238 Chapter 238: Strange Cauldron

    \"I'll see how long you can stay safe alive.\" The woman smiled conceitedly as she saw the blazing fire. The fire was so dense that it was difficult to even see Long Chen inside the fire.

    The woman looked like she was enjoying watching the fire burn Long Chen when a sword penetrated her heart from her behind.

    \"H... How!\" She coughed out another mouthful of blood as she exclaimed.

    \"Your fire is nothing in front of the infinite space.\" Someone whispered in her ear.

    Long Chen pulled out the sword from her back as the woman fell to the ground.

    \"You should have been a genius since you were able to learn the Law of Fire. You didn't need to do such a thing.\" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the dead body of the woman.

    Just to be sure, he cut off the woman's head. The girl was able to learn the law of fire, she could have other tricks up her sleeve as well. Long Chen didn't want to take any chances.

    After he was done with her, Long Chen took her storage ring and began looking around the room.

    The room had nothing much except a comfortable bed on the corner, the cauldron at the center and some rare herbs.

    Long Chen walked towards the herbs first. He placed all of the herbs in his storage ring before he turned back towards the cauldron.

    He walked towards the cauldron and began observing it.

    Half of the cauldron was silver while the other half was golden. There was a moon symbol on the golden side of the cauldron, while the Sun symbol was on the silver side. There were tens of star symbols in between them.

    \"This cauldron looks like a treasure item. It's at least a Gold Grade artifact, it could even be higher. Looks like this trip was worth it.\" Long Chen smiled as he placed his hands on the cauldron.

    He placed the cauldron in his storage ring and walked towards the exit. The fire that was blocking the entrance of the cave had disappeared and the path was clear by now.

    Long Chen had no trouble as he left the cave and started walking towards the village.

    After half an hour, Long Chen finally reached the entrance of the village.

    He was stunned to see that all the villagers were on their knees. They all had tears in their eyes as they kept muttering something.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile bitterly as he heard their words.

    \"That boy is definitely dead, it will be our turn next. The demon will kill us all.\" The villagers kept saying with worried expressions on their faces.

    \"I'm telling you for the last time! Stop talking nonsense or I will kill you myself! \" Zhiqing let out as anger clouded her face. She glared at the man who had just spoken.

    \"Why should we stop. We are saying the truth. You people destroyed our lives. If we had given those 3 kids away, everything would have been handled peacefully, like always! But that boy interfered in our business and now we all will die!\" A village stood up and said loudly.

    \"Yeah! He should die, not us!\"Another villager let out loudly.

    \"The demon should kill him, but we had nothing to do with him!\" The first villager again said.

    \"I wish that boy could tell the demon that it was all his fault before dying! I don't want the demon to blame us for a stupid kid's mistakes!\" He further said.

    Soon, the others started rising up and saying similar things.

    \"What are all of you saying? The boy was trying to help us! We shouldn't talk bad about him!\" The village chief said in a discontented tone.

    \"Shut up you old man! You're just saying that because he saved your daughter!\" The Villager responded.

    \" How can you...\" The village chief was saying something, but he was stopped by the Villager.

    \"He should have let that demon envoy take your daughter! So many of the village kids have been sacrificed to the demons throughout the years, So what if it was one more!\" The Villager let out.

    \"He wasn't going to take her! The envoy said that he would only strip her and r*pe her! You wouldn't have lost her. She would have been lucky that she got the opportunity to get fuc*ed by the demon envoy! But that demon envoy was attacked by that impulsive kid inste..\" That villager was again saying something, but in between his sentence, his head was separated from his body and he fell to the ground.

    \"Who else was badmouthing me?\" Long Chen stood near the dead body of the villager as he looked all around.

    All the villagers started shivering in fear as they created their distance from Long Chen and moved back.

    \"You're back! How was it.?\" Mingyu asked Long Chen as she walked near him. There was a relieved look on her face.

    \"It's handled.\" Long Chen replied with a smile.

    \"By the way, I think that I made a mistake by helping them. I had forgotten the nature of humanity. Even as I saved the kids, I was the bad guy. I'll make better decisions in the future.\" Long Chen let out with an expressionless face. Each of his words made the villagers feel more and more shame about their behavior.

    \"Let's go. We're leaving.\" Long Chen told the girls as he began walking towards their carriage.

    \"Ah... wait, Master!\" A voice came from behind. Long Chen stopped and turned back only to find the Village Chief standing behind him.

    \"You saved my daughter. I want to express my gratitude. Although I have nothing of value to give you, I do have something that has been in our family for a long time.\"The old man said as he gave Long Chen something.

    Long Chen was stunned as he unwrapped the gift. It was something he never expected.
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