262 Chapter 262: War preparation?

    "We don't have to follow such time, do we?" Zhiqing let out after Mikan left.

    " We do. Let's follow the rules at the moment. It's just for a few more days."

    Long Chen tried to make her understand. After some initial back and forth, the girls finally agreed.

    Zhiqing looked quite discontent, but she still did just as Long Chen said and left with Mingyu.

    Long Chen and Ji Shan entered their respective courtyard.

    "Which room do you want?" Ji Shan said as he noticed two rooms inside the place.

    "I'll take that. Good night." Long Chen casually picked a room and entered inside.

    Ji Shan, on the other hand, entered the second room.

    The time on the night slowly kept trickling down, until it was midnight.

    Long Chen was cultivating inside his room and abruptly opened his eyes as he looked towards the door.

    He stood up and started walking towards the door. He softly opened the door so as to not wake up Ji Shan.

    He left their courtyard in the darkness of the night and started advancing towards a certain direction.

    There were guards all around the place, but he managed to sneak past them thanks to heaven's shroud.

    It took him around 40 minutes as he finally got to the place he desired to reach.

    It was the dark forest that was called the beast forest. The same forest that Mikan had showed him around. It was the place that had the thing he desired.

    Long Chen had read in a book that the Sun Swallowing Condor lived inside the beast forest of the beast hall, thus he came here.

    Long Chen used his divine sense and thankfully there was no one nearby.

    He stepped forward, but just as he took his second step, he felt a powerful shock course through his body.

    He was forced to take a step back as the pain made him groan.

    "There's a formation here. Damn it, I should have thought about it" He cursed under his breath as he looked at the forest.

    He looked around and hurriedly walked towards a stone. He picked up the stone and threw it towards the forest.

    Just as he had expected, the stone was stopped by the barrier and fell to the ground.

    "There's definitely a barrier. I'm not sure if I can break it, but even if I'm able to... that would alert the Hall Master and the others. I need time to catch the Sun Swallowing Condor. Can't let everything go to waste because of my hurry. "

    Long Chen sighed as he turned back and left the place just as silently as he came.

    Long Chen got back to his courtyard and entered his room.

    He lay in his bed and fell into deep thought as he tried to think of a solution, but he couldn't find any solution. Ultimately, he fell asleep.


    The Sun rose, signaling the start of a new day. Long Chen opened his eyes as he sat up and left the room.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing were already sitting in the hall of his courtyard waiting for him.

    "You look tired," Mingyu said as she noticed Long Chen coming out of his room.

    "Yeah, I couldn't get a proper sleep last night." Long Chen let out a wry smile on his face.

    Both Mingyu and Zhiqing couldn't help but look at each other suspiciously.

    "Did you sneak into our room?" They both said at the same time.

    Long Ben didn't know what to say at the misunderstanding.

    " I wasn't that. I was just thinking about a problem, and was unable to sleep." Long Chen said.

    "Oh, you're all up already? I get it, you guys must be excited about the classes." Ji Shan came out of his room. He was quite excited as he noticed that everyone was already ready.

    "  Let's go. They should be getting started quite soon." He said with a smile.

    " Let's go, I also want to inquire about some things." Long Chen said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    They all got up and left the place.

    As soon as they got out of their courtyard they were able to see quite a lot of people coming out of the nearby courtyards.

    "They must be the temporary disciples as well." Ji Shan let out as he noticed the others.

    " Looks like that." Long Chen responded.

    It took them around 10 minutes as they reached the teaching hall.

    They were able to see quite a lot of people entering the hall. There was a long line and they were able to see the hustle and bustle.

    They followed the crowd and entered the hall.

    It was just as Mikan had described. The hall was much, much larger on the inside than it looked from the outside.

    "There are already more than 50000 people inside and the hall isn't even half full. Amazing " Zhiqing exclaimed with a surprised look on her face.

    "It is quite good, but I think I have seen even better." Ji Shan responded.

    They found a place to sit. More and more people kept entering the hall for the next 30 minutes.

    It was sharp at 9 am when the door of the hall was closed. No one was allowed to enter anymore.

    Just as Long Chen was wondering where the teacher was, the secondary door opened and a woman entered the hall.

    The woman was wearing a red dress that came down to her ankles and a black robe that had the beast hall symbol on it.

    The woman looked to be in her late twenties, but everyone could guess that she was much older.


    While everyone in the Beast Taming hall was busy with their stuff, In a faraway place hundreds of people were climbing on their fierce flying beasts.

    There were thousands of flying beasts ready to fly at a moment's notice. There was no beast below the stage of the gold realm. In fact, there were quite a few beasts that were already in the Earth Realm.
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