258 Chapter 258: Test?

    \"Who are you? What are you doing here?\" They asked as Long Chen and others walked closer.

    \"I'm Second Prince Ji Shan. From the Blazing Sun Empire. I came here to join the beast hall.\" Ji Shan stepped forward and introduced himself.

    He showed off the royal token that proved his identity.

    \"Prince from Blazing Sun Empire? Please wait a minute, your highness. I'll inform Elder Jun about it.\"  The guard said.

    He whistled loudly and a small eagle came flying towards him. The eagle has the same size as a normal eagle on the earth.

    The guard wrote a letter and tied it to the eagle's leg.

    \"Take this letter to Elder Jun,\" He said to the eagle.

    The eagle spread its wings and flew inside the beast hall.

    Ji Shan and the others waited outside, but they didn't have to wait for long before a tall and well-built man came out of the sect. The man was wearing a green robe that had a symbol on the chest area that looked like a Phoenix.

    The Elder stood there and observed Ji Shan for a brief moment.

    \"Prince Ji Shan, I'm really glad to see you here. I never thought that you would come to join our branch, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. The other branch is in the North Moon Empire after all. Come on inside.\" The Elder said.

    Ji Shan looked at the others with a smile.

    \" Let's go guys.\" Ji Shan said.

    \" I apologize to the young Prince, but they can't enter. You know the rules. No stranger is allowed within the hall. Only the disciples can come inside.\" Elder Jun replied.

    Ji Shan was stunned to hear Elder Jun's words.

    \" They're not strangers. They are my dear friends.\" Ji Shan insisted.

    \"Still. The rules are the rules. We must follow the rules of the headquarters.\" Elder Jun declared

    \"Then why am I allowed inside? I'm not a disciple either. \" Ji Shan rebuked.

    He thought that he was being allowed entry because of his high social status. That was not fair for Long Chen and the others.

    Elder Jun looked at Ji Shan, but it didn't look like he was angry.

    \" It's all because of your father. Your father is the graduated disciple of the Main Beast Hall. That gives his son temporary membership of the Beast Hall. So in a sense, you are the temporary disciple of our hall. That's why you can enter, but they can't. \" Elder Jun explained.

    \" Is there a way for us to become disciples of the sect? \" Long Chen stepped forward and asked.

    \" Not at the moment. The test for the selection of new disciples will be held after 3 months. You can come then.\" Elder Jun responded.

    \" If they can't enter, then I won't enter either. Let's go\" Ji Shan said.

    He turned back and got ready to leave.

    The Elder saw Ji Shan leaving and he looked conflicted.

    \" There is one possible way they can be allowed to enter.\"

    Before he could leave, the Elder spoke.

    Ji Shan stopped in his tracks and turned back.

    \" What way? \" Ji Shan asked.

    \"He can become a temporary disciple as well. That way, he can enter the sect and wait until the exams to become permanent disciples are announced.\"  Elder Jun responded.

    \" He only has to pass a small test to become a temporary disciple. Same for the ladies as well. \" He continued.

    A smile formed on Ji Shan's face. He looked back at Long Chen with a doubtful look.

    \" What do you say, Brother Chen?\" He inquired.

    Elder Jun thought that Long Chen would take a long time to think, but surprisingly Long Chen replied instantly.

    \" That's better than having no choice. I'll take part in that test.\" Long Chen said. VB0

    \" We as well.\" Mingyu and Zhiqing said at the same time.

    \"Very well. Come with me.\" Elder Jun said.

    He walked back inside the sect.

    Long Chen and the other started following him in small steps. They were all wondering what the test would be about, but no one knew.

    He stopped in front of a small building and turned back.

    \"You know what the main quality is, that a proper Beast Tamer must possess?\" Elder Jun asked.

    An amused smile was clear on his face as he waited for an answer.

    \" Strength?\" Ji Shan answered.

    Elder Jun shook his head as he sighed

    \" Nope. Although that's important too, the main quality should be the ability to calm down a beast and make friends with it. Strength can help you tame a Beast, but as long as the beast doesn't want to be tamed, it can always choose to die.\" He explained.

    \" What's important is getting close to a beast so that it finds being tamed by you better than dying.\" He continued.

    The others were listening to his words with great interest.

    \" That's what the test will be. The building behind me has Hundreds of rooms and each room contains a beast that hasn't been tamed. Some of the Beasts might be violent while others can be quite calm. So the test might depend on your luck as well.\" He further insinuated.

    \" The three of you can choose any random room to enter. The beasts are fully fed. The criteria to pass the test shall be to make the beast eat this sleeping pill. If it is found that you attacked the beast, you shall be disqualified. I repeat, there shall be no wound on the beast's body.\" He emphasized

    \" Once the beast is asleep, you can come out and inform us so that we can check.\" He finished his explanation.

    'Making a beast that was forcefully captured, eat something without attacking. And it's not like they are hungry. It's going to be interesting.' Long Chen thought as he looked towards the door.

    Elder Jun pushed the main door open.

    \"You can go inside.\" He declared.

    \"Yes,\" Long Chen and the others nodded in affirmation as they entered inside.

    After looking around for a while, all of them chose a room and entered.

    Long Chen looked at the beast and a strange look appeared on his face.

    \"Is this a joke?\" Long Chen blurted.
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