249 Chapter 249: Master

    All of them sat down together as they began eating breakfast.

    \"Prince Shan, Can you tell me more about the Northern Moon Empire?\" Long Chen asked Ji Shan during their breakfast.

    Ji Shan smiled as he placed his hand on Long Chen's shoulder.

    \"You don't need to follow the formality. Just call me brother Shan. You danger my life and helped me so much. We're brothers from now on. Whenever you need my help, just come to me. I'll help you, even if I have to go through the depths of hell. This is my promise to you as the Second Prince of the Blazing Sun Empire. \" Ji Shan told Long Chen as a smile formed on his face.

    \"Ahh... Anyways, I'll repeat my question. Can you tell me more about the Northern Moon Empire?\" Long Chen again asked Ji Shan as he ignored the embarrassing stuff.

    \" Alright.\" Ji Shan replied with a smile as he began describing the Northern Moon Empire.

    \"Alright, I'll tell you through comparisons.

    The Northern Moon Empire is one of the superpowers of this continent, although it's still not the strongest. When it comes to strength, Our Blazing Sun Empire and their Northern Moon Empire possess similar strength.\"

    \" The king of the Blazing Sun Empire has 3 kids still alive. Me, the 1st Prince and our sister. As I previously mentioned, our 3rd brother had died. On the other hand, the king of the North Moon Empire only has 2 kids. The Crown Prince and the Princess. Although there is some bad blood between both Empires, there have been no all-out wars. \"

    \" What about their sects? I heard there's a Thunder Giant Sect in the North Moon Empire.\"

    \" Both the Empires contain the same number of sects. The top 2 sects of our empire are Heavenly Dao Sect and Mighty Immortal Sect. On the other hand, the  Northern Moon Empire also has 2 Major Sects. The Thunder Giant Sect and the Heavenly Flame Sect. It's quite interesting though.\"

    \"Their  King sent their Prince to cultivate in the Heavenly Flame Sect, while he sent the Princess to cultivate in the Thunder Giant Sect. Most probably it was an effort to show himself as an Impartial Emperor. \" Ji Shan said with an amused smile on his face.

    \" What about your place? You and your brother are part of the same Sect?\" Long Chen asked with an interested look on his face.

    \"The first Prince joined the Heavenly Dao Sect. Our father wanted me to join the same Sect, but I didn't join it. \"

    \" You joined the other Sect? \"

    \" Nope. I joined no Sect. Although I do have a Master, neither he nor I am a part of any sect. My master taught me everything I know. \"

    \"Hmm? Since your father allowed you to study under him, your Master mustn't be weaker than the elders of those sects. Anyways, where is your Master now? \" Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

    \" My master? I don't know. Oh right, why are you going to the Weixin Kingdom? \" Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    Long Chen noticed how subtly Ji Shan changed the topic, but he didn't say anything.

    \"Looks like brother Shan doesn't want to tell me. He doesn't consider me as a brother. It's alright.\" Long Chen let out in a hurt tone.

    \" What nonsense are you talking about? Of course, I consider you as a brother. It's just that I promised my Master that I won't talk about him to anyone. I can only tell you that he is not as strong as an elder of the major sects. \" Ji Shan said to Long Chen.

    \" Not that strong? How come you became his disciple then? Oh right, you promised not to tell.\" Long Chen grew even more curious as he heard his reply but realized that he won't get answers if he pushed Ji Shan too much.

    \"I apologize, but I can really talk about anything other than stuff related to my master.\" Ji Shan let out in an apologetic tone.

    \"It's fine., Don't worry about it.\" Long Chen casually replied as he acted like he didn't really care about it.

    \"Thank you for being so understanding.\" Ji Shan said to Long Chen with a grateful expression on his face. Long Chen didn't reply.

    They finished breakfast in a short time before they all got up to leave.

    Long Chen, Mingyu and Zhiqing got inside their carriage while Prince Ji Shan climbed on top of his Soul Devouring Beast. And thus, their journey began.

    Only half an hour had passed and Ji Shan had already started regretting his decision of traveling together.

    'Their carriage is so slow. I don't like moving slow at all, but there's nothing I can do.\" He muttered as he looked towards the carriage.

    His Soul Devouring Wolf could move at a much faster speed, but he had slowed down so that he could match the speed of the carriage.

    The reason for the carriage's slow movement was because the best that was pulling it was only an average beast, the Wind horse. Even without the burden of the carriage, it wouldn't be able to match the speed of the Soul Devouring Wolf, let alone when it was pulling a heavy carriage.

    They traveled throughout the day without break and only stopped when it was dusk.

    \"What happened? You looked somewhat tired?\" Long Chen came out of the carriage and noticed that tired expression of Ji Shan.

    \"Yeah, I guess I'm a little tired after traveling on Whitey all day long.\" Ji Shan let out with a wry smile on his face.

    \"If it's really that uncomfortable to move at such a speed on Whitey, how about he decrease out speed? Would that make you more comfortable?\" Long Chen suggested with a smile.

    Ji Shan's face couldn't help but twitch as he heard Long Chen's words.

    'Can we really move any slower than we are currently moving?' I thought with a worried look on his face.

    \"Please don't do that. The current speed is perfect.\" He hurriedly let out.
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