236 Chapter 236:Thunder Giant Sect?

    \"What boy? Aren't you shocked? You were fooled so easily. There are no herbs here! Instead, you will be the herb! The herb for master's cultivation.\" Wuji Lu began laughing like a maniac as he stared at Long Chen, but it didn't take long for his laughter to turn into a frown as he noticed that Long Chen was just standing there calmly.

    Long Chen didn't look scared in the least. There was no change in his expression. In fact, it seemed like he was smiling.

    \"Are you trying to tell me that there is a mortal who can use divine sense? You have really lost your touch Little Lu, haven't you? It is quite clear that this boy is not so simple. I feel like he has used you to get to me.\" The woman replied in an amused tone. She still didn't look back.

    \"What?\" Wuji Lu was shocked as he looked towards the boy. His mouth opened wide as he saw a smirk on Long Chen's face.

    \"I must say... I never expected the fierce child-eating demon to be a woman. I'm somewhat shocked\" Long Chen said to the black-robed girl with an amused smile on his face.

    \"Oh? Is that what people are calling me nowadays? That's not a pleasing name in the least.\" The girl responded to Long Chen. Long Chen couldn't see her facial expressions but he was sure that she was displeased... but he didn't care.

    \"You bastard! How dare you fool me? I'll kill you!!!\" Wuji Lu roared in anger as he ran towards Long Chen. He was furious at being fooled by a kid.

    He punched towards Long Chen's chest but Long Chen simply caught his hand without much difficulty. Wuji Lu used all his strength, but he couldn't free his hand.

    He used his other hand to attack Long Chen, but Long Chen grabbed his other hand as well.

    A loud scream escaped his mouth as Long Chen kicked his chest with full force while his hands were being held by Long Chen firmly.

    Wuji Lu's chest was broken as Long Chen's leg penetrated his chest and came out from the other side.

    \"Eww... That didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Now my pants are all dirty.\" Long Chen let out with a disgusted look on his face as he freed Wuji Lu's hands. The lifeless body of Wuji Lu fell on the ground.

    Long Chen shifted his focus back to the woman covered in a black robe.

    \"Are you not going to look back? No need to be shy.\" Long Chen said with a smile on his face as he looked at the back of the black-robed woman.

    \"I heard it many times and I believe that it wasn't a lie. The young are really full of vigor nowadays. You aren't a simple boy, are you? Tell me who sent you? What are you after?\" The black-robed woman said as she slowly turned back.

    Long Chen was finally able to see the face of the woman after she turned back and he was stunned.

    Surprisingly, She looked quite beautiful and young. She looked like she was only in her late twenties, but Long Chen could feel that it was not the case. The girl had light green hair and pitch-black eyes that gazed at Long Chen. The girl had fair skin and thin lips.

    \"Why do you kidnap the kids? Can't you live your life without killing kids?\" Long Chen asked with a frown as he looked at the girl.

    \"Who told you such a lie? I don't kill the kids. It's all complete nonsense\" The woman started laughing in front of Long Chen as soon as she heard Long Chen's words.

    \"You don't kill them? What do you do then? Why do you take the kids?\" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face.

    \"Are they still alive?\" Long Chen inquired further.

    \"First tell me who sent you here. Where did you come from? Your young age and the strength you showed. I have some doubts about you, but it's better to hear from you.\" The woman said with a smirk on her face.

    \"I'm Ruan, the core disciple of the Thunder Giant Sect. My master is the Grand Elder of the Thunder Giant Sect in the North Moon Empire. Now tell me where the kids are? I might leave you alive if you're honest.\" Long Chen told the woman.

    \"Thunder Giant Sect?\" The woman let out with a shocked look on her face. A frown appeared on her face as she fell in deep thought.

    'I thought he was from the nearby Xuan Kingdom, but the personal disciple of the Grand Elder of Thunder Giant Sect? Looks like I'll need to leave this place. But before that... I must kill this boy for interfering in my well-settled life.' The woman thought with a frown on her face. She didn't take her eyes off of Long Chen.

    \"Tell me about the kids!\" Long Chen asked again in a loud tone.

    \"The kids? You know the specialty of kids? They are so full of life... So I simply took all their life force for myself. Don't worry, I didn't kill them though. I sucked most of their life force and left what remained of them to Wuji Lu. I gave him full freedom to deal with the kids.\"The black-robed woman said with a smile.

    \"Now I have a feeling that Little Lu killed the kids, but at least I didn't do such a terrible thing myself. So I'm completely innocent \" The woman said as a smirk formed on her face. She looked at Long Chen.

    \"You... \" Long Chen could feel his blood boiling as he heard the women's words.

    \"Since you have come here, You shouldn't even think of leaving alive! Don't think that the name of your master can save you from me. Even if your master knows of your situation, he still can't appear here to save you in time. I would be long gone by the time he comes here.!\" The woman's pitch became much sharper as she talked to Long Chen.

    \"Die for me!\" She said as a smile appeared on her face, but she didn't make a move.
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