your sister after you leave from here.\" The man said in a gentle tone as he placed his hand on Long Chen's back.

    Long Chen smiled as he gazed at the man, but he didn't forget to cover his back with a thin space barrier to protect his back in case of anything unexpected, but since the barrier was inside his clothes, the man had no idea.

    \"Thank you, Master. Can I ask the Master's name?\" Long Chen asked the bald man.

    \"My name? I'm Wuji Lu. What about you?\" The man answered Long Chen before asking.

    \"I'm Long Chen. Thank you, master Lu! You came to my life like a god to guide me to my destination. I don't know how I can thank you enough. I'm really grateful for you\" Long Chen said in an emotional tone. He turned towards the man and thanked him.

    \"It's fine. You don't need to worry about it. You're already doing enough for me.\" The man called Wuji Lu said with a light laughter.

    'You're going to be dead in a few minutes. What can you help me with? This idiot... he came looking for death.' Wuji Lu thought as a grin formed on his face.

    \"Hmm? What is Master Lu talking about? How am I helping you?\" Long Chen asked with a confused gaze in his face.

    \" It's nothing. I'm getting to help your sister indirectly and in turn earning good karma. That's all because of you. That's why you're helping me.\" The bald man replied to Long Chen.

    It didn't take them long before they walked past the stone. There was a smaller stone there right beside the big stone. The smaller stone was a meter wide and only half a meter tall.

    'A second stone? The cave must be below that stone' Long Chen thought as he observed the stone.

    \"Wait right here.\"Wuji Lu said as he stepped towards the stone. He held the stone with both his hands.

    After applying some force, he easily picked up the stone and revealed an opening below the stone. Long Chen's hunch was proven right.

    Wuji Lu placed the stone to the side and turned back to look at Long Chen with a smile.

    \"Come on inside, I've seen the herb that you are looking for inside the underground cave.\" He walked towards Long Chen and said to him with an eager look on his face.

    \"Alright.\" Long Chen happily walked closer. The men stood behind Long Chen and waited for him to enter.

    The opening was about 90 cm wide. There were stairs that were going downwards.

    Long Chen stepped his foot on the stairs as he started going down. The small opening kept getting wider and wider as Long Chen moved down the stairs.

    After around 3 minutes, the stairs finally ended and Long Chen saw the real cave.

    The stairs ended at a cave that was around 3 meters wide and 5 meters tall.

    \"The Nine Yang Herb is further inside. You can walk in the front, I'll be at the back. The cave will lead us straight to the herbs\" Wuji Lu said with a smile as he stood behind Long Chen.

    \"Alright.\"Long Chen said with a smile as he began walking deeper into the cave. After walking for around 300-400 meters, he reached the end of the tunnel. The times finished at the opening of a room.

    The room looked like it was well made. The room looked like a proper square and had a height, length, and width of around 10 meters.

    Long Chen stood at the entrance of the room and was able to see inside the room. He could see a large cauldron placed at the center of the room. The cauldron was half silver and half gold in color. There was a Sun Symbol carved on the silver side of the cauldron while a Moon Symbol was carved on the golden side of the cauldron. The cauldron looked quite peculiar.

    A person was standing right beside the cauldron. The person was covered in a black robe that covered him completely.

    Long Chen couldn't see who that person was as his back was facing Long Chen.

    'This must be their Master. Interesting.' Long Chen thought as he gazed at the back of the black-robed man.

    Although he couldn't see who that person was, Long Chen was able to guess that it was the person the Villagers called demon. The master of that masked man.

    \"Little Lu, You're back so soon? Anyways, Who is that boy with you?\" The person replied without looking back. The voice was of a girl and sounded quite nice.

    Long Chen couldn't help but frown as he heard the voice. The voice was feminine and sounded like the voice of a girl. He was also amazed to see that the girl was able to know about Long Chen's presence.

    'I didn't expect it to be a girl. She must be using her divine sense to stay aware of her surroundings.' Long Chen thought to himself.

    He used his own divine sense to check the cultivation of the girl. A smile formed on his face.

    \"It's a little boy I found when I left this place. He came out to look for the Nine Yang Grass for his sick sister, but he doesn't even have a cultivation. He's just a useless human, but I think that he could be of use for the master.\" Wuji Lu said as he started laughing loudly.

    \"What boy? Aren't you shocked? You were fooled so easily. There are no herbs here! Instead, you will be the herb! The herb for master's cultivation.\" Wuji Lu began laughing like a maniac as he stared at Long Chen, but it didn't take long for his laughter to turn into a frown as he noticed that Long Chen was just standing there calmly.
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