251 Chapter 251: Attack on the camp

    \"Chief! I saw a group of people nearby. They have set up their camp in our territory. From their clothes and carriage, they look like rich brats that went out to explore the world without knowing the dangers.\" The person gave a wide grin as he told the bearded man.

    \"A few brats? Do you really think that i... A high Earth Realm Cultivator would rob a few kids? Do you really think that they would possess anything worth my attention? If you still want, go take two people with you and take whatever little bit they possess.\" The bearded man snorted as he continued eating the meat.

    \"But boss... I didn't even tell you about the main attraction. There are two girls in their group. One of the girls looks barely 20 and the other one looks even younger. Those two are the prettiest girls I have ever seen. They are just like the fairies from the heavens. I think the Chief would enjoy the girls. \"He continued with a smirk.

    \" Hmm? Girls? Well, it has been quite a lot of time since I had tasted a girl. Too bad that the girls we abducted broke so easily. Alright! I have decided that we will attack those kids. I will take the girl while you people can take care of the other kids and the money. \"The chief said as a smirk appeared on his face.

    \" Chief. It had been quite a lot of time since we had a woman. Can we have one of the girls as well?\" One of his subordinates said with a fawning smile on his face as he rubbed his hand.

    \"Sure. If I'm tired of the girls and they are still alive, you and the others can share them. If you can't wait that long, you can hang fun with the young boys in the meantime. I think you can use them quite well. \" The chief started laughing as he stood up.

    'These fools. Do they really think that I'll leave the girls for them as long as they are alive and useful? ' The chief thought with a smirk on his face.

    \"Lead the way, little Hu.\" The chief looked towards the informant and said.

    \" Yes, chief. \" The man called Hu excitedly started walking towards the target. They stepped through the forest and walked for over 20 minutes before a carriage and a few tents appeared before their eyes.

    'Hmm... Looks like little Hu wasn't lying. Although the carriage looks good, it's clearly not as amazing as the carriages of the top families of the Empire. Must be someone from a kingdom. That's good. \" The Chief thought as he observed the carriage of Mingyu.

    \" They are too naive. They didn't even leave a guard outside to guard their place. Must be an immature group of travelers. \" He let out softly.

    \" I think you guys can handle it easily, without needing me. Go and capture everyone. Treat the girls with care. There shouldn't even be a scratch on their body, otherwise, I would beat the crap out of the person responsible.\" The chief ordered them, but not before strictly warning them.

    \"Yes, boss.\" The people nodded their heads in affirmation and started advancing towards the tents.

    They passed through the silence of the night as they tried to make as low noise sad possible.

    While they were walking, they didn't know when they crossed a line that was made by Princess Zhiqing which worked more like an alarm that only Zhiqing could hear. She woke up as soon as she sensed it.

    On the other hand, Ji Shan was sleeping comfortably in his tent when he sensed the warning in his mind. It was because of an artifact that he used for the protection of their camp. When he used the artifact, It would give a warning to him whenever a stranger entered working a certain range of his. The range was 500 meters.

    He woke up with a frown as well.

    He brought his sword out of his storage ring and wore an ordinary-looking armor. Although the Sword and the Armor both looked quite ordinary, they were actually Peak Earth Grade Artifacts.

    Even ordinary Earth Grade artifacts were rare in kingdoms, let alone the peak Earth Grade artifacts. That showed the amazing resources that the empires possessed.

    He came out of his tent with the sword in his hand and noticed the 50 men that were coming towards them with their weapons. He didn't look anxious or worried and instead looked quite calm.

    He looked to the side and noticed that Zhiqing had come out as well. She was carrying her blade in her hand and looked ready to battle.

    She walked towards Mingyu's room to inform her, but surprisingly mingyu also came out without her needing to do anything. She wasn't sure how Mingyu or Ji Shan knew about the attackers, but she didn't ask.

    \"Looks like some bandits are trying to rob us. They must think that we are easy targets.\" Ji Shan let out with a wry smile on his face.

    \" Are you sure they are random bandits and not just people that are after your life?\" Zhiqing said in a doubtful tone.

    \"Hahaha, It couldn't be more obvious. The killers after me are assassins. They are professional killers that would never be naive enough to come running at me. They would use stealth for their initial attack against their targets, not brute force.\"Ji Shan let out with a smile as he told Zhiqing.

    \"Only when the stealth fails, will they use force. But the idiots in front of me are coming at me like mad dogs. There is no order or discipline in them.\" He continued.

    \" Oh, right, Where's brother Chen? Is he still sleeping?\" He couldn't help but ask as he noticed that Long Chen wasn't here yet.

    \"He must be out somewhere. He said that he would cultivate outside for the night.\" Even Zhiqing wasn't sure about Long Chen's exact location. She thought that he would be near the camp, but she couldn't see him.
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