242 Chapter 242: Alchemy

    \"Yes!\" Zhiqing didn't ask anything and hurriedly threw the water on the fire to extinguish it. The fire was extinguished as the whole place returned to darkness.

    \"Take him inside my tent. Make sure that his injuries don't get worse.\" Long Chen handed the man to Ron and said to him.

    \"You two go with him and don't come out.\" Long Chen told the girls. Mingyu and Zhiqing followed his commands as they went with Ron.

    Long Chen was standing alone outside, under a tree as he kept observing the sky.

    After a minute or so, a large fleet of flying breasts passed from the sky. Long Chen couldn't see anything other than the beasts, but he felt like there were people on top of the beasts.

    Long Chen kept standing below the tree as he fell in deep thought.

    \"Looks like something big is going on.\" Long Chen muttered as his back rested against the tree.

    Long Chen turned back and started walking towards his tent.

    \"His wounds are too heavy and his breathing is weakening!\" Mingyu came out of the tent and informed him before he could enter.

    He followed her as he entered inside. He sat beside the unconscious man and checked his pulse and used his divine sense to check the body of the man.

    \"He has been poisoned... and heavily wounded. It's shocking that he wasn't caught by whoever was following him.\" Long been let out as he retracted his divine sense.

    \"The wounds can be healed by the pills we already have but the poison... that's going to be the real problem.\" Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the boy.

    \"If only we had a Hundred Poison Healing Pill, we would be able to save him.\" Mingyu let out with a disappointed look on her face.

    \"Oh right! Hundred Poison healing pill! We can save him.\" Long Chen said as he stood up.

    He suddenly remembered something about the pill.

    \"What? Do you have the pill?\" Zhiqing asked with a surprised look on her face.

    \"Nope, but I'm going to make it. Zhiqing, I'll be using your tent for the time being. Don't come inside so that I don't lose my focus.\" Long Chen told Zhiqing before he left the tent in a hurry and walked inside Zhiqing's tent.

    \"Time to test you, little cauldron\" Long Chen muttered as he brought out a cauldron. It was the same cauldron that he had taken from the cave of the black-robed woman who used to steal kids' life essence to boost her strength.

    He started fire below the cauldron and began heating it. He had all the necessary herbs in his storage ring to make the Hundred Poison Healing Pill and he had the recipe in his brain as well. It was all because of the knowledge of a peak spiritual grade alchemist that he had received as a reward from the bloodline temple.

    He started adding the herbs in properly batched quantities based on the memories and began the concoction of the Hundred Poison Healing Pill.

    The hundred poison healing pill was classified as a high-level mortal grade pill. Although Long Chen had the knowledge of a peak Spirit grade alchemist, when it came to the actual practice, that's where he was lacking. The first time he tried making a pill, he was able to successfully make a low-level Mortal grade pill, but that too was only after 3 failed attempts.

    \"I only have enough herbs to try two times... if I fail both times, that guy will die. It's not like I'll be affected by his death in any way, but I have a feeling that this person will be useful to me. I should try making the pill to the best of my effort. If it's in his destiny to live, I'll be successful. If he is meant to die, oh well... too bad my herbs would be used for nothing.\" Long Chen muttered to himself as he continued the concoction.

    It took him half an hour before he was done with all the steps that were needed. A beautiful smell was coming out of the cauldron.

    \"Looks like it worked.\"Long Chen smiled as he opened the lid of the cauldron. As soon as the lid was open, the expression on his face turned strange.

    There were three pills inside the cauldron, but they didn't look the way they were supposed to. The Hundred Poison Healing pill was supposed to be black in color, but the pill that was inside the cauldron looked red.

    \"What the hell? What did I do wrong?\" Long Chen began wondering with a confused look on his face as he picked up a pill from the cauldron.

    He observed the pill and the pill wasn't burnt. In fact, it looked perfectly shaped. It smelled how it was supposed to, but its color was different. Even with his Spirit grade Alchemist knowledge, he wasn't able to understand it's meaning.

    \"Maybe I used too much Hong Zhao, I should try again with decreased quantity. That should take care of the color.\" Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look as he again started the fire and began concoction from scratch.

    Half an hour later, the pills were ready as a strong smell of the pills was coming out of the cauldron.

    Long Chen turned off the fire and took off the lid of the cauldron as he picked up the pills, but this time he wasn't happy in the slightest. The pills inside the cauldron were clearly destroyed. He immediately threw away the pills.

    \"Looks like decreasing the Hong Zhen's quantity had an adverse effect on the concoction. I shouldn't have changed the recipe. How did my first try yield the red pills though? I had clearly followed the recipe at that time.\" Long Chen muttered as he observed the three pills that he had received the first time he tried making the Hundred Poison Healing Pill.

    \"I don't have any herbs left for another try. I can only hope that this pill works. Only the color is different. There's a possibility that this pill is effective. It all depends on his luck anyway.\" Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he placed the cauldron inside the storage ring.
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