241 Chapter 241: Man from the sky

    \"He is one of the most talented carriage drivers in our Kingdom. His battle strength isn't weak either.\" She continued.

    \"Yeah. I noticed that. A 7th stage gold core realm driver is quite rare.\" Long Chen said as he folded his arms and nodded his head.

    He's setting up the campfire right now. The food shall be ready in half an hour. How about we rest inside my tent till then. We can talk about some life philosophy.\" Zhiqing said as she winked at Long Chen

    \"Hey! I know what life philosophies you want to talk about! Don't even think about it.\" Zhiqing let out in an annoyed tone.

    \"Come on sister, Isn't our duty to please our husband? Come with me... both of us will take care of hubby.\" Zhiqing walked closer to Mingyu and whispered in her ears.

    Mingyu's face turned crimson as she heard her words. Unbeknownst to them, Long Chen was able to hear their words clearly due to his sharp senses. A wry smile appeared on his face as he started looking elsewhere.

    \"Oh right, Zhiqing. How old are you?\" Long Chen suddenly asked out of curiosity.

    \"Me? I... Don't you know that it's bad to ask a girl of her age? Still, I'll tell you that I'm in my early twenties.\" Zhiqing said vaguely.

    \"Did you take part in the sect entrance exams of 4 years ago? You're in your early twenties and you are already at the 5th stage of the gold core realm. Your talent seems way better than that of Prince Lu, who is said to be a grade 6 talent. I wonder what your talent grade is.\" Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    \"Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't participate in the sect entrance exams 4 years ago,\" Zhiqing said as she shook her head.

    \"Why not? You could easily become the inner sect disciple of the 1st rank sects.\" Long Chen asked as he gazed at Zhiqing with a curious look on her face.

    \"Oh, come on. I'm nothing in front of the both of you! You guys are the real monsters when it comes to talent and cultivation. You're both in Earth Realm at such a young age...I don't even hold a candle in front of you.\" Zhiqing sighed as she shook her head in self-deprecation.

    \"Anyways, I don't have any interest in joining the sects. I just want to live my life freely. I don't want to be bound by the rules and regulations of the sect. That's why I never participated in the sect entrance exams.\" Zhiqing further said as she smiled.

    \"That's quite an interesting approach. So you don't want the resources of the sects? Don't you desire to reach the peak of cultivation?\" Long Chen asked again with a thoughtful look on his face.

    \"It's fine. I don't have any excessive desires. I'm sure that I'll reach my goal. I will do it at my own pace though. If I have the talent, I can do it on my own. If I don't have the talent to do it then even if the top sects helped me, I wouldn't be able to achieve anything.\" Zhiqing chuckled as she replied to Long Chen.

    \"Interesting. You're quite interesting. I'm sure you'll reach great heights if you keep a strong heart like that.\" Long Chen said with a smile as he praised Mingyu.

    \"Thank you, but it would be quite tough to catch up to you. I'd never give up though. I'll keep trying my best.\" Zhiqing grinned as she held Long Chen's hand.

    \"Oh? Looks like the food is ready.\" Mingyu interrupted their moment as she called out. She was getting quite jealous of Zhiqing acting so close to Long Chen.

    \"Oh, good. I was getting hungry. Let's go.\" Long Chen walked towards the campfire as he held Zhiqing's hand.

    Using his other hand, he caught Mingyu's hand as well as he took her with him.

    They sat around the campfire and began eating the food.

    \"You were right. Ron does make good food. It's quite tasty. \" Long Chen said as he kept eating the food. The food was just to his liking.

    Long Chen was eating when he sensed something strange. He hurriedly placed the bowl on the ground as he stood up and looked towards the sky. His sharp senses were warning him of something.

    \"What happened? Is there something wrong?\" Mingyu asked with a confused look on her face as she saw Long Chen's strange reaction.

    \"Shhh...\" Long Chen didn't say anything and just gestured for Mingyu to stay silent as he kept looking towards the sky.

    For a short time, Long Chen didn't see anything, but he didn't take his eyes off of the sky. He didn't even make a single movement.

    After a few seconds, something finally came to his view. It looked like a human that was falling from the sky.

    The person kept falling down but there was no movement that could be seen. It seemed like that person was unconscious.

    When there were only 10 meters of distance remaining between the man and the ground, Long Chen jumped to the sky and caught the person as he landed on the ground.

    \"Where did you come from?\" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the guy.

    It was a man who looked to be in his early thirties. His clothes looked quite good and it looked like he was from a good place. There was a high-grade Storage Ring on the man's finger but he was unconscious.

    \"Who's he? Did he just fall from the sky?\" Mingyu stood up and asked with concern.

    \"Hurry! Extinguish the fire!\" Long Chen said in a hurry as he noticed the blood on the clothes of the man in his hand.

    \"Yes!\" Zhiqing didn't ask anything and hurriedly threw the water on the fire to extinguish it. The fire was extinguished as the whole place returned to darkness.
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