237 Chapter 237: Law of fire

    \"Die for me!\" She said as a smile appeared on her face, but she didn't make a move.

    A sword appeared in Long Chen's hand that he swung all around.

    \"You think a few of your Life Destroying insects can subdue me? Did you really think that I wouldn't notice the insects on the roof above me?\" Long Chen said as the bodies of life-destroying insects kept getting cut in half and falling to the ground until there was none left.

    \"You!\" The woman's expression changed as she saw all her rare insects getting killed. She could feel her blood boiling.

    \"I'll kill you myself!\" The woman screamed in anger as she finally moved. Even Long Chen was stunned to see her speed. She looked to be just as fast as the wind itself.

    Two knives appeared in the girl's hands as she slashed towards Long Chen's chest, but her eyes opened wide in shock as the knives passed through the empty air. Long Chen had disappeared from his position as soon as the knives were about to touch him thus the knives missed him.

    \"Aaahhh....\"  The woman screamed in anger as Long Chen appeared behind her back and slashed at her with his sword. A large wound appeared on her back that started bleeding. A scream escaped her mouth.

    She turned back with a furious look on her face and swung her knife towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen dodged the attack and caught her hand. Using his sword, he cut off the wrist of the woman.

    The knife fell onto the ground as the girl screamed like crazy.

    Long Chen freed her hand and gripped her neck and thrashed her on the ground. The woman coughed out a mouthful of blood as her back hit the hard ground.

    A crater was left behind as Long Chen again picked him up in the air, making her hang in the air by her neck

    \"You know when I first heard about you, I thought that you would be a top rank Earth Realm cultivator, but who knew that you would only be a 4th stage Earth Realm cultivator. I'm amazed you're still alive with such weak strength. How did you have the courage to do such a thing in such close proximity to the Xuan Kingdom?\" Long Chen said with a disappointed look on his face as he gazed into her eyes.

    \"Who.... Who are you! How can you be a high-rank Earth Realm cultivator! Even the disciple of the Grand Elder shouldn't have such strength!\" The woman let out with a look of disbelief on her face. Her whole body was filled with pain.

    \"I'm no one special. Just a person who is going to kill you. You just need to know that today is the day you die.\" Long Chen said with a smile as he gazed at her.

    \"Don't think that you have won! You are still going to die!\" The woman clenched her teeth as she said. Her eyes were blood red by now.

    Long Chen was completely unaware of the orb of fire that was taking form, behind his back. He suddenly sensed danger, but before he could react that blazing orb of fire struck his back.

    \"Ah...\" Long Chen groaned in pain as he threw away the woman and disappeared from his spot. He appeared ten meters behind from where he was originally standing.

    \"Where do you think you're running off to! You can't leave here alive!\" The girl laughed madly as she gazed at Long Chen. Her eyes were flaming red by now as she kept moving her left hand and kept making various gestures with her hand.

    Orbs of fire kept appearing all around Long Chen one after another and kept targeting Long Chen.

    \"Flame Essence? No... Flame Essence can't give such control over the flames! The flames aren't that strong either! You've learned the Law of Flame, haven't you?\"Long Chen let out with a surprised look on his face as he kept dodging the blazing hot orbs of fire.

    \"I'm surprised that you know about the laws. Not many people know about the laws, but you're right! I precisely comprehended the Law of Fire. Your knowledge can't save you, boy! You will still have to die!\" The black-robed woman said in a shrill voice as she continued attacking Long Chen.

    Long Chen disappeared from his position as he again used teleport and appeared near the girl, but before he could attack, another orb of fire appeared around her and attacked Long Chen.

    Long Chen was struck by the fire and thrown back as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Long Chen crashed on the ground.

    He rolled on the ground as he dodged another orb of flame and stood up.

    \"You can't escape!!!\" The girl laughed like a maniac as she kept attacking Long Chen.

    A wall of fire has appeared at the mouth of the cave to prevent Long Chen from leaving the room.

    \"Enough...!\" Long Chen roared loudly as his eyes changed their color. His eyes turned starry black as the space around him changed.

    The orbs of fire kept hitting him, but it looked like the orbs of fire were hitting a barrier that prevented them from harming Long Chen in the slightest.

    The black-robed girl frowned as she saw the orb of fire being stopped by Long Chen's barrier.

    \"A barrier? Do you think your barrier can stop the burning spirit of the fire?\" The woman sneered coldly as she raised her hands high.

    A ring of fire formed around Long Chen that started burning like crazy. Burning hot flames filled the entire ring of fire. The flames only kept getting denser.

    The room had started getting hot as the fire tried to burn Long Chen alive.

    \"I'll see how long you can stay alive.\" The woman smiled conceitedly as she saw the blazing fire. The fire was so dense that it was difficult to even see Long Chen inside the fire.
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