263 Chapter 263: Black robed men

    There were thousands of flying beasts ready to fly at a moment's notice. There was no beast below the stage of the gold realm. In fact, there were quite a few beasts that were already in the Earth Realm.

    More than a hundred masked cultivators got ready to mount on their beasts, but it looked like they were waiting for something... or someone.

    It didn't take more than half an hour before 4 people came walking in the hall.

    All 4 of them were wearing masks. 3 of them were Men while the fourth one was a woman.

    There was a scary aura surrounding them that made them look like the leaders of the hundreds of cultivators present in the hall.

    There was a silver scythe symbol on all their robes.

    They stopped in front of the hundreds of cultivators and observed them with their sharp eyes for a brief moment.

    While the hundreds of cultivators had a red robe, the 4 people had a black robe.

    "Is everything ready?" One of the black-robed masked men asked.

    Although he kept his voice low, there was some magic in his voice that made it reach everyone's ears.

    "Yes, Milord."  They spoke in unison.

    "Very good. We shall leave now. It's finally time to finish it. "  The man said lightly.

    " Leon! " The man said as he looked towards the sky.

    It didn't take much longer for a Winged Lion to come flying down.

    The Winged Lion was surprisingly a peak Earth Realm Flying Beast.

    The other three people also called out some names and three more Winged Lions came flying down.

    All four Winged Lions were at the peak of the Earth Realm.

    The four black-robed people climbed on their Winged Lions and flew high in the air.

    The hundreds of red-robed cultivators also took to the air on their flying beasts.


    Long Chen was sitting in the big hall when a woman entered.

    The woman was wearing a red dress that came down to her ankles and a black robe that had the beast hall symbol on it.

    The woman looked to be in her late twenties, but everyone could guess that she was much older as she was wearing an Elders' robe.

    "Good Morning everyone. I see some new faces today, so I will introduce myself once again." The woman said with a bright smile on her face.

    " I'm Mu Xin. I'm the Elder of the sect. I'm also the one In-Charge of our beast forest and its safety." She introduced herself.

    "Today, I shall tell you about the beast taming and the things that you should always avoid." She said with a beautiful smile on her face.

    Long Chen was quite interested in the topic and couldn't help but find it fortunate that he came.

    His beast taming method was quite unorthodox because of his bloodline, thus he didn't need to worry about too many things.

    The only thing that had him worried was that if the beast did not want to be tamed and if it chose to die than be tamed, it would be bad for Long Chen.

    "What do you guys think we should not do when we're taming a beast? Or when we were trying to establish a contract?" She asked.

    She interestingly looked at everyone with a curious look on her face.

    "We should not let it escape and show it who's the boss?" One of the cultivators in the hall said.

    "Anyone else?" She asked as she looked around.

    "To not make it scared of us?"

    "Feed it yummy things?"

    The disciples kept replying randomly.

    " No! What you need to do is none of those things." She let out with a wry smile on her face.

    "The important thing is to remain calm. Make the beast think that nothing can phase you. Make it think that if it chose to live with you, it won't be too bad. Make it think that being tamed is better than death" The woman explained further.

    " I understand that there might be some amongst you who think that defeating the beast and then forcefully establishing a contract is a good option for you. That option works as well. I'd say that it works 90% of the time, but what about the remaining 10%?" She explained.

    " That's when the beast chose to die instead of living the life of a slave. So what do you think is the better option?"She further said as she sighed.

    " It depends on you what you will choose, but you need to know the consequences of the choices you made."

    She kept talking and explaining things like the nature of beasts and about handling them after they are tamed. She even talked about cultivation in the last moment before the class ended.

    "Alright guys, I hope you understood what I wanted to say. That's it for today." She said as she got ready to leave.

    Long Chen stood up in a hurry as he hurriedly started following after her. Mingyu and Zhiqing were stunned as they saw Long Chen leaving in a hurry. Before they could react, Long Chen had already disappeared.

    "Elder Xin!" Long Chen called out as he finally caught up with Elder Xin after running for over 5 minutes.

    "Yes?" She asked with a curious look on her face as she turned back.

    "I... I just wanted to say that your lectures were amazing. I understood so many things that I was previously doubtful about. Thank you for everything." Long Chen said with a serious look on his face.

    "Oh, Thank you." A smile appeared on her face as she thanked him.

    "Ah, Elder there's one thing I wanted to ask about. " He said with some hesitation.

    She wondered what he wanted to ask.

    " Sure, go ahead. You can ask me anything." She inquired.

    " It's about the beast forest" Long Chen let out.

    "Hmm? " Elder Xin frowned as she gazed at Long Chen.

    "What do you mean?" She asked as she looked at him.
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