250 Chapter 250: Nine Rivers Transfusion

    'Can we really move any slower than we are currently moving?' He thought with a worried look on his face.

    \"Please don't do that. The current speed is perfect.\" Ji Shan hurriedly let out a pleading tone.

    \"Alright. If you're fine with it.\" Long Chen smiled as he walked towards the Campfire that we started by Ron.

    As Long Chen and the others sat beside the fire and talked, Ron was busy setting up the camp.

    \"Can I make the food today?\" Ji Shan asked abruptly as he noticed the fire and Ron that was busy in setting up the camp.

    \"Prince Shan, Can you really cook?\" Long Chen let out with a doubtful look on his face.

    'How can the Prince of an Empire know to cook dishes? ' He thought as he waited for Ji Shan's answers.

    \"Of Course I can cook. I cook food for my beasts after quite often.\" Ji Shan replied as he smiled.

    \" Princes Shan, you know that we aren't beasts, right?\" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    \" Just trust me. I will show you.\" Ji Shan said with a confident look on his face as he stood up proudly.

    \"If you say so.\" Long Chen gave up and decided to give him the chance.

    The camp was set up even faster than before and Ron came towards the Campfire to prepare food for everyone, but he was stunned to see Ji Shan was sitting in front of the campfire and cooking.

    He walked closer with a confused look on his face.

    \"Oh Ron, The camps are up? Nice. You can have some rest. Prince Shan is in charge of the food today.\" Zhiqing noticed Ron and informed him about the strange situation.

    \"Ah... Alright, Master.\" Ron said as he sat down on a nearby stone and started observing Ji Shan.

    It took only ten more minutes before Ji Shan was done.

    \"I'm finished. Today I made a special dish of our Empire for you all. Fortunately, I left the palace with a lot of ingredients.\" Ji Shan said as a smile appeared on his face.

    He served everyone a soup-like thing in the bowls that he had taken out from his storage ring.

    \"The soup I made is considered one of the best dishes of our Empire. It is called Nine Rivers Transfusion Soup. It uses herbs collected from the banks of 9 different rivers in our Empire. \" He said with a proud expression on his face.

    \"The soup is well known for increasing the vitality of a prison. It has even more benefits for cultivators as it can increase the speed of natural Qi absorption during the cultivation. \" Ji Shan continued.

    \" Sounds pretty good and the smell is good as well. \" Long Chen said softly as he observed the soup.

    He started drinking it after the brief observation.

    \"Hmm... The taste is quite good as well. I can feel the energy of heaven and earth inside it. No wonder it has such amazing effects.\" Long Chen praised Ji Shan as he finished drinking his share.

    \"I'm glad you liked it. There's plenty. You can have more.\" Ji Shan smiled as he was praised. He served more of the Nine Rivers Transfusion Soup to Long Chen.

    All of them drank the soup until they were full.

    \"Alright,\" I'll be going to my tent now. Good night. \" The moon was shining high in the sky when Ji Shan stood up and bid his farewell to Long Chen and others before he walked towards the tent that was assigned to him.

    Ron left as well after asking for permission.

    Only Mingyu, Zhiqing and Long Chen were left behind.

    \"Last night you were with Mingyu, now it's my turn. \" Zhiqing said as she held his hands.

    \"Don't say anything! You had him for the whole night. Now it's my turn. \" Mingyu opened her mouth, but before she could even speak her first word, Zhiqing started speaking. Mingyu closed her mouth and didn't say anything as she walked back to her tent silently.

    \"Finally, I have you all to myself,\" Zhiqing said with a victorious smile as she stuck closer to Long Chen.

    \"I'm really sorry, but I think I'll stay outside tonight.\" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    \" Why? Don't you like me?\" Zhiqing said as she looked at Long Chen with expectancy.

    \"It's not that at all. It's just that I feel like the Qi inside my body is stimulated because of the Nine Rivers Transfusion Soup and I feel like I can break through tonight. I want to start outside and cultivate. \" Long Chen answered her. He could see the disappointment in her eyes, but he felt like there was nothing that he could do about it.

    \"Alright. I'll let you cultivate tonight. But don't try to pull anything like yesterday in the name of cultivation. \" She controlled her emotion and finally gave a smile.

    \"It will be strictly cultivated today. That's why I'm not going inside any tent.\" Long Chen let out with an embarrassed look on his face as he faced her.

    \"I trust you.\" She said as she gave a light peck on Long Chen's lips before she turned back and left.

    Long Chen sighed in relief as he started looking for a place to cultivate. He decided to use his old trick and climbed on top of a tree and place a hammock connected to two branches of nearby trees and sat on the hammock in a meditative position. He closed his eyes and finally began his cultivation.


    In a place near Long Chen's camp, more than 50 people were happily eating and drinking when a person came running towards them.

    \"Chief! Chief!\" He called out as he ran towards the crowd of people.

    \"What are you screaming for? Can't you see I am right here? \" A bearded man was sitting on a chair near a fireplace as he ate the cooked meat of an Earth Realm Beast.
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