253 Chapter 253: Ji Shans strength

    \"I said I was wrong. I thought that you would be a different kind of villain who would be at least 10% smarter than others since you didn't attack me right away, But you are like all others. An arrogant death seeking fool. \" Ji Shan told the chief of bandits in an annoyed tone.

    \"You bastard! Do you think that you can be arrogant in front of me? Mu, you're not his opponent. Go take the girls, I'll handle the boy here. \" The Chief said as he looked towards the only man that was remaining from his side. He ordered Mu to take care of the others.

    \"Yes, boss!\" Mu said and started walking towards the girls. Surprisingly, Ji Shan didn't even try to block him and smiled as he watched Mu pass by him. He looked somewhat amused instead of looking even the least bit worried.

    \"Let's have our own fun then.\" He raised his sword high and pointed it towards the 8th stage Earth Realm cultivator.

    \"I really wonder what gives you the courage to go against me. You must be tired of living. Don't worry, I will free you of this tiresome existence and send you to the place you truly belong... In hell.\" The bearded man was talking to Ji Shan and as soon as he finished his sentence, he disappeared from his position.

    To normal eyes, it looked like he had teleported in front of Ji Shan, but Ji Shan was able to understand that it was only the movement skill of the man that was too fast for normal eyes. Even Ji Shan was barely able to keep an eye on him.

    The Chief had a hammer in his hand that was a peak Gold Realm artifact. He swung his hammer towards Ji Shan's head without waiting for his reaction.

    Ji Shan again moved his feet as he began dancing with the wind and dodged the attack. He didn't stop there as he swung in a 360 degree and slashed at the 8th stage Earth Realm cultivator.

    The Chief of the bandits hurriedly changed the direction of his hammer and swung it at Ji Shan.

    The hammer and the sword clashed and surprisingly no one was victorious in this clash. Both of them were forced 10 steps backward.

    On the other hand, Mingyu has started fighting the 4th stage Earth Realm cultivator. Despite being so young, she had already broken through to the 5th stage of Earth Realm tonight. So in a way, she was happy to have an opportunity to fight another cultivator and test her new strength.

    Zhiqing was the only one who wasn't going to do anything. In fact, there was nothing for her to do as all the bandits were dead and the remaining 2 Earth Realm bandits were fighting someone else.

    No one knew, but at the moment, a pair of eyes was watching them secretly. It was Long Chen who was sitting on his hammock on the height and observed the battle.

    \"It's a good opportunity to see the battle prowess of Ji Shan. He didn't disappoint me as the Prince of an Empire though. As far as I can see, he is way more talented than Ruan was. So much so that I'm not sure if Mingyu can defeat him on her own. \" Long Chen was in deep thoughts as he observed the battle of Ji Shan.

    \" Especially that movement technique. If I had that technique, With the addition of the Earthly Monarch Effect, my support would increase many fold.\"

    \"  And the artifacts he possesses... It's the first time I'm seeing an Earth Realm artifact. It feels quite strong, but I still have a feeling that it's somewhat lacking compared to the King's sword. I was told that the King's Sword was only a peak Spirit Grade weapon, but every time I fight with it... I can feel that it is much stronger than the last time it was used. \"

    His thoughts diverted as he started thinking about his sword.

    \" I feel like it is barely comparable to the sword of Ji Shan and might become even stronger in the future. \"

    \" Is this really Saint King Xianwu's sword? I must find his medallion and go back to the Glorious Blossom Sect. I can't let the treasures go to reassure waste. \" His thoughts kept changing. From Ji Shan's skills, he had somehow arrived at the thoughts about his future treasures.

    Long Chen was lost in his thoughts when he heard a loud scream. He shifted his focus and looked towards Mingyu and noticed that the 4th stage Earth Realm cultivator was already dead. His body was lying on the ground and a sword wound was on his chest that was bleeding.

    \"Good work Yu'er.\" He couldn't help but praise Mingyu softly.

    He shifted his focus back to Ji Shan and noticed that he was still deeply immersed in his fight. Surprisingly the Chief of bandits was quite skilled and fighting with Ji Shan on equal footing.

    Ji Shan had the advantage of speed and better skills while the chief of the bandits had the advantage of strength and higher cultivation.

    \"I'm still giving you one last chance to join us. I can still forgive you for everything that has happened. I don't need you to give me your sword and I don't need the two girls either. Just one girl would be enough for me and you can keep the other. \" The chief gave Ji Shan another offer as he kept clashing his hammer with Ji Shan's sword. Probably because he had realized that he didn't have any advantage in this battle.

    \"I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be taking you up on your offer.\" Ji Shan straight away rejected his offer without even taking the time to think.

    \" You are forcing my hand. I didn't want to use it, but I don't care anymore. You need to die. \" The bearded man fumed in anger as he started swinging his hammer even faster.
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