254 Chapter 254: I thought you would join

    \" You are forcing my hand. I didn't want to use it, but I don't care anymore. You need to die. \" The bearded man fumed in anger as he started swinging his hammer even faster.

    While fighting with Ji Shan, he subtly brought out a talisman and threw it at Ji Shan.

    Ji Shan was busy fending off the man's attack and by the time he noticed the talisman... it was too late.

    The talisman burst and Ji Shan flew away like a broken kite. He collided with his tent, but still didn't stop. He was trapped by the cloth of the tent as he flew back. He crashed a hundred meters away from his original position.

    Long Chen saw everything as a frown appeared on his face, but he didn't get down. He didn't feel like he had a need to. Since the opponent of the Chief was still fine.

    \"A 9 sun fiery talisman. You are able to find such a powerful Earth Grade rampant, that's quite interesting. Too bad that it is wasted for nothing. \" A mocking voice came from some distance.

    The chief looked in that direction with a frown as he noticed Ji Shan standing tall like he wasn't hurt in the slightest.

    \"You... How are you still alive? Your Gold Grade armor should have been destroyed by the talisman along with you. How is that possible? \" The bearded man said with a look of disbelief on his face. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    \"Oh? Are you talking about this? Yeah, it is your that my armor has been destroyed.\" Ji Shan shook his head in disappointment as he took off his armor. A big hole was clear in the armor, but that wasn't what attracted the bearded Mama man's attention.

    It was the even better-looking armor that came to the view after the gold grade armor was taken off. The second armor had various spirit patterns on it that were shining and gave the armor a more mysterious look.

    \"Thankfully I had another armor that helped me. So what if the Gold Grade artifact couldn't help me? My Earth Grade armor will do the job. \" Ji Shan let out with a smile as he kept the destroyed armor in his storage ring and started walking towards the bearded man.

    \"Why does it feel like Ji Shan enjoys bragging? Firstly, it was his beast and now his Earth Grade Artifact. \" Long Chen couldn't help but chuckle lightly as he gazed at Ji Shan.

    \"So what if you have survived the talisman! I'll still kill you.\" The bearded man started running towards Ji Shan with God's hammer, but as soon as the bearded man swung his hammer at him, Ji Shan skillfully dodged the attack and appeared behind the man's back and hit his back with his palm lightly.

    \"You bastard!\" The bearded man turned away, but he was shocked at what he saw. His mouth couldn't help but open wide. He saw that Ji Shan was running away from him like a coward.

    \"You coward! Where are you running off to? Come and face me like a man, you bastard! \" The man roared loudly as he glared at Ji Shan.

    \" I'm not running away. I'm just saving my life.\" Ji Shan replied, but he didn't stop running.

    \" What... \" The bearded man had just spoken a single word when a loud blast happened. His whole body was blasted off as his burnt body parts fell on the ground randomly. The blast covered a range of 20 meters. It didn't take long for the big cloud of fire to disappear.

    The bearded man had disappeared and nothing but a large crater was left behind at that place.

    \"Brother Chen, how long are you going to observe? I thought you would join in on the fun as well. \" Ji Shan gazed upwards in a certain direction as he said with a smile.

    \"Me? I'm too weak to fight such fierce cultivators alone. It was fun to watch you fight though. You're quite resourceful I must say. \" Long Chen let out with a smile before he jumped down and landed in front of Ji Shan.

    \" Yeah, My identity makes me able to own such artifacts and talismans. I can get brother Chen some good ones when you come to my empire. \" Ji Shan let out with an embarrassed look on his face.

    \"It's fine. I'm not much of an artifact guy. I feel like me and my sword are enough for the moment. \" Long Chen let out with a smile as he stepped ahead.

    \"The night is still young. Let's get to sleep.\" Long Chen said as he continued ahead.

    Ji Slab nodded his head as he kept his Earth Grade sword and Earth Grade armor back in his storage ring turned back, but he was stunned as he realized that his tent was already destroyed because of him.

    \"Don't think too much. Mingyu and Zhiqing can stay in the same tent and you can stay in the remaining one.\"Long Chen let out as he placed his hands on Ji Shan's shoulder.

    \"Mingyu, Can you stay with Zhiqing in her tent for the night?\" He called out to Mingyu and asked.

    \" Alright.\" Mingyu nodded her head.

    \"Yes, that's good. Us boys will share one tent while your wives share another\"  Ji Shan said with a bright smile on his face.

    \" Ahh... there's no need for that. You can have the whole place to yourself. I have another place in my mind.\" Long Chen replied.

    \" Ahh... I get it. You must want to spend some quality time with your wives.\" Ji Shan acted as if he had just realized something. He winked at Long Chen. He walked towards Mingyu's tent.

    Long Chen understood what Ji Shan was thinking, but he didn't give any explanation.

    \"Sister in law, you don't need to take anything from the tent, \" Ji Shan asked Mingyu before entering.

    \" Nothing. You can go inside.\" Mingyu replied to him.
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