259 Chapter 259: Using Orion

    Long Chen was stunned to see the Beast inside the room.

    \"Is this a joke?\" He exclaimed as he looked at the beast.

    He held the pill in his hand. He looked back and forth between the pill and the beast.

    The beast was known as the Wind Fairyfly.

    It looked like tiny insects, like most chalcid wasps, mostly only 1 mm long. It was even smaller than a mosquito from Earth.

    \"How am I supposed to feed it the pill?  The pill itself is 20 times the size of the wind firefly.\" Long Chen let out.

    He was shocked to see the Beast and wondered what he could do. He wouldn't even be able to see the tiny beast if his senses weren't so sharp.

    \"Ah... My lady Xun?\" Long Chen softly called out for backup.

    Xun appeared beside him.

    \" Yes?\" She asked.

    Long Chen looked at her with an awkward smile.

    \"Can you help me pass this trial? I need to make this tiny beast fall asleep without harming it.\" He asked.

    Xun looked towards the small beast flying in the corner.

    \" That's tough. That should be a Wind Firefly. I'm amazed that someone was able to catch it in such a good condition.\" She said to Long Chen.

    \"  Generally they are too weak to harm anyone but their defense is weak as well. If you try catching it, there's a good chance that it might die just from the tiniest bit of force.\"  She further explained.

    \" Is there no way to do it? I need to feed it the pill and make it sleep.\" Long Chev softly said.

    Xun fell into deep thought as she started wondering about Long Chen's options.

    \"There's a way.\" She said after a short while.

    A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he heard her words of hope.

    \"I knew my beautiful Xun would help me.\" Long Chen exclaimed as he looked at her. Xun's face turned slightly red as she heard him call her beautiful.

    \" What should I do?\" He further asked.

    \"Well... Bring Orion outside and make him eat the pill.\" She said softly.

    \"Ahh... I think you might be misunderstanding something. I need the fairyfly to sleep, not Orion.\" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    He couldn't picky assume that she had misunderstood his question.

    \"I know, idiot. I'm not misunderstanding anything. The only way to make her sleep is to make Orion sleep.\" She said in an annoyed tone.

    \" Ah... Can you explain it in simpler terms? \" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face.

    \"The Wind Fairyfly won't eat the pill because it can't eat. The Wind Fairyflies drink blood of sleeping beasts or humans only. They are quite timid, that's why they don't go near the ones that are awake. Their sharp senses help them differentiate between the ones that are actually sleeping and the ones faking.\"

    \" Oh, I think I understand your meaning. The sleep medicine shall be inside Orion after he consumes the pill, and when the fairyfly drinks his blood, it shall enter her body.\"

    \" Yup. You can only use Orion, as we don't know how little snow's blood might affect the workings of the pill. As for cati, he can't eat out either.\"

    \" You, on the other hand, can eat it, but because of your special bloodline, I don't think this weak pill will affect you. That leaves only Orion.\"

    \" That makes sense. I'll do as you said.\"

    \" Orion.\" Long Chen muttered softly as he used his consciousness to call for Orion inside the Beast Region of his Ancient Ring.

    Orion heard his call and came out of the ring instantly.

    \"Hey buddy, I need you to eat this pill. It isn't harmful, but it will make you sleep for a few hours. \" Long Chen said as he extended his hands towards Orion.

    Although Long Chen knew that even if he didn't explain about the pill, Orion will eat it without any hesitation as long as he said it, but he still decided to explain to Orion.

    Orion walked forth in slow steps and ate the pill that was on his hands.

    The pill took around 5 minutes before it started showing the effects. Orion fell asleep.

    \"Thanks, buddy.\" Long Chen said.

    He stepped back and created some distance between himself and Orion. He didn't want the Wind Firefly to be hesitant because of his presence.

    The fairyfly ignored Orion for around half an hour as it kept flying in its original position. After a while, it finally started flying towards Orion.

    It landed on his back and inserted it's needle-like mouth in Orion's flesh and started drinking the blood. It drank only for a few seconds before it was full.

    The Wind Fairyfly flew back to its original position.

    More than 10 minutes passed away, but the fairyfly continued flying without much difference.

    \"Why isn't it affected yet?\" Long Chen exclaimed with a stunned look on his face.

    \"It will work. Wait a little more. They take time to process the blood. \" Xun replied casually.

    Her words were like magic, as soon as she spoke, the Fairyfly started coming down slowly. It was now sitting on the ground.

    A few more seconds passed away, and the fairyfly finally fell asleep.

    A smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he walked forth and put Orion back into his storage ring.

    He opened the door of his room and walked outside.

    He found Elder Jun and Ji Shan were already standing in the corridor. Mingyu and Zhiqing were out as well.

    \"How did you succeed so fast?\" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise.

    He was stunned to find the both of them already out.

    \"Apparently both sisters-in-law were too lucky. They both got a really nice beast, the moon rabbit, that ate the pill without giving them much trouble. They placed the test. \" Ji Shan spoke before they could.

    \" What about you, Brother Chen? \" He inquired.

    \" I succeeded as well. Elder Jun can check. \" Long Chen let out with a smile.

    \" Let's see then, \" Elder Jun spoke in a calm tone as he walked forth and entered the room Long Chen had chosen.

    Long Chen and the others followed him.

    \"Brother Chen, where is the beast?\" Ji Shan exclaimed as he found out it difficult to see any beast inside.
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