252 Chapter 252: I was wrong

    \"He must be out somewhere. He said that he would cultivate outside for the night.\" Even Zhiqing wasn't sure about Long Chen's exact location. She thought that he would be near the camp, but she couldn't see him.

    \"It's alright. Let him cultivate. We can take care of the small-time goons.\" Ji Shan said as he long at the man coming towards them with an amused look on his face.

    \"I see two Earth Realm cultivators. One is a 4th stage Earth Realm while the other is a second stage Earth Realm. All the others are in the gold core realm. Do you want to have fun or should I take care of them myself? \" He asked as he looked towards Mingyu. He could see her cultivation and knew how strong she was. He even had a feeling that she was stronger than her cultivation realm.

    \"You can do it. I'm not interested in fighting.\" Mingyu said without much expression on her face.

    \"Awesome.\" A bright smile appeared on his face. He gripped the sword in his hand as he stepped forward.

    \"I never expected for them to notice us so soon. Looks like the kids are not as naive as we thought them to be.\" Little Hu let out as he noticed the 3 people coming out of their tents.

    \"So what if they notice us? It's not like they can survive. It's good that they aren't running away. Saves us the trouble.\" Another man laughed as he said.

    \" Looks like the boy is pretty eager to die.\" One of them said as they saw Ji Shan running towards him.

    Just when they distance between them eat less than 30 meters, they noticed that Ji Shan's speed had abruptly increased multiple times and they were finding it hard to keep an eye on them.

    The man looked like he was dancing with the wind as he kept swinging his sword as gracefully as he could.

    Those who were attacked by the man kept dying one after another from his attacks.

    With his other hand, Ji Shan tapped the bag that was tied to his waist 3 times.

    \"Handle them for me, whitey.\" Ji Shan said as a bright speck of light came out of his beast carrying bag and took the shape of the Soul Devouring Wolf.

    While Ji Shan killed his fair share of bandits, Whitey also killed a lot.

    Those who were bitten by the Soul Devouring Wolf could feel their soul being bitten by hundreds of poisonous snakes. While they went through crazy pain, The soul Devouring Wolf tore their bodies apart.

    That boy! He is not simple! Duqi! Go take care of that boy. \" The 4th stage Earth Realm cultivator told the 2nd stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    \"Yes, Brother Mu! I'll go and crush his skull \" The person called Duqi said to the short man. While Duqi was 7 ft tall, Mu, on the other hand, we surprisingly only 4 ft tall. But since he had the highest cultivation after the chief, no one dared to make fun of him.

    \"Hu, You handle the beast.\" Brother Mu further said to the person who informed them about Long Chen's group. Hu was a peak gold core realm cultivator.

    \"Yes.\" Hu nodded his head and ran towards the Soul Devouring Wolf with a treasure knife in his hand.

    \"Oh man, I saved the main dishes for the last, but since you came out of your own accord, I can't let you go disappointed. \" A smirk appeared on Ji Shan's face that made him look completely different from the kind and gentleman that he often looked. At the moment, it looked like he was enjoying letting loose.

    He didn't stop the graceful movement of his feet as he kept dodging the attacks of random cultivators while he fought with the Earth Realm and clashed his sword with the sword of the Earth Realm cultivator.

    At the moment, he was fighting with more than 5 cultivators at the same time.

    On the other hand, Hu had attacked the soul Devouring Wolf while he was busy killing another cultivator. The Soul Devouring Wolf dodged the knife of Hu as he used his lightning-fast speed.

    Before Hu could realize what happened, his leg was bitten by the Soul Devouring Wolf.

    \"Ahhh...\" He screamed as he felt a soul-crushing pain course through his body. He felt that he had lost control of his body as his whole body went limp.

    The pain didn't last for long as his head was bitten off, ending his pain forever.

    On the other hand, Ji Shan had killed the 2nd stage Earth Realm cultivator without taking much longer. The other bandits were killed as well. The whole ground was covered in blood.

    His constantly dancing feet finally stopped as he noticed that all the bandits were killed except the 4th stage Earth Realm cultivator.

    \"Finally, it's time for the main dish.\" Ji Shan said with a smile as he advanced towards Brother Mu.

    \"You are good I must say. Why don't you join our gang? \" A voice came from a distance.

    Ji Shan looked in that direction and saw a bearded man walking towards them.

    \"Hah, I was wondering how long you were going to stay there. Looks like you finally couldn't bear missing out on the fun and decided to join the party. \" Ji Shan chuckled as he looked at the Chief of the bandits.

    \"You are strong, but don't let arrogance blind you kid. I can see that you are a 6th stage Earth Realm cultivator. You can still stay alive if you agree to join us.\" Chief replied to Ji Shan with a smirk on his face.

    \"Hah, Let's assume that I take you up on that offer, what next? \" Ji Shan said with an interested look on his face.

    \" Nothing much. As a joining fee, you must give me your sword and those two girls behind you.\" Chief said as he laughed out loud.

    \" I was wrong...\" Ji Shan muttered with a disappointed look on his face.

    \"Huh... what did you say?\" Chief asked as he didn't hear Ji Shan's words.

    \"I said I was wrong. I thought that you would be a different kind of villain who would be at least 10% smarter than others since you didn't attack me right away, But you are like all others. An arrogant death seeking fool. \" Ji Shan told the chief of bandits in an annoyed tone.
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