260 Chapter 260: Wives

    Elder Jun, on the other hand, noticed it quite easily.

    He walked towards the corner and picked up the Wind Fairyfly in his hand gently as he started observing it.

    \"No signs of emergency touching the fairyfly. How did you do it?\" He inquired with a suspicious look on his face.

    \" It's all thanks to the pill Elder Jun gave me.\" Long Chen replied.

    \" Stop lying. The fairyfly can't even eat the pill and it doesn't trust humans either. How did you do it? \"

    \" I'm not lying, Elder. It's sleeping because of your pill's effects. \" Long Chen smilingly replied.

    \" Alright then, tell me how you fed it the pill.\" Elder Jun inquired with a suspicious look on his face.

    \" Simple. It's known that the fairyfly feeds on the blood of sleeping humans and beasts. I utilized that knowledge to my advantage.\" Long Chen said.

    Elder Jun's expression changed as if he was struck with the realization.

    \" Does that mean that you... \" He let out softly.

    \" Yup. I ate the pill and fell asleep. Although I don't know what happened next, it's clear that the fairyfly drank my blood and fell asleep. Long Chen said as he completed Elder Jun's sentence.

    \" Amazing! So amazing. I'm quite impressed by your knowledge, young man. Not many people know about the Wind Firefly or its habits, but you knew.\"

    \" Here is your temporary disciple badge. Keep it safe. I'm sure that you will reach great heights if you stay within the sect. I look forward to your performance in the disciple promotion exams in the next few days.\"

    Elder Jun kept praising Long Chen. He likes those who had knowledge about the beasts, and he found Long Chen to be just like that. He immediately handed over the temporary disciple badge to him.

    Mingyu and the others had already received their badges.

    \"Come with me, I'll introduce you to someone. He'll make arrangements for you to stay.\"

    \"  Since you're only a temporary disciple, you won't have the same rights as most of the disciples like choosing skills from the skill hall, but you can attend classes if teachers. \"

    Elder Jun continued walking forth and the others kept following behind.

    After a short distance, Elder Jun stopped in front of a beautiful looking building.

    \"I'm the punishment Elder and this is the punishment hall. You might come to me if you have any problem in the sect.\" Elder Jun said as he pointed towards the building.

    \" Elder Jun, I got your message. Did I do something wrong? I swear whatever Si Chuan said to you never happened. I didn't beat him up, he was beaten by a wild beast While training. I only saved him. \"

    An anxious-looking girl came running and stopped near Elder Jun. She was breathing heavily, but she didn't stop speaking.

    The girl looked like she was barely 20 years old. She was quite tall. Her height was most probably around 5 feet 10 inches, which made her taller than Mingyu and Zhiqing.

    She was wearing a tight red dress that highlighted her curves perfectly. Her big breasts looked even more dangerous when wrapped so tightly by the dress.

    Long Chen was able to see a glimpse of her peaks. The form most probably wasn't wearing anything inside that dress.

    Long Chen sneakily stole a few glances, but he didn't make it too obvious.

    \"You man can never learn.\" He heard the sarcastic voice of Xun in his mind.

    His face turned slightly red, but he didn't reply.

    \"Silence. That's not why I called you here. I need you to show these guys around. \" Elder Jun glanced at the girl and told her.

    \" They are new temporary disciples of our beast hall. Show them around and teach them the common knowledge about the sect and its rules. After that, take them to the temporary disciple quarters. \" He further said as he pointed towards Long Chen and the others.

    The girl looked relaxed as she found out that Elder Jun hadn't called her to punish her.

    \" But Elder Jun, I have something more important to do. I'll call someone else to do it. \" She tried to kindly deny the elder and leave.

    An annoyed look appeared on Elder Jun's face as he saw her shenanigans.

    \" Really? I think the complaint of Si Chuan does make sense. You did beat him unnecessarily. I'll see what I can do to give him justice. \" He said in a serious tone.

    The girl stopped where she was as she turned back with a fawning smile on her face.

    \" Ahh... Kidding. I was kidding Elder. Of course, I would show them around. They are an important addition to our sect after all. \" She said.

    \" Good. If I get a single complaint about you, you'll be spending your days cleaning the punishment hall. So take things seriously. \" Elder Jun said.

    \" Yes Elder. \" She responded with a smile, though inside she was cursing her luck.

    \" Best of luck guys.\" Elder Jun turned back and said to the others before he walked inside the punishment hall and left them all behind.

    \"Huh, finally he's gone.\" The girl said in a relieved fine.

    She looked at Long Chen and the others.

    \" So I need to show you guys around. My name is Mikan.\" She introduced herself.

    She had decided that since she can't escape, she better do it right.

    \" What's your name.\" She further asked.

    \" I'm Ji Shan. \"

    \"I'm Long Chen.\"

    \"I'm Mingyu. \"

    \"I'm Zhiqing. \"

    They all introduced themselves one after another.

    \" Oh. I must say, little brother, Chen is really cute. Come, stay close to the Elder Sister. \" The girl said as she caught Long Chen's hands and pulled him closer.

    Long Chen was able to feel her sweet smell as he stood closer to her.

    \"Isn't that inappropriate, Miss Mikan?\" Zhiqing let out in an annoyed tone.

    In fact, Mingyu and Zhiqing both looked quite annoyed, but Zhiqing took the opportunity to speak first.

    \"Hmm? It's fine, isn't it? He doesn't look like he minds. Anyways, Why do you care about him?\" She asked with an amused smile on her beautiful face.

    Ji Shan heard her words and couldn't help but smile wryly.

    \"Ah, You might not know that, but these 2 are brother Chen's wives.\" He replied to the girl.

    Mikan was visibly shocked as she heard it. She looked at Long Chen with an impossible look on her face.
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