255 Chapter 255: Real targe

    Ji Shan entered the tent and left the three standing outside.

    \"Was your breakthrough successful?\" Zhiqing asked as Long Chen got near them.

    \" Yeah. I broke through to the advanced first stage Earth Realm from the initial first stage. I was about to come back when I noticed some people running towards the camp. Your reaction was quite fast though. \" Long Chen said as he smiled. He placed his hand on both their backs and entered inside their tent.

    \" So you just watched us fight? What if something had happened to us? \" Zhiqing pouted a little as he looked at Long Chen after entering inside.

    \"Hah... do you think that I would let anything happen to you? First of all, I was sure none of them was Mingyu's match other than the 8th stage Earth Realm cultivator. I would have intervened if Ji Shan had failed to stop him, but I knew that Ji Shan wasn't as simple. He didn't prove me wrong. He was even better than I had expected. \" Long Chen let out softly as he sat on the mattress.

    Mingyu also brought out two mattresses and placed them at some distance from each other.

    \"Hey, why are you placing them so far away\" Zhiqing frowned and asked as she looked at Mingyu.

    \" Because I don't want you both to hump on each other like wild animals when I'm sleeping nearby. You'll be sleeping in different beds. Now go to sleep.\" Mingyu let out as she lay down on the mattress in the center.

    \" Hey, it's not fair. You got your turn and I still haven't had my turn. You can't come between us.\" Zhiqing pouted as she said in an annoyed tone.

    \" I'm not trying to come between anyone. You can do it when I'm not in the same room. But tonight, all of us will stay away from each other.\" Mingyu responded without much expression.

    \" Hey, I understand why you say that we can't have sex, but what about sleeping together? Our beds don't need to be that far from each other. It's not like we would lose control if we sleep together. We are grown ups after all\" Zhiqing still didn't give up as she continued.

    \" That's exactly what I worry about. Anyways, go to sleep now. If you try going anything when I'm sleeping here, I swear that both of you will regret it.\"Mingyu said as she closed her eyes. She realized how dangerous sleeping with Long Chen could be for Zhiqing's self-control

    \"Hmph... Only for today! Tomorrow you can't stop me! I'll get two extra tents erected just so that this situation doesn't happen again.\" Zhiqing said in annoyance as she walked towards the mattress on the left side whereas Long Chen lay down on the mattress on the right.

    From the starting till the end, he hadn't said anything since he himself didn't want to do it.

    He was quite tired after his minor breakthrough and just wanted to sleep. He was quite happy at how the situation turned out.

    He closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep.

    The night passed away and the morning arrived as the sun rose in the sky.

    Everyone had woken up and surprisingly, Long Chen was the last one to wake up today.

    They had breakfast and were ready to leave. Ji Shan again climbed on top of the Soul Devouring Wolf after some hesitation while Long Chen sat comfortably inside the carriage with Zhiqing and Mingyu.

    They traveled for over half a day and finally reached the Weixin Kingdom.

    \"Soon we will be inside the Weixin Kingdom, Can you now tell us why you wanted to come here?\" Zhiqing asked Long Chen while their carriage stayed in the long line of carriages at the entrance of the Weixin Kingdom.

    \"There's not a complicated reason. My reason for coming to the Weixin Kingdom is the same as Ji Shan's.\" Long Chen replied to Zhiqing.

    \" Same as Ji Shan's reason? Are you saying that you also want to join the branch of the beast taming hall present in the Weixin Kingdom?\" Zhiqing asked with a doubtful look on her face.

    \"Well, that's a part of my goal, but not my real goal. My final goal is different.\" Long Chen said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    \" What is your real goal?\" Zhiqing asked with a confused look on her face. Even Mingyu had started paying attention.

    \"What do you think we need the most at the moment? Something that we are lacking?\" Long Chen asked instead of answering.

    \" I don't get it. What can we find inside the beast hall that we lack? We have money, we have transport, what else do we need?\" Zhiqing still couldn't understand what he was talking about.

    \" We lack a faster mode of transport. Although your Devil Hunter Beast is one of the fastest beasts, we can't use it. Are you hoping to tame a beast there?\" Mingyu abruptly said.

    \" You are somewhat right. I need a beast... But not a normal beast... I want to take their best beast.\" Long Chen let out with a smile.

    \"I want to obtain their strongest flying beast. I want the Sun Swallowing Conor. I've felt that we really need a flying beast for faster and more convenient travel and I read in a book that the Weixin Kingdom branch of beast hall has one that I might like \" Long Chen further said.

    \" The Sun Swallowing Condor? Do you think the branch Master will let you take their prized possession? '' Zhiqing couldn't help but be skeptical about this plan.

    \"It's not his to give. You'll see when the time comes.\" Long Chen replied with a smile.

    They didn't talk much after that and stayed silent as they traveled with Ji Shan. Long Chen had already told Ji Shan that their destination is the Beast Taming hall as well, and he had instructed the carriage driver to follow the lead of Ji Shan for the remaining part of their journey.
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