246 Chapter 246: Identity

    \"You do not look like the assassins. Who are you guys? Where am I?\" He asked as he looked at Long Chen. He looked somewhat confused to see new faces in front of him.

    \"Shouldn't you introduce yourself first?\" Long Chen stepped forward and sat in front of Long Chen. He wanted to get the answers first before talking anything about himself.

    \"I'm Ji Shang... the Second Prince of the Blazing Sun Empire. Now tell me, where am I? And who are you, people?\" He asked again as he stared at them with a doubtful look on his face.

    \"Blazing Sun Empire? Isn't that the neighboring Empire of the North Moon Empire? I heard that there's quite a history of bad blood between the Empires.\" Zhiqing let out softly as soon as she heard the identity of the man.

    \"I'm Long Chen. This here is Mingyu and she's Zhiqing. Both of them are my wives and that man there is Ron, our carriage driver. What's the last thing you remember?\" Long Chen introduced themselves before asking him further questions.

    \"The last thing I remember? I was on my way to the Beast Taming School in the Weixin Kingdom when I was ambushed by the assassins. I tried retaliating but I couldn't use my powers as I realized that I was poisoned.\"Ji Shan told Long Chen.

    \"The poison affected my strength as well as my thinking. Instead of going to the Weixin Kingdom, I passed over it. I don't remember what happened after...\" Ji Shang tried remembering but that was all he could remember.

    \"Yeah... I think I know what happened after that. You were too injured and you lost consciousness and fell from your flying beast. We happened to be there when you fell and caught you. I think you can guess what happened after.\" Long Chen said as he finished the remaining part of the story.

    \"Anyways, I feel like I'm not poisoned anymore. How did you heal me?\" Ji Shang asked Long Chen.

    \"I used a 'Hundred Poisons Healing Pill'.\" Long been replied to Ji Shan.

    \"A Hundred Poison Healing Pill? Are you kidding me? That's impossible.\" Ji Shang straight away shook his head as he said.

    \"Why?\" Long Chen inquired with a confused look on his face. He couldn't understand what was so shocking about it.

    \"The Hundred Poison Healing Pill' can't cure the poison that I was inflicted with. I had two of those pills in my hand when I was chased by the assassins. I ate those pills, but it was useless. Only a Thousand Poisons Healing Pill can cure the poison that I  was harmed with. You must have used that pill unknowingly.\" Ji Shang explained.

    \"A Thousand Poison Healing Pill? Is that Pill normally red in color?\" Long Chen asked with a stunned look on his face.

    \"Yup. Although the Hundred Poison Healing Pill is black in color, the Thousand Poison Healing Pill is of Red Color.\" Ji Shang replied to Long Chen.

    Long Chen was shocked as soon as he heard Ji Shan's answer.

    'I made a Thousand Poison Healing Pill? How?' He thought with a frown.

    \"Is the recipe of a Thousand Poison Healing Pill the same as the recipe of Hundred Poison Healing Pill?\" Long Chen asked again as he tried to find a possible explanation.

    \"Nope. Although I'm not an alchemist myself, I have heard that the Thousand Poison Healing Pill has a much more complicated recipe and it requires many more rare herbs compared to the Hundred Poison Healing Pill.\" Ji Shang answered Long Chen with a thoughtful look on his face.

    'Than why? How can I make a pill that only Gold Grade alchemists can make without even knowing the recipe? How did the Hundred Poison Healing Pill upgrade to the Thousand Poison Healing Pill? Was it because of that Sun and Moon cauldron? It makes no sense.' Long Chen fell in deep thoughts as he wondered about the pill that he made.

    \"Where are you guys from?\" Ji Shan asked as he looked at Long Chen.

    \"Huh, did you ask something?\" Long Chen recovered from his daze as he asked. He was still wondering about the pill.

    \"Yeah. I asked where are you guys from?\" Ji Shan repeated his question.

    \"Oh, I'm from the kingdom of Shui.\" Long Chen subconsciously replied as he was still lost in the thoughts of the pill he made.

    'Shui? Isn't that the 2nd rank kingdom? Shouldn't he have made a better lie to hide his identity? A lie that would be more believable' Zhiqing thought to herself. She thought that Long Chen was lying about his place as he didn't want to tell Ji Shan that he was from an Empire as well.

    \"Oh? The kingdom of Shui? I have an unforgettable memory associated with that place. I was there when I was a little younger, sadly there was another assassination attempt on my life. Thankfully a senior helped me and saved my life. Do you know Master Long Ren?\" Ji Shan was surprised as Long Chen told him about the kingdom of Shui. He couldn't help but remember his past.

    \"Master Long Ren? Yeah, I met him once. What does he have to do with your story? Was he the person that... ?\" Long Chen was surprised as he heard his grandfather's name.

    \"Yeah. He was the person who saved my life at that time and killed the assassins. Unfortunately, I didn't have many good things to reward Master Ren with. I could only give him a 'Life-Giving Pill'.\"Ji Shan said with an embarrassed smile on his face.

    'A 'Life-Giving Pill'? I remember it. Grandfather talked about it once. He said that he received a Life-Giving Pill. It was because of a mysterious cultivator whose life he saved. The pill was the thing that saved Long Tian's life after the assassination attempt on his life. Unfortunately, even that pill couldn't heal his brain.' Long Chen thought as he remembered about the pill.
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