243 Chapter 243: Plan for the nigh

    \"I don't have any herbs left for another try. I can only hope that this pill works. Only the color is different. There's a possibility that this pill is effective. It all depends on his luck anyway.\" Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he placed the cauldron inside the storage ring.

    After getting ready, he left Zhiqing's tent and started walking toward his own.

    It was already midnight and the darkness was at its peak. It was so silent that even the whistling of leaves could be heard.

    \"You're back! Were you successful? I don't think he'll live for more than an hour unless the poison is removed.\" Mingyu noticed Long Chen and informed him as soon as he entered the tent.

    Long Chen gazed towards the man and his situation was getting worse. His breathing was really weak and his face was feverish red.

    \"Ahmm... I made a pill, but the effectiveness of this pill will be entirely dependent on his luck. I can't say anything about it for now\" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he sat next to the man.

    He placed his hands on the man's face and opened his mouth. Using the other hand, he placed the pill inside the man's mouth.

    \"The pill will melt inside his mouth and enter his body. Let's see if he can heal from it.\" Long Chen let out softly as he sat gazed at the man.

    Ten Minutes passed away, but it didn't look like the man was recovering. Instead, It seemed like the man's condition was worsening. His breathing was so weak that it seemed like his breath would stop at any moment.

    Long Chen observed him for quite some time before he sighed.

    'Looks like the pill was indeed a failure.' Long Chen muttered with a disappointed look on his face.

    He was about to give up on any hope of the man's survival but everything changed.

    The man finally started recovering. The breathing of the man seemed like it was starting to stabilize. His face had gained back its original color as well.

    \"Let him rest for the night. He should be fine by the morning.\" Long Chen said with a smile as he stood up.

    \"Ron, You can stay with him in this tent to keep an eye on him. Although he probably won't wake up tonight, if he does wake up in the middle of the night, don't forget to inform us.\" Long Chen said as he stood up and left the tent.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing both left the tent soon after.

    \"Looks like your tent is booked for the night. You can sleep in mine, but on a different mattress\" Mingyu walked closer to Long Chen and said to him softly.

    \"Ahh... Alr...\" Long Chen was in the middle of his sentence when Zhiqing grabbed his hands and interrupted him.

    \"Why in your tent! Mine is available as well. He can sleep in mine.\" Zhiqing stood near Long Chen and said in an annoyed tone.

    \"Come with me darling, there's no need for that separate mattress in my place,\" Zhiqing said in a seductive tone as she struck closer to Long Chen.

    \"That's no need for any mattress.I'll cultivate all night after all. So it doesn't matter where I stay.\" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he tried to play the middle man.

    \"That's fine. So which tent will you stay in?\" Both of them asked at the same time.

    \"I... I'll... I'll stay in the carriage.\" He thought for a while, but his head started aching as he observed the expectant faces of both of them. In the end, he decided to stay out of it.

    Unbeknownst to him, there were cracks that had started to develop in his heart demon's cocoon but only a few cracks were developed before it stopped.

    \"You don't need to go that far, I know we are making things unnecessarily difficult for you. You can stay in Zhiqing's room. I won't mind.\" Mingyu let out abruptly amidst his reply. She turned back and entered her tent.

    Long Chen stood there unable to understand what just happened. Did Mingyu just get angry?

    'Life sure is tough with two women. I wonder what will happen when the number increases.' Long Chen thought with a wry smile on his face.

    \"Go after her, we can spend time together some other time.\" Zhiqing chuckled as she pushed Long from behind.

    \"Thanks.\" Long Chen smiled as he gave Zhiqing a light peck on the lips before he walked towards Mingyu's tent.

    \"You'll just cultivate anyways, It's not like I'm losing much tonight.\" Zhiqing let out with a clever smile on her face.

    'This way, I can fairly take him to my room the next time.' She thought to herself.

    Mingyu was lying on her mattress and looked like she was most in deep thought. Long Chen entered the tent suddenly which shocked Mingyu.

    \"What're you doing here?\" Mingyu asked with a shocked look on her face as she saw Long Chen entering her tent.

    \"Can't I enter my woman's room?\"Long Chen replied to her with a cute smile on his face.

    \"You can, but why are you not with Zhiqing?\" Mingyu asked with a confused look on his face.

    \"Of Course I'm here to spend the night with my lovely Mingyu.\" Long Chen chuckled as he closed the zip of the tent opening and walked towards Mingyu. A slight smile appeared on Mingyu's face but she quickly hid it.

    He sat right beside her on the mattress.

    \"Didn't you say that you will cultivate all night long?\"Mingyu said as she saw Long Chen lying beside her.

    \"That was the initial plan, but I dropped it. I know that I can't cultivate in peace with such a beautiful girl sleeping right beside me. It's better that I don't even try.\" Long Chen chuckled as she placed his arms over Mingyu.

    \"I told you that we can't do anything other than kiss before I'm ready.\" Mingyu faced Long Chen as she reminded him.

    \"I know about it. Don't worry... I won't force you. I promise.\" Long Chen with a gentle smile on his face. He brought his face closer to Mingyu's and kissed her soft lips.

    \"But I can still kiss...\" He smiled as he gazed in her eyes.
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