261 Chapter 261: Beast fores

    Mikan was visibly shocked as she heard it. She looked at Long Chen with an impossible look on her face.

    " What? Little Brother, I thought that you were a cute little puppy, but you turned out to be a wolf in disguise. Were you planning to eat Elder sister as well?" She let out in a fake scared tone.

    " I have no such intention." Long Chen replied as he freed himself from her arms stepped backward.

    A smile formed on her face as she saw Long Chen moving back.

    "Hmm... I wouldn't mind if it's you though." She said in a suggestive tone as she winked at him.

    "No thanks, Anyways, Can you show us around first? " Long Chen said.

    " Uhmm... Little brother is so harsh. It's fine though. The Elder Sister likes harsh men. " She said as she winked at Long Chen.

    " Alright, don't look at me like that. I was only kidding. Follow me. I'll show you around." Mikan said as she gestured to them to follow her.

    They all began following her.

    "The sect is too big, but I'll only show you the place you are allowed to see now. Once you become the true disciple of our beast hall, you'll be able to get broader access and you will be able to go to more places." She said after a short time.

    They were walking on the footpath that was beautifully made using the strongest of properly crafted stones and finally saw a beautiful building there.

    " That's the skill hall. You can choose the skills, but you need contribution points to get the skills. Only true disciples like us are allowed entry, so I can't show you inside."

    She pointed towards the building and started explaining about it.

    A grin formed on her face as she abruptly walked closer to Long Chen.

    He didn't take a step back as he allowed her to get closer.

    "Oh, right, Little Brother. You know the Elder In charge of the skill hall is really hot. Just telling you, In Case you want a 4th wife. " She whispered in his ears.

    "4th?" Long Chen exclaimed with a doubtful look on his face.

    "Yeah. She'll be your 4th. I'm on the 3rd, aren't I? " She said in a sensual tone. Long Chen was able to feel her hot breath in his ears, but he didn't let his expressions waiver.

    "Let's continue our journey."  She chuckled lightly as she moved back.

    'That demoness.' Long Chen thought with a wry smile on his face as he began following her with the others.

    He didn't even dare look at the expressions on Zhiqing and Mingyu's face as he could already guess it.

    They walked for 10 minutes before they were able to see a wall. The wall was quite tall and way too long.

    Long Chen couldn't help but wonder what was behind that wall.

    "Behind that wall is the training arena. We Beast Tamers duel with our tamed beasts there. You can't go there either. You'll only be allowed entry after you become a true disciple." She explained.

    " Is there any place we can enter?" Long Chen asked with a wry smile on his face.

    He was getting somewhat tired as he heard that he can't enter again and again.

    "Don't be so eager, little brother. There's a place like that. Come with me." Mikan said with a smile on her face.

    They walked more and stopped in front of a Dome-shaped structure.

    " That's the place where the classes are held. You can go there and listen to the classes from 9 am to 12 pm. The classes are held on various topics ranging from cultivation to taming." She described as she looked back at Long Chen and the others.

    "Can that place really house thousands of disciples of beast hall?" Ji Shan asked.

    He looked quite doubtful of her words.

    "Not just ten thousand people... that place can house 500 thousand disciples with ease. That place is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside." She responded as she tried to clear his doubts.

    "You can come here in the morning and see for yourself. Let's go. There's one now place to show you before we go back." She said with a slight smile as she started walking again.

    This time they had to walk for half an hour before they finally reached their destination.

    It looked like a forest which we spread for as long as the eyes could see.

    "That's our beast forest. Many beasts are kept there. You'll be allowed to take over from the forest later on, but you can't enter at the moment."She informed them as he looked at the deep forest.

    'So that's the forest where it is..." A thoughtful look appeared on Long Chen's face as he looked at the forest.

    "Let's go back now. I'll bring you to your quarters." Mikan said as she tapped on the shoulders of Long Chen, who looked like he was thinking about something really serious.

    "Ah, right." Long Chen got back to reality and left the place with everyone. He didn't forget to look back once though.

    They walked more and reached the residential area for temporary disciples.

    There were many courtyards present there.

    "You can use those two courtyards. The two guys shall remain in that one, while the girls will stay in the one over there. The place is quite spacious and there are two beds, so you shouldn't have any trouble. " She said as she pointed towards two courtyards.

    Zhiqing looked like she wanted to say something, but Mikan spoke before she could.

    "I know what you want to ask, and the answer is 'no'. You can't stay with your husband. Even if you are married, you can't stay with him. These are the rules. " She said.

    " Alright, guys. My work here is done. I shall leave now."  Mikan further said.

    " I'll see you again, little brother" She stepped forward and kissed Long Chen on his cheeks before she left.
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